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These Guys Went Fishing And Ended Up Catching Abandoned Kitties

These Guys Went Fishing And Ended Up Catching Abandoned Kitties

Storming out of the bathroom during bathtime and refusing to walk on wet surfaces – sound familiar? Ask most pet parents whether their feline friends like water and you’re probably going to receive a resounding “No!”

Whether they’re turning a blind eye when you’re trying to hydrate them or licking themselves clean after you’ve spilled not more than three drops of water on them on a hot summer day, cats hate water. Wait, cats even hate drinking water because they’re taken aback by the taste.

You try to keep them hydrated to ensure they’re happy and healthy, and they treat you like you’re torturing them – meowing, running away, and scratching your eyes out.

We’re far from trying to say that cats are always “the bad guy,” but we’re pretty sure that the stereotype of cats screaming bloody murder every time they’re presented with water exists for a reason. Come on, have you ever spotted a fluffy feline going for a little dip because she’s overheating? Nope?

We didn’t think so. Because cats hate water, pet parents assume that cats can’t swim, either. We’re about to blow your mind – because that’s not the case. Cats can swim and they’re actually pretty great at staying afloat even when they’re freaking out over the fact that they’re getting wet.

Contrary to popular belief, cats can get out of a sticky situation of falling into a body of water without sinking to the bottom and drowning. They have instincts that urge them to stay afloat and do a speedy paddle to the nearest branch.

Cats are great at figuring things out for themselves, whether that’s because they’re both predators and prey or because they’re taught to fend for themselves from the moment they’re born. Mother cats don’t play around when teaching their kittens to protect themselves no matter what, that’s for sure.

Now, we don’t know the background of the story we’re bringing you today, but we do know the two kittens that were rescued out of the water by two fishermen who knew what they were doing.

We pick up on the story when two fishermen by the names of Brandon Key and Jason Frost decided to go fishing on a Saturday morning on the Warrior River, Alabama.

Brandon and Jason were great friends – the two of them spent hours and hours on the Warrior River, hanging out, enjoying the scenery, and fishing.

They were regulars, coming to the river whenever they had the chance. They’d never seen anything strange and that’s why they weren’t expecting to be surprised that Saturday morning by not one but two kittens.

The guys were sitting on the boat, facing the bank, waiting patiently for fish to take the bait when they heard a splash coming from behind. Brandon and Jason were 100% sure that the splash came from fish hopping out of the water – that was typical fish behavior whenever they were fishing.

But when the two turned around, they saw something swimming toward them. Brandon started recording because he wasn’t sure whether he was about to witness a strange fish swimming toward the boat or an animal he’d never seen before.

When the creature approached the boat, the two were shocked to hear the little fellow meow. “Wait, that’s a kitten!” Brandon shouted and got closer to the edge of the boat to get the poor little thing out of the water.

Brandon and Jason couldn’t believe what was going on – they’d never heard anyone say they’d encountered a kitten on a fishing trip. Brandon pulled the ginger and white kitten out of the water when he heard another splash behind the boat.

Another ginger and white kitten was swimming toward them! The two were questioning whether they were dreaming but Jason managed to get the second kitten out of the water, too.

Actually, Brandon and Jason managed to record the entire thing. And, that was a great thing to do considering nobody would’ve believed them that two kittens swam from the river bank to the boat without drowning.

When the two recovered from the shock, the kittens played with each other on the boat, meowing and purring.

The guys patted them dry and started wondering what on earth were they going to do with them. They weren’t sure whether the kittens belonged to somebody, but they knew that was highly unlikely because there weren’t any houses near the river.

They assumed that somebody dropped them off near the river at night and that the kittens were scared because they didn’t know where they were. They must’ve decided to swim the moment they spotted Brandon and Jason on the boat. They saved themselves!

When the kittens got on the boat, they weren’t scared of Brandon and Jason. Quite the contrary. The poor things were over the moon that they weren’t alone anymore and they were more than happy to play with their human rescuers, run around the boat, and cuddle.

They spend the rest of the fishing trip together because Brandon and Jason didn’t want to go back to shore before they were done fishing. The kittens didn’t seem to mind that at all. When they headed back at the end of the day, there was a family with two little girls having a picnic.

The girls fell head over heels with the two ginger and white kittens and the family offered to adopt them right away. The family was surprised by the story of the two kittens swimming to the boat and the girls didn’t want to go home without them.

Brandon and Jason didn’t think twice before giving the kittens away to them. They knew that the kittens needed a furever home and believed that the family was there for a reason.

The family named the kittens Warrior and River and the two went on to become the cutest, cuddliest furbabies that adore napping together and putting grins on everyone’s faces. They got their happily ever after!


Thursday 10th of August 2023

What a wonderful story. Lost, found and got a forever home all in one day. Thanks guy for all you did.