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Why Do Cats Walk On You? Is That What Catwalk Is?

Why Do Cats Walk On You? Is That What Catwalk Is?

If you’ve been a cat parent long enough, you’ve probably been amazed by many of your cat’s weird behaviors. After some time, you stop noticing them, but every once in a while your cat will make you question everything. This time, we’re going to tackle one such feline oddity: Why do cats walk on you?

My cats do this all the time. I’ll be lying on my bed, and they’ll be climbing on top of me, either separately or all three at once, and walking all over. Honestly, for the most part, I don’t mind this. It’s nice to have your own personal meowsseuses that are always ready to participate in your spa day.

But, I can’t say I’m not both amazed and confused by this odd little behavior. First of all, I’m not exactly what we consider a flat and sturdy surface to walk on. And second of all, there are dozens of cat trees and cat shelves around our home, and plenty of walking space. Why do they even need to walk on me?

If you are as puzzled as I am, then you know precisely what it’s like. And if you wish to know the story behind this weird feline practice, I got your back!

I took it upon myself to decipher their strange walking habit and finally lift the veil of mystery. I did my research and consulted many experts, and now I’m going to spill all the beans and share everything I know with you.

Without further ado, let’s see why cats walk on you.

Why do cats walk on you?

Why Do Cats Walk On You? Is That What Catwalk Is?

The simplest reason your cat decides to walk on you is this: Because she can! No unnecessary talk, no long lines of text, no stalling. And we wouldn’t be far from the truth, really.

Our cats have won our hearts to such an extent that we can justify almost anything they do.

They’re destroying our sofas with their claws? Oh, how silly of them. They’re digging out our house plants? Oh, it’s just their natural instinct. They’re biting our ears? Oh, they just like the smell of our earwax (true story!)

Sometimes I wonder how have we managed to figure out so many of the oddities about them and yet so much still remains a mystery. Maybe our cats are onto us. Maybe they don’t like the fact that we’re slowly but surely revealing the motive behind everything they do.

Because for whatever reason they prefer to remain mysterious, they keep on doing weird and confusing things just to leave us perplexed and in wonder.

Anyway, walking on humans is one of the behaviors we managed to decipher. So, if you have a cat who walks on you, make sure to check out these 7 possible reasons she does so.

1. Your cat walks on you because she loves you

I bet you didn’t see this one coming! Every time we talk about odd things cats do, people usually expect that the reason lies in cats’ ill intentions.

But no! Your cat walks on you because she loves you! Sometimes she simply doesn’t know what to do with all the pent-up love she has for you. All she can do is walk it all over you to let you know she cares.

So, don’t believe those bad, bad online people who tell you cats don’t have feelings. Contrary to popular belief, cats are very affectionate and caring, and are capable of loving you endlessly. They show their love by following you around your home, too. That’s their way of telling you, “I never want to be apart from you!”

If your cat walks on you, but you don’t like it at that particular moment, make sure you put her down gently. You want to somehow let her know you love her too but are currently busy and will be available for cuddles later.

2. Your cat trusts you

The next reason your cat might be walking over you is that she trusts you.

We all know what cats are like with people they don’t know. They are cold, distant, scared, and full of mistrust. But if your cat walks on you and generally likes to spend her time on you, that means she trusts you and knows you won’t harm her.

Cats are very vulnerable creatures and the fact that she willingly chooses you to spend time on, is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

Again, if her walking on you is bothersome, make sure you put her gently in some other place. I’m sure you want to keep her trust, and not lose it completely.

3. She’s just exploring

Why Do Cats Walk On You? Is That What Catwalk Is?

This is especially true for kittens who are just starting their adventure of getting to know the world. They see you as their mom, and they need you for reassurance and comfort. But also, you’re so special and interesting in their eyes they can’t help but climb on top of you and walk all over you.

Older cats also have the need to explore. I guess our cats never really stop finding us interesting. If your cat is overly excited while she walks on you, don’t worry: she’s just embracing her inner Dora the Explorer.

