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15 Adorable Pictures Of Spoiled Cats That Live Their Best Lives

15 Adorable Pictures Of Spoiled Cats That Live Their Best Lives

Having a spoiled cat is not reserved only for a couple of “special” people. Whether you want it or not, there will come a day when you’ll simply have to spoil your kitty.

That’s because a spoiled feline means a happy feline. And if you don’t want your fluff to be happy, then what’s the point of having her as your life companion at all?

So, whether you have already spoiled her, or you’re on the way to doing it, take a look at these 15 adorable pictures some owners shared online of their spoiled little furballs. I assure you will love them!

1. “What do you mean you need your laptop for working? This is my fav heating spot!”

Every cat parent knows how much cats love to put their little paws on everything their hoomans are doing. And that includes laptops, too!

I cannot tell you how many times have I returned from the bathroom only to find my fluffball sitting on top of my laptop. Like, what’s that all about, Miss?

Regardless, we love them for their weird and adorable location choices, and we simply have to let them do their own thing, right?

This owner also had to let his kitty sit on the keyboard of his laptop. He needed a break from work, anyway.

2. “Oh, you put your clean clothes in your suitcase? Well, let me pack some cat hair for you real quick, in case of an emergency.”

For whatever reason, our feline friends love to sit on top of a pile of clean laundry, or get cozy and comfy right in the middle of the cleaned and ironed clothes we packed in our suitcases.

We may never understand why, but we accept that that’s just the way they are!

Maybe they’re just being considerate. Look at this kitty, for example. Perhaps she just wants her human to have a piece of her on his trip.

3. “Yes, yes, your clean towels are my favorite spot. Why do you ask?”

Similar thing with this little fella. There’s a pile of freshly cleaned and perfectly folded white towels, and this fluff decided to rest right in the middle of them.

Instead of trying to get him off, their owner first took a couple of Instagram-worthy pictures. Pretty spoiled, if you ask me. But, rightfully so!

4. “Do you mind if I watch you do your thing from up here? No? Good!”

We all know that felines love to follow their owners everywhere, even to the bathroom. They love to watch them brushing their teeth, taking a shower, or – as it appears in this case – taking a seat on the porcelain throne.

Can we blame them really? It’s not like sometimes we also don’t love to stick our noses in other people’s business, too.

5. “Yes, we have an entire wall for our cat trees and cat shelves. Is that a problem?”

These two kitties are living the dream! Their owners have dedicated an entire wall in their living room solely for their cat trees and cat shelves. So they could climb all they want!

We love that for them! You go, kitties!

6. “In this house, I am in charge of the remote controller!”

My skeptical brain cannot help but think this has been staged. However, deep down, I can imagine any feline getting angry if you take away the thing she claimed as her possession. Like this kitty and her remote controller.

Her owners are probably sitting quietly nearby waiting for her to get tired and find another occupation.

Meanwhile, this kitty’s in charge!

7. “Yes, I do in fact have breakfast in bed. Jealous much?”

Okay, this is just the next level of being spoiled. Look at her! She has what seems to be the comfiest pillow on the planet, a soft blanket, and a bowl of cat food. Wow! Don’t know about you, but I’m definitely jealous.

8. “Of course, I sleep right beside my mom and dad. But it’s them who are spoiled. They are the ones sleeping with an adorable fluff, not me.”

Look at this furry little boss. She shamelessly exploits all her adorable privileges, like sleeping right beside both of her parents. We fully support! Who needs a cat bed anyway, right?

9. “Yes, I have my own cat house. What, your kitty doesn’t? Pawthetic!”

Do we even need to say anything about this one? I think not! A house within a house – someone’s being spoiled…

10. “My mom and I always have a spa day together. And I love it!”

This one reminded me of that viral TikTok video of a woman doing her skincare routine with her cat. I don’t understand why, but apparently, cats are crazy about pamper routines and spa days.

11. “My favorite pastime activity is keeping an eye on my mom’s work. She’s not very good…”

Another cat with a laptop. Look at her being all invested in something she probably doesn’t even understand, but simply has to see with her mesmerizing feline eyes.

12. “There’s no question about it: I am the king of this household!”

Look at His Royal Highness. All bow down to him and his lovely crown, immediately!

13. “What do you mean I am supposed to walk on my own in the rain? What am I, a peasant stray?”

If being spoiled had to be a picture, it would definitely be this one. It’s a picture of a cat, in a pet stroller, with a mesh layer on top, so she doesn’t get rain on her luscious fur.

14. “My mom always invites me to her tea parties, and I am allowed to take a sip from her teacup, of course.”

If you ask me, a cat on a table full of delicious food and beverages is one very spoiled kitty. You cannot convince me otherwise.

15. ”Yes, I LOVE to be prompted up on my hooman’s shoulder. That’s completely normal!”

Who needs a cat tree when you can climb on top of your mom, right?

15 Adorable Pictures Of Spoiled Cats That Live Their Best Lives