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Woman Takes A Chance With This Dirty, Abandoned Kitten

Woman Takes A Chance With This Dirty, Abandoned Kitten

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved to watch those makeover videos of people changing their entire appearance in a matter of days.

I love to see people getting their hair cut, dyed, and generally styled differently than they previously had. I love when they completely change their style, allowing the stylist to bring something much different into their closet than they were used to.

Also, I am sure I am not the only one who has always enjoyed this type of content.

However, did you know that makeovers are not reserved only for humans? It is true, animals can get them, too!

Sure, this is not some groundbreaking discovery. Of course, animals can have their entire appearance changed. But I simply never looked at it that way. That should totally be a new TV show (if there isn’t already one). Something like Animal Makeovers; I would one hundred percent watch that.

Anyway, what got me thinking about this is the story we are covering today.

On June 20, 2015, a young lady named Violet O’Hara (or so her Tumblr account said) published on her blog that she had found a dirty stray kitten hanging out at the bottom of her stairs. It appeared that the kitten had been wandering around her apartment complex all by himself.

According to Violet’s Tumblr post, she was familiar with many self-reliant feral cats that used to roam around her apartment complex, but the poor guy she had found seemed all alone, and like he did not really belong to their group.

She said that he had been completely covered in dirt and burrs, and obviously pretty much afraid of everything and everyone. She tried to give him some chicken to eat, but he was unable to catch it. He was so frightened.

When it came to his origins, Violet’s guess was that he had probably come from the outdoor cat hoarder colony that was located down the street.

According to her post, that house was awful and in terrible condition. A couple of days prior to seeing the poor kitten, she noticed several kittens roaming around that house’s yard.

Violet and her company (we are not sure who exactly) were not able to catch the poor kitten. But they saw he was in horrible shape, and they knew they needed to help him somehow.

So the next morning, with a little help from their downstairs neighbor, they managed to grab him. She took the poor fluff to her apartment, snuggled him in a nice and soft towel, and started combing through his tangled fur and getting burrs and sticks out of it.

Credit: Tumblr User

The kitten had been very nervous and scared at first, but he soon calmed down once he realized Violet was only trying to help him. She managed to ease his discomfort and continued holding him in her arms even after she was done with detangling.

Then, she thoroughly washed him in order to get any potential fleas (and there were many of them) and dirt out of his fur, too. She bought some cat-friendly antibiotics to fight the slight cold he was dealing with, and she fed him some delicious, kitten-appropriate food.

When all the work had been done, the kitten was unrecognizable. He was clean, well-fed, and seemed a lot less nervous and scared than before. He recognized a friend in Violet and continued purring and kneading his way into her heart.

Violet was very responsible too, and she even took him to his first vet visit. The vet had done all the necessary work, and just like he was a brand-new kitten. In just a day, he got an opportunity for an entirely different life.

Now here comes the part I am sure you are all waiting for. Did Violet end up keeping the kitten? Or did she give him to the nearest shelter for adoption?

Well, because their bond was so strong from the very beginning and because their first encounter was the work of destiny itself, Violet decided to keep the kitten and become a cat mom.

She named her new furry baby Nux and decided that, from that moment on, she is going to give him all the love in the world. Because Nux truly deserves nothing less!

Credit: Tumblr User

Nux’s eyes were filled with gratitude, and he snuggled on her lap – his new favorite spot.

If cats could speak, Nux would have definitely said something like, “Dear Violet, thank you for saving me and giving me my very own furrever home. I will try my best to make it up to you, I swear. Paw promise!”

We are all so beyond happy that Nux has been given a new chance at life. If it were not for Violet, he probably would have had a very challenging life on the street. And who knows what his chances of surviving such a life would be.

But today, thanks to his kind savior and heroine, he is a happy (and spoiled!) grown-up kitty who loves nothing more than cuddling next to his favorite hooman ever!