You can prevent your kitty from walking on you by, again, gently putting her to the ground. But also, you will eventually have to let her entirely sniff you out.

However, if your cat is doing this while you are sleeping, you can prevent it by playing with your kitty before you go to bed. That way, she will use up most of her energy. Also, leave her with many interesting toys, so she won’t have the need to bother you during your sleep.

4. Your cat wants to show she owns you

Come on! We all know the actual truth. We don’t own our cats, our cats own us! And that’s just the way it is.

So, if your cat walks on you or is standing on you in general, that’s because she is claiming her ownership of you. How is she doing that, you may ask? Well, cats actually have special paws that are able to leave their scent on you.

Your cat might be doing this if she’s not the only cat in your life. If you’re a proud cat parent of multiple cats, you probably know by now how competitive they can get. And they can often cause stress to each other.

Therefore, one of your cats is walking on you because, if you happen to come in close contact with another cat, that one will know you’re already someone else’s pawperty.

If you think your cat walks on you because of the need to mark her territory, you can consider using a pheromone diffuser, which will release pheromones into the air and in that way soothe your cat.

5. She wants to get your attention

If I had to describe cats with only one characteristic, I would describe them as attention seekers. And I believe I’m not the only one.

Cats will do anything for attention. And I mean anything! And I think we can all agree that’s pretty hard to ignore a cat that’s standing on your chest. I bet Maine Coon owners have a hard time catching their breath!

If your cat walks on you, especially during the night, purrhaps she’s craving the attention she didn’t receive during the day. Again, put her down gently, get through the night as peacefully as possible, and tomorrow dedicate some of your time and attention to your fluffball.

6. You’re warm and comfortable

Usually, most cats are pretty good at tolerating cold weather. Thanks to their super thick coat, they are able to stay warm. Their go-to Disney song is probably Let It Go – more specifically, the part where Elsa sings, “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

However, they still appreciate warm and comfortable places, and you just happen to be one of them. So, if your cat is walking on you, it’s because she just wants to warm herself up.

You can get a nice, cozy bed just for her. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Cats love fleece blankets, so you can DIY her bed by simply putting the blanket inside the cardboard box. Or, clumping the blanket next to you, so she can still feel you near, without the need to stand on you.

7. You are tall enough

Why Do Cats Walk On You? Is That What Catwalk Is?

We all know that cats adore high places. That’s why we buy them cat trees and install cat shelves on the wall. But no cat tree can nor cat shelf can compare to your shoulders or your head!

So, if your cat walks on you before she sits on you, it’s because she needs a nice perch to observe her surroundings.

The best way to deal with this is to get your cat more tall places, so she’ll leave your head alone. You don’t have to buy every fancy cat tree on the market. A simple bar stool will do the trick.

Why does your cat sleep on you?

We all know how the story actually goes. First, our cats climb on top of us. Then they start to walk on us. Then they have to knead and make biscuits. Then, they walk almost in a circle, fold their paws, lie down and – you guessed it – fall asleep.

At that moment, you are legally obliged to remain in the exact place you’re in. No sudden movements. No adjustments. No heavy breathing.

Oh, how many coffee dates, nail salon appointments, and other obligations have I canceled just so I can watch my little kitty sleep on my lap?! Those moments have a really special place in my heart. They are truly precious!

Cats love to sleep on us almost as much as we love when they sleep on us. They find comfort and warmth in our laps, as well as security and protection.

So, if your cat tends to sleep on you, that means that she loves you and trusts you with all her heart. It’s a sign that you two have an amazing bond and a great friendship. Also, your smell might be soothing and comforting to your kitty, which only makes her love you more.

Final thoughts

I hope you have found the answer to “Why do cats walk on you?” As you were able to see, your cat walking on you is nothing to be worried about. That’s just her own weird little way of showing her love or demanding attention.

I know it can be annoying (rarely, but it can), especially when you’re in the middle of something. But just remember to always be gentle with her, so her love and trust could remain furrever.

Why Do Cats Walk On You? Is That What Catwalk Is?