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Adorable Kitten Teaches A Shy Cat A Lesson About Love

Adorable Kitten Teaches A Shy Cat A Lesson About Love

Oh, there’s nothing more addicting than the emotions that go through your body when you welcome another kitten to your home.

Perhaps not every member of the family will be as excited as you are, and that’s something to consider before you say “You’re coming home with me!” to every stray that dares meow your way.

Now, we’re not arguing that you shouldn’t offer shelter, affection, and appreciation to fluffers you cross paths with.

We believe that there’s something righteous about humans who don’t shy away from sheltering abandoned animals. However, we’re aware that most felines get possessive, overprotective, and territorial when they’re presented with fluffers alike.

Whether they’re worried about sharing the spotlight or forfeiting the bed; more times than not, they’re not happy to welcome the newbie.

But, Jazmin Felder didn’t seem to care about the ramifications of housing a bunch of cats and kittens when she brought home Buddy, the newest addition to the collection of four felines.

Buddy was quite a catch (literally) considering she rescued the moggy from a tree. Buddy managed to climb on top of a tree near Felder’s house which might have been the reason why she was the one who heard the neverending meows and howls.

Buddy wasn’t happy to see Felder because he was hiding between the branches of the tree (quite the scaredy cat), but he complied when she rescued him and brought him back home.

Bringing Buddy home wasn’t even a question. Before Buddy, Felder was already housing a bunch of cats that she’s rescued off of the street because she couldn’t bare the thought of leaving them there.

Adorable Kitten Teaches A Shy Cat A Lesson About Love

(Credits: Kingdomstv)

Felder’s been taught to care for cats and kittens, offer them affection and appreciation, and provide them with a warm bed to sleep on and food to munch on. Buddy might not have expected to come home with a stranger that day, but he was happy to cross paths with someone as warm-hearted as Felder.

Felder argues that Buddy was excited to become a member of the family, at first. He was happy to be off the streets, to have a house, to have a family. He was excited to snuggle with Felder and he wasn’t shy to show off the amount of affection and appreciation she had for her.

However, he wasn’t excited about Felder’s four cats that have been a part of Felder’s family from the beginning. He didn’t want to hang out with them. He didn’t want to eat with them. He didn’t want to sleep with them.

Felder was, of course, bummed out that Buddy didn’t want to connect with them. But, she thought that Buddy was an outsider who didn’t need to have that connection with other cats to be happy and healthy.

Before she could confirm her suspicions, though, she brought another addition to the family that completely changed Buddy’s demeanor.

One day, a few months after Buddy came to the house, Felder discovered an abandoned kitten named Hannah and decided to bring her home, too. Hannah and Buddy were complete opposites and Felder was freaking out over the prospects of the two moggies meeting.

Hannah was a kitten with kittenish behavior and she adored running around the house, hanging out with other cats, cuddling with them, and even sleeping with them. Buddy was withdrawn and he hated everyone (he didn’t, but that’s how he presented himself to the world).

Hannah and Buddy were bound to butt heads; however, the two moggies seemed to have become the best of buddies from the moment they laid eyes on each other.

(Credits: Kingdomstv)

Felder was over the moon when Hannah and Buddy started spending time together, cuddling on the kitchen counter, grooming, hugging, and licking one another.

For months and months, she thought that Buddy wasn’t the type to care for another feline and she was thrilled that Hannah managed to prove her otherwise.

Felder confessed that the two have been obsessed with each other enough for everyone to start commenting that they would want someone to love them as much as Hannah and Buddy love each other.

On one hand, Hannah and Buddy became BFFs because Hannas was beaming with affection and appreciation that Buddy never experienced before.

On the other hand, Buddy wanted to open up and bond with other cats, but he didn’t know how. He needed Hanna’s openness, tolerance, and understanding to become what always wanted to be. He managed to accept and approve of other cats, too, because of Hannah.

Nowadays, Hannah, Buddy, and other Felder’s felines adore each other. Not only does Buddy tolerate them all, but he plays with them, snuggles with them, and sleeps with them, too.

Needless to say, Hannah managed to bring the entire feline family together, and Felder couldn’t be more excited to take on more creatures she crosses paths with from the moment onward.

Now, kittens are super simple to care for – we’re kidding. Kittens require time, energy, and dedication, and they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea because they’re bursting with strange sounds, unexpected behaviors, and odd expectations from you and from other members of the family.

Kittens are adorable, affectionate, and appreciative, but that’s not to argue that every kitten you bring home would behave the same way Hannah did – that’s too much pressure on the kitten.

Before you do what Felder does, make sure to research everything you need to know about caring for different cats and kittens, introducing them to one another, socializing them, and providing them with a safe environment where they can grow happy and healthy.

Adorable Kitten Teaches A Shy Cat A Lesson About Love