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A Feline That Will Melt Your Heart: Adorable Cat With A Permanent Smile On His Face

A Feline That Will Melt Your Heart: Adorable Cat With A Permanent Smile On His Face

Cats are the best, right? But, cats somehow managed to earn an unflattering reputation that makes them seem aloof, standoffish, and reserved.

Before that, cats somehow managed to convince dog people that they were aggressive and belligerent. Cats were never seen as “a man’s best friend,” but the world wide web apparently didn’t get the memo.

Right off the bat, “cats” are one of the most searched-for terms online with videos featuring felines doing odd things, producing strange sounds, and simply existing. All while amassing more than 26 billion views (which makes the one of the most popular categories on Youtube).

On the other hand, Youtube, shoulder-to-shoulder with TikTok, Instagram, and even Reddit, features more dog posts than they do cat posts. Before we anger the dog people, Youtube gets more searches for dogs than they do for cats.

However, cat content still appears to reach the trending pages more often and amass four times more viral views than dog content.

From the most popular and prominent fluffy, scruffy influencer Grumpy Cat to Lil’ Bub, Maru, and “I Should Buy a Boat” Cat, the world wide web seems to have been made for cats.

For anyone wondering what makes cats that much more popular than dogs on these platforms, we have to underline that cats aren’t the only ones producing strange sounds, making funny faces, and entertaining the masses – dogs do that, too.

But, dog people meet other dog people outside, on walks, and at the dog park, and they get to exchange experiences. “Wow, what a cute dog! What kind of dog is he?” “Oh, thanks! He’s a Golden Retriever mixed with a Labrador and a little bit of Poodle!”

Cat people, on the other hand, don’t meet outside because cats don’t go for walks (most cats don’t, at least). Cat people connect with other cat people online, by sharing millions and millions of videos of cats throwing up at the sniff of a salt and vinegar chip, and making funny faces.

And that’s exactly the type of quality cat content we’re bringing you today. We were mourning the death of Grumpy Cat when the world wide web decided to ease our suffering with the exact opposite – Happy Cat.

A Feline That Will Melt Your Heart: Adorable Cat With A Permanent Smile On His Face

(Source: @happycatsirius)

Sirius might possess a name that suggests he’s serious and combative, but he couldn’t be further than that. He’s a purrfectly happy cat with a permanent smile due to strange, but charming markings underneath the mouth.

Sirius happens to be a black-and-white cat with a predominantly white face that’s embellished with black ears and black markings underneath the mouth that stretch from the left-hand side to the right-hand side to make a perfect, permanent smile.

Sirius couldn’t be serious even if he tried, but he prefers to make everyone happy anyway. Other than lookin’ like a snack, Sirius adores lounging around the apartment, napping on cardboard boxes, and hopping onto the fridge.

Of course, he doesn’t shy away from napping on other things such as kitchen towels, kitchen counters, and microwaves. Oh and, he definitely doesn’t steer clear of hopping onto cabinets, shelves, mattresses, and even doors.

Sirius makes everyone’s day better, which happens to be the reason why you can follow Sirius on pretty much every platform, from TikTok to Instagram and Facebook. Now, Sirius hasn’t reached the trending page thus far, but we’re rooting for the snuggly, smiling face to reach more people and make more friends.

On one hand, we’re happy about Sirius’s world wide web success. On the other, we’re wondering what makes black-and-white, tuxedo cats possess strange markings that make them planetarily popular.

Of course, we couldn’t brush over the fact that Sirius isn’t the only tuxedo cat that’s been taking the world wide web by storm. Black-and-white, tuxedo cats with odd color combinations and patterns have been quite the rage for years and years.

(Source: @happycatsirius)

Before there was Sirius, there were two-faced cats, spotted cats, cats that appear to be wearing tuxedos (hence the tuxedo cat nicknames), cats with mustaches, and cats that resemble a certain German dictator (which happen to be among the most prominent and popular ones).

What’s the science behind the markings that have the potential to make you the mother (or father) of a viral sensation, an Instagram-famous or a TikTok-famous cat, though?

Apparently, when black-and-white cats are brewing in the womb (sorry for the graphic illustration), their pigment cells fail to follow genetic instructions due to a faulty gene. And, the gene reduces the rate of pigment cell multiplication which results in a decreased number of pigment cells followed by white patches.

Now, that sounds like a load of nonsense, but the argument stands – tuxedo cats such as Sirius are rare, unique, and worthy of our appreciation. With that out of the way, we wish Sirius a happy and healthy life and hope for more Happy Cats to come!

A Feline That Will Melt Your Heart: Adorable Cat With A Permanent Smile On His Face