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Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete? Showing Cattitude Or?

Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete? Showing Cattitude Or?

Why do cats roll on concrete, you may ask? Oh, my adorable little munchkin doesn’t shy away from surprising me with strange sounds and odd behaviors. She’s a rescue kitten, which means each member of the household tippy-toes around her trying to make her happy.

Apparently, rolling on the cold, hard concrete makes her happy because she does that whenever she gets the chance. She does the “elevator butt” thing whenever she spots someone from across the room.

She headbutts whenever she’s looking for cuddles and snuggles. Oh, and we can’t forget about her attempts to scratch your eyes out whenever you dare think she’s looking for a belly rub when she rolls on her back and exposes her belly to the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s hardly anything more adorable than that thing of fluff. But, that fluffball doesn’t communicate her needs all that well.

Quirky kitty antics aside, we can’t brush over the fact that cats love rolling on concrete, despite how hard it is.

Come on, who throws a quick glance at a concrete floor and thinks “Hmm, that looks like a comfy spot to take a nap?” Other than your (and my) mischievous monster, evidently!

But, turns out you’ve come knocking on the right door! We’re bringing you everything you need to know about your fluffy friend’s kooky behaviors and methods of communication. Get comfortable because you’re looking at a long list of reasons why cats do the things they do.

Why are cats the way they are?

Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete Showing Cattitude Or

Why do cats do anything that they do? Because they’re cats. Because nobody’s going to stop a meowing, purring machine from doing whatever the heck she wants to do.

And, because cats don’t have many options when they’re trying to communicate with you, so they resort to strange sounds, body language, and other tactics to get your attention.

Oh, my munchkin performs an extravagant Cirque du Soleil number every single night when we’re trying to sleep. She starts off by running across the room, knocking down everything that dares interrupt her performance, and throwing quick, sneering glances at us for not paying enough attention.

Then, she arranges her own The Greatest Showman, Never Enough moment by chattering and chirping at her (seemingly grumpy) audience. Oh, and she makes sure she has a meowmorable grand finish with an exquisite (neverending) cycle of scratching the bed, biting the pillows, and farting on our heads.

But sure, let’s take a moment to wonder why cats roll on concrete!?

Truth be told, cats aren’t that bothered by our understanding of “normal behavior” and “social etiquette.” Cats communicate what they want, how they’re feeling, and what they’re planning on doing by meowing, tapping paw pads on the floor, and headbutting.

So, what are we trying to say here? Chances are Mrs. McFluffer hasn’t mistaken the cold, hard concrete for her (extremely expensive) kitty furniture. She’s probably trying to cool down from the current Cali heatwave or scratch an annoying itch she’s had from the moment she woke up.

But, on the off chance that you’re looking for more answers (and more reassurance that your adorable Persian queen hasn’t gone completely bonkers), we’ve done our homework. Here are a bunch of possible reasons your cat rolls on concrete, and more frequently than you’d expect.

Why do cats roll on concrete? What are they trying to communicate?

Oh, don’t you dare for a moment think your precious purrincess isn’t trying to convey her affection when she ever-so-slightly throws herself on the concrete, rolls on her back, and exposes her belly! She’s probably tired of flailing her little tail whenever she sees you – she’s not a dog!

But, that’s not to say that every time she does the stunt, she’s seeking your attention. She might be marking her territory or trying to get the attention of another cat. She might be regulating her body temperature (those heatwaves ain’t a joke!) or getting rid of those pesky parasites.

Whatever the case might be, make sure to consider everything before freaking out and scheduling an appointment with your vet. Why do cats roll on concrete, you might ask? We’re bringing you a list of whys, and I hope you’re jotting this down!

1. Concrete surfaces make her feel safe and secure, kind of…

So, does your frisky feline stop for a second to throw herself on the concrete and expose her belly? Chances are she’s doing so because she trusts you and she knows you won’t do anything to betray that trust.

Cats behave in certain ways when they feel completely safe and secure. And, rolling on concrete floors might be one of them. In fact, rolling on the concrete (or other surfaces) might be your fluffy friend’s way of bonding with you.

When you think about that, she’s exposing the most vulnerable parts of her body. She’s letting you observe and (try to) pet them. We’re warning you, though – she’s always a second away from scratching your eyes out.

2. She’s simply seeking attention from her human!

Cats do that all the time! Oh, you wouldn’t believe the things my munchkin does to get my attention. She’d keep knocking things down and jumping on my back (preferably at midnight) to get me to play with her or feed her.

Then she’d keep tapping her fluffy paw pads on my thighs when she wants to snuggle under the blanket with me. Or even when she wants me to give her back scratches.

Sure, you can say we’ve had our ups and downs trying to communicate our needs. But why does a cat roll on concrete?

Because she wants you to notice she’s doing something she shouldn’t. Cats are curious (and that’s something we deal with daily), but they’re cunning too. So, they know you’re going to come running out the door the moment you notice them getting their coat dirty on the concrete. Clever, right?

