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Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning? What Does She Want?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning? What Does She Want?

Our cats might not speak English, but that doesn’t stop them from communicating how they feel. Cat communication methods are abundant and they don’t only consist of meows, purrs, hisses, and other strange sounds. “Why does my cat bite me in the morning?” Oh, that might be one of the methods!

“Why does my cat wake up in the morning only to choose violence?”, you ask yourself, your friends, Google, and anyone else who’s willing to listen.

“And, why does she bite my toes when they’re wiggling from under the blanket? Why does she munch on the strands of my hair peeking from under the pillow? Why, why, why?!”

What’s the deal with the biting behavior? Most humans would say that biting can ONLY be a reflection of aggression. But, when human babies bite they say “It’s not because she’s aggressive! It’s because they’re exploring the world around them!” And, because your cat’s your baby, something doesn’t seem to add up.

Cats bite for a million different reasons – nothing new, nothing to freak out over, or contact your vet to schedule an appointment. Kittens bite because they don’t know better and they don’t know how else to communicate how they’re feeling. Grown cats bite out of fear, aggression, love of attention, and… love.

So, before we tackle the “why does my cat bite me in the morning,” why don’t we throw a glance at some of the reasons why she bites your, your furniture, and your friends at all? Grab your pen and paper, and get to writing because we’ve been generous with our contribution to your research.

Why do cats bite?

 Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning What Does She Want

Why do cats do anything that they do? Because they’re cats. Because there’s nobody there to stop them and teach them there’s nothing “fun” or “ameowzing” about knocking down your human’s favorite mug off the shelf. And, because they’re communicating different things through different means.

And, we can’t forget about the fact that cats and kittens don’t bite for the same reasons. Kittens bite because they’re exploring the world one bite at a time. As a matter of fact, kittens develop manners from a very young age because other cats (and other animals) don’t respond that great to bites and scratches.

But, some kittens might get separated from the rest of the litter without learning valuable lessons. When kittens decide to munch on the toes, make sure you don’t encourage such behavior because you think “it’s cute” and “it doesn’t hurt.” Trust me, the biting behavior won’t go away when the kitten grows older.

On the other hand, grown cats bite out of fear, aggression, and/or lack of proper training. Cats might bite you when they’re asserting dominance. They may even think of you as a threat (which wouldn’t work for the whole “why does my cat bite me in the morning” thing).

But, cats can bite because of something you did to provoke such a response. “Me?! She knows I would never do anything to provoke her to bite me!” We’re bringing you a bunch of reasons why your fluffy friend might bite you in the morning and you can draw your conclusions.

Why does my cat bite me in the morning?

1. “Mom, give me my breakfast right meow!”

Cats should be affectionate, cuddly, and snuggly when they wake up, right? Oh, your fluffy friend should approach you with the most silent pitter-patter of the paws and let out the most melodious of meows as soon as she sees you wiggle your toes. “Hmm, my cat’s broken! She bites me as soon as she wakes up!”

Before you start looking for the “restore to factory settings” button underneath the fluff, consider the fact that she might be biting you because she’s hungry. Maybe you don’t feed her before you go to sleep. Maybe you sleep longer than she can listen to her tummy grumble and growl.

Whatever the reason might be, give your furry friend a bite of turkey and watch her little face light up!

2. Because that’s her way of saying “I love you!”

Cats don’t have that many ways they can communicate how they feel, do they? They can meow, purr, or throw a tantrum. They can wiggle their little butts, puff up their tails, or arch their backs. And, they can bite you as a way of saying “You’re the worst!” and “I love you!”, at the same time!

But, how do you know which one’s which? Observe what your fluffy friend does after she gives you a little nibble the moment you wake up from a nap. When the bite appears to be soft and she doesn’t appear to be aggressive or angry, chances are she’s claiming you as one of her own and professing her love.

3. Because she’s looking for attention

Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning What Does She Want

Oh, the attention-seeking behaviors these mischievous monsters display! From pawing at your thighs, walking between your legs, and excessive vocalization, to knocking things down and biting you first thing in the morning – you have your hands full with the newest addition to the family.

“Why does my cat bite me in the morning?” Because she wants you to pay attention to her the moment you open her eyes. You’ve been sleeping for hours and hours, and she’s ready to be snuggled, fed, and taken care of. As attention-seeking as her behavior might be, we can’t argue the fact that she’s adorable!

4. Because she spent the entire night causing trouble

We might blow your mind right now, but cats aren’t nocturnal! Most pet parents make the mistake of condoning aggressive behavior (the biting, the scratching, and the clawing in the morning) because they think their pets have spent the entire night awake and they feel neglected.

As a matter of fact, cats are crepuscular. That means they’re the most active during dawn and dusk. And, cats spend a lot of their time napping and lounging around which might be the reason for the confusion.

Whatever the case might be, your furry friend’s biting you in the morning because that’s when she’s the most alert and ready to attack.

5. “Mom, someone’s here!”

“Why does my cat bite me in the morning? Does she want something from me or does she hear something (or even see something) I don’t?”

We’re hoping you have the police (or the Ghostbusters) on speed dial because your cat might be biting you to warn you someone’s there.

Cats can bite out of fear, aggression, or even a pawsible threat. While they’re mainly threatened by other cats and other animals, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that your furry friend might know something you don’t.

Observe her behavior when she bites you – on the off chance that she looks like she’s scared or she’s trying to say something, get someone on the phone ASAP.

6. Because she wants to play with you

Cats are pretty much the most self-sufficient, self-reliant animals out of the domestic bunch!

But, when they’re looking to play, they can’t seem to shake off the feeling that you’re the slightly bigger, but not as fluffy playmate. And, they won’t shy away from biting your arms or clawing your thighs to get your attention.

And sure, your four-legged friend’s methods might not be conventional. But, every time she orchestrates her little ambush attack, you can’t help but provide her with whatever she wants.

Whether she wants you to chase her across the room, play with her stuffed toys, or run after butterflies – Mrs. McFluffer gets what Mrs. McFluffer wants.

How to stop my cat from biting me in the morning?

Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning What Does She Want

Oh, the first headbutt’s a little spooky! But, whenever she attacks you out of the blue, you can’t help but chuckle because she’s purrfect and she’s pouncing on top of your stomach like there’s no tomorrow. But, when the ambush attacks turn to wounds and never-healing scratches, you know you have to stop her.

“Why does my cat bite me in the morning? How do I stop my cat from biting me in the morning?” Here’s what you do when your search history starts looking a lot like the questionnaire at the vet’s office.

First things first, give your fluffy friend toys that are going to stimulate her hunting prowess and get rid of the extra energy.

On the other hand, don’t forget to give her consistent responses to her behavior. Don’t encourage her by fighting with her, roughing her fluff with your bare hands, or giving her what she wants. And, don’t shy away from scheduling appointments with vets and behaviorists that can offer you a helping hand.

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Why Does My Cat Bite Me In The Morning? What Does She Want?