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People Are Obsessed With Chestnut, A “Dad Joke” Cat

People Are Obsessed With Chestnut, A “Dad Joke” Cat

OK, can we talk about catfluencers for a second? We’re aware that the wondrous world wide web managed to start a bunch of people’s careers over the past few years, but we weren’t aware of how famous felines have gotten, too.

Cats might not be man’s best friends, but that didn’t stop them from becoming one of the most searched terms online, nonetheless. Over the course of time, cats turned into catfluencers, whether that’s because of humans who couldn’t stop obsessing over them or because of the charm and charisma that comes with them.

Whatever the case might be, we can’t seem to get enough of kitties producing strange sounds, sporting unique features, and doing odd things online. From the tabby that makes delicious desserts to the Persian that produces the “ekekek” sound, there’s a famous feline for everyone’s taste!

Not to mention that these celebrities are a purrfect addition to your feed because they’re beaming with body positivity, words of encouragement, and humorous sketches you can start your days with. Cuteness overload wherever you go, right?

Now, we aren’t talking your ears off with catfluencers for no reason – we’re bringing you a story that’s guaranteed to brighten your day and make you smile. Meet Chestnut the Smiling Cat, the newest catfluencer who became famous for being the embodiment of dad humor.

People Are Obsessed With Chestnut, A "Dad Joke" Cat
Credit: Reddit

Circling back to the beginning of Chestnut’s success, he became a meme after he was posted on Reddit’s “Aww” community. Chestnut’s owner, who goes by the name @ChazaySSB on Reddit, posted two photos of Chestnut smiling and wrote “My cat looks like he just told his favorite joke and he’s so proud of himself.”

Reddit users thought he was adorable and decided to contribute to the conversation by writing different captions that fit Chestnut’s expressions. “You’re not completely useless. You can always serve as a bad example,” one of them wrote. “My grandfather has a heart of a lion. And a lifetime ban at the zoo,” another added.

Before Chestnut’s owner even knew what was going on, people started hopping on the trend, adding silly captions, and making fun of Chestnut’s “dad jokes.” She didn’t expect Chestnut to blow up like that at all.

She shared the photos because she thought he was hilarious and hoped other Reddit users would agree, but she didn’t think he’d become a meme overnight. Chestnut deserved the attention, that’s for sure.

Chestnut’s owner shared that he didn’t have a happy life before the two of them met. He was abandoned at a pet store when he was about a week old. He was underweight, riddled with ringworm, and scared to death. He was suffering from PTSD even though he wasn’t even grown enough to see, eat, or walk without someone’s help.

Now, the owner’s sister was working at the pet store when she uncovered Chestnut and decided to take him home, foster him, and find him a good family.

She didn’t want to take him to a rescue or a shelter because she wanted to make sure he was OK. She nursed him back to health – and, that’s when her sister (Chestnut’s owner) decided to adopt him.

Chestnut’s owner can’t get enough of how energetic, easy-going, and addicting he can be. She even suspects he might be a combination of a tabby and a Bengal. Chestnut, for example, prefers spending time outside, running around, chasing after God-knows-what at 3 a.m., and causing trouble.

Credit: Instagram

He adores playing with her other cat, Clyde. He approves of munching on paw-licking morsels without Clyde, too, because he’s a huge fan of wet food.

Chestnut doesn’t share food, but he does share everyone’s enthusiasm for cute, cringy puns. Chestnut’s owner promises that she spends most of the day reading everyone’s comments to Chestnut, checking whether he finds them funny, and even filming a reaction video or two.

Chestnut’s favorite pun at the moment happens to be “What do you call a fish with two knees? A two-knee fish!”

Please don’t shy away from reaching out to Chestnut and sending your best puns, memes, and dad jokes. Chestnut’s owner made an Instagram account soon after he went viral, and she makes sure to share Chestnut’s “crackhead energy” with everyone on a regular.

ChazaySSB’s photos of Chestnut smiling got a staggering 114k upvotes on Reddit, 2 Gold Awards, 9 Silver ones, as well as a Dancing Corgi Award and a Snoo Nice Award. People who aren’t Reddit users might not understand these numbers, but they’re simply there to attest to Chestnut’s rise to success.

Nowadays, Chestnut spends most of the time snuggling with Clyde (who became too old to chase after Chestnut), playing with other cats outside, and causing trouble. Sure, Chestnut might not have become as famous as Nala Cat or Grumpy Cat, but he’s getting there.

With the charm and charisma that Chestnut exudes, who wouldn’t want to follow him?! We urge you to check out Chestnut’s social media accounts and contribute to “the Smiling Cat” obsession. We’re rooting for you, Chestnut!

People Are Obsessed With Chestnut, A "Dad Joke" Cat