3. She’s marking her territory

Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete Showing Cattitude Or

Saying cats are territorial is an understatement! Trust me, your mischievous monster might frighten you whenever she hides behind the couch and makes those blood-curdling sounds. But, that’s not to say that she frightens other cats or other animals that seem a threat to her.

Cats need to feel safe regardless of where they are. And, one of the ways they make themselves feel better seems to be marking their territory. Headbutting, rubbing their teeth on the furniture, tapping their paw pads on the floor, licking, and leaving their poop and pee everywhere – these do the trick, for the most part.

So, when you spot your feline friend rolling on the concrete, don’t freak out and scare her away. Chances are she’s simply marking her territory and making sure everyone else knows that’s where she resides (and rules). Queen behavior, if you ask me!

4. She’s single and ready to mingle

That’s right, you might want to consider the pawsibility your fluffball is looking for a mate! Cats tend to become a little crazy during that time of the year. And, your cat might be testing your patience by rolling on the concrete to attract a bunch of males. Argh, she’s become a street girl!

We’re kidding, but you might want to figure out whether you’re fine with having a bunch of kittens running around your backyard in a couple of months. And apart from releasing her pheromones, your cat might become more affectionate, restless, and vocal during the “kitten season” too.

So, you might not be mad at the prospect of having kittens. But you should remember that cats often contract diseases such as feline leukemia when they attempt to breed with other cats that haven’t been checked beforehand.

And that means that you might not want to take her act of rolling on concrete for granted.

5. She’s been munching on catnip

Oh, we shouldn’t overlook the fact that there are times when cats accidentally discover your secret catnip stash and decide to scoff down every last bit.

Now, we might be exaggerating a little bit (for dramatic purposes). But, we’re not kidding when we say your boisterous beast might have had a catnip trip before hitting the concrete.

Now, why do cats roll on concrete after munching on catnip? Because catnip targets their “happy” receptors and turns them from couch potatoes to dance monkeys within seconds. Because catnip relieves their anxiety and makes them feel safe and secure wherever they are.

Eaten or sniffed, this hefty herb can make your kitty behave in ways you’ve never seen her before. Thank God she’s only rolling on the concrete – she might have been rolling off a cliff!

6. “Oh, this concrete’s going to keep me warm… or cool!”

“Everyone knows cats regulate their own body temperature!” we can almost hear you screaming at the screen. While that’s true, cats need some help from time to time when they’re dealing with extreme weather (or weather they consider extreme).

So, your furry friend might be rolling on concrete because she’s trying to regulate her body temperature. But, how does she do that?

When she’s feeling a little warmer than she’d like, she might go outside and try to find a lighter chunk of concrete hidden in the shade. Such cool patches don’t attract much heat and serve the purpose quite nicely.

But, when she’s feeling a bit chilly, she might try to find a dark patch of concrete under direct sunlight to warm up. Obviously, dark concrete attracts heat and helps her absorb some of that warmth. So, a couple of minutes of rolling on concrete should do the trick.

Have we mentioned how clever cats can be!?

7. She’s scratching an itch

Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete Showing Cattitude Or

Oh, there’s hardly anything more angry and agitated than a kitty trying (and failing) to scratch an itch! “Stormi, you look like mommy, baby!” TikTok sound comes to mind the moment that my munchkin starts running across the room looking for something that can help her.

Sure, sometimes she taps her little paw pads on me or turns on her belly to ask for back scratches. But, after listening to (too many) Beyonce songs, she prefers doing everything on her own. Oh, she’s a little diva and a hustler!

So, she starts shaking her head, running across the room, scouring the walls, rolling on concrete, and trying to reach the area that’s causing her discomfort.

Who’s to say Mrs. McFluffer wasn’t trying to do the same thing when you freak out on her? Concrete might not be your first choice when you’re trying to scratch your back. But, who’s to say your cat doesn’t know what’s best for her?

Concrete’s solid, flat, hard, and rough – a winning combination, don’t you think?

8. She’s fighting off parasites

So, why exactly do cats roll on concrete? What makes them think “That hard surface sure looks like something I should attack!” or “Concrete seems like a great tool to use to get rid of parasites and other crawling creatures attacking my body!” A lot of things, apparently.

Turns out that cats do consider concrete a great way for them to remove those pesky parasites from their coats. As a matter of fact, most cats that deal with parasites attempt to get rid of them on their own (rather than waiting for their parents to figure out something’s wrong, contact the vet, and give them medication).

And, it’s pawsible that your curious creature might be rolling on concrete hoping to squish worms, mites, fleas, and ticks that might be residing somewhere on their body. If your cat is suffering from parasites more often than she should, you might want to consult your vet for appropriate treatment.

So, now might be a great time for you to get off your phone and check on your fluffer. The sooner you discover what’s wrong, the sooner you can breathe. Good luck!

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Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete? Showing Cattitude Or?