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White Persian Cat: An Angel Of The Feline World

White Persian Cat: An Angel Of The Feline World

Kitties come in different colors and breeds but the white Persian cat still remains the most popular and most sought-after. This feline specimen has an angelic look that no one can resist. And since you’re reading this, I assume you’re also enchanted by this beautiful kitto.

Persian cats have a long history behind them. Originating from Persia (today’s Iran), these beautiful felines have taken the world by storm. Loved by members of the royal family and painted in famous pictures, a Persian cat is probably the most famous breed in the whole world.

I’m sure you’d like to be a proud owner of this furry monster, but first, let’s find out more about the breed in general. Are these cats rare and where does their color come from? Are they hard to take care of and would they fit into your lifestyle?

We have all the answers you need!

Are white Persian cats rare?

White Persian Cat: An Angel Of The Feline World

Whenever you go online and type “Persian cat” into your search bar, you’re probably presented with a number of pictures of white Persian cats. This may give the impression that, when it comes to this breed, white is the most common color of their fur. But the reality is quite different.

In fact, white Persian cats are extremely rare with only 5% of them sporting this clean-looking fur color. Isn’t that surprising?

The white shade comes from the lack of melanin, a substance that produces pigmentation. Bodies of the cats that have a dominant white gene produce less melanin which then makes their fur white.

So, if you wish to own a white Persian cat, know that this won’t be an easy task and it will probably cost a lot. These angelic-looking feline friends aren’t as common as you may think which instantly makes it harder and more expensive to get them.

Appearance of a white Persian cat

When you look at a white Persian cat, the first thing you’ll notice will obviously be her fur. But is there something else that makes this breed stand out from other breeds?

Well, Persian cats are medium-sized cats with really long fur that comes in different colors. Besides the shade of their coat, they all have kind of muscular bodies with chubbier legs and fluffy tails.

What makes these felines unique is the shape of their head. They have a rounded, flat face, large rounded eyes, and ears. Even though these features make them look cute, they’re also the reason why many Persian cats suffer from eye and respiratory problems.

All in all, when you look at a white Persian cat, you see a real feline star with long, luscious fur that’s soft to the touch. You also see an adorable face and pleasing eyes that beg you to cuddle with them.

This kitty is worthy of a royal household and it doesn’t surprise us at all. Their beauty is mesmerizing.

The personality of a white Persian cat

The color of a cat’s fur doesn’t affect its personality traits. So, a white Persian cat will have all the same features as other felines of this breed.

This means that you’ll get an affectionate, loyal, and quiet cat who’ll enjoy cuddling with you. This feline doesn’t like running around the apartment and causing trouble to your furniture. She would rather lay in your lap and relax.

Also, this breed isn’t the best choice for households with kids. However, Persian cats will tolerate any child who treats them gently and with respect. So, if you have a kid just make sure that he or she knows that rough play is out of limits.

All in all, this is a friendly cat breed that loves being cuddled and smothered with kisses and pets. A white Persian cat will enjoy every second she gets to spend with you. But, at the same time, she won’t feel completely lost if you leave her alone for a while.

This feline is a perfect choice for all of us hardcore cat lovers who would die to have a pet who doesn’t reject affection.

Are Persian cats considered a healthy breed?

White Persian Cat: An Angel Of The Feline World

Persian cats are prone to certain diseases which we’re going to mention. But overall, their lifespan is usually 15 to 20 years. Of course, it all depends on the level of care you provide your cat with.

Some of the most common health issues that Persian cats suffer from are trichobezoars, polycystic kidney disease (PKD), and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Trichobezoars is a condition where your cat ingests a large amount of hairballs which eventually get stuck in her intestinal tract. This happens as a result of grooming and even though it’s normal for felines to swallow some hairballs, a large amount of hair can lead to symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal pain, and weight loss.

Polycystic kidney disease is an inherited disorder where cysts form in the kidneys. It’s a result of gene abnormality and is common in Persian cats. Signs of PKD are excessive drinking and urinating, weight loss, and vomiting.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy results in thickening of the muscular walls of a cat’s heart. Some of the signs that your cat is suffering from this disease are difficulty breathing, loss of appetite, heart murmurs, lethargy, and weak or unstable pulse.

The best way to keep your kitty safe from the mentioned illnesses is to take her to regular vet check-ups. That way you’ll make sure your feline’s health is not compromised.

Also, if you decide to get yourself a white Persian cat, look for a reputable breeder. You want to make sure that your cat has all the papers that prove her parents haven’t suffered from any of these conditions.

How to take care of a white Persian cat?

Now that you know what your Persian cat will be like and what’s something you should pay attention to, it’s also important to know how to properly take care of your new furry friend. You’re responsible for her health and happiness and that’s why you need to know how to make her life as better as possible.

1. Dietary habits

Your Persian cat needs a high-protein and low-carb diet. That way, you’ll ensure she eats healthy food that’s good for her.

Another important thing to know is that grown Persian cats should eat two times a day. If you have a kitten, then feed her three times a day.

This way, you’ll avoid overfeeding your cat which may result in obesity and diabetes. That’s definitely something you want to save your feline from.

2. Grooming

Persian cats are high-maintenance. That’s something you need to know from the very start.

Taking care of their long, luscious fur won’t be easy and will require everyday brushing and combing. Don’t think that you can skip a day or two since that attitude can lead your feline to form hair mats which are highly uncomfortable to deal with.

So, get yourself a good brush that can smoothly go through all that thick fur and reach your cat’s undercoat. Make brushing a daily activity and use it as an opportunity to bond with your furry friend.

Moreover, make sure to give your cat regular baths since you want to keep that long fur clean and tidy. When blow-drying her fur, use a pet blow dryer that won’t damage and burn your feline’s skin.

It’s also important to clip your cat’s nails regularly and check her ears and eyes to ensure they’re clean and in good condition.

3. Entertainment

White Persian Cat: An Angel Of The Feline World

A white Persian cat is a laid-back feline that doesn’t require a ton of activity. She won’t run around your home, breaking things in front of her and climbing on every high object she spots. Instead, she would rather chill in the corner of the room or snuggle in your lap enjoying the gentle pets.

So, you don’t have to go the extra mile when buying toys for your Persian cat. A simple ball you can toss around the room will do just fine.

Bear in mind that she won’t appreciate high cat trees or vertical objects she has to jump on. Persian cats aren’t the best jumpers so this type of entertainment won’t draw their attention.

What you can get them instead are scratching posts that are going to keep them entertained. At the same time, they will keep their claws sharp and satisfy their natural instincts.

Also, while your furry friend is playing with the scratching post, you can vacuum the whole house. We forgot to mention that Persian cats shed like crazy which doesn’t come as a surprise due to their long fur. So, you’ll have to do a lot of cleaning if you don’t want to live in a home surrounded by cat hair.

If you’re by any chance allergic to cats, don’t even consider getting yourself this breed. There are no natural remedies that will prevent you from sneezing and sniffling all the time when you have such a furry creature sleeping next to your bed.

So, what do you think? Is this the right breed for you?

Before you make a decision and decide to buy or adopt a white Persian cat, be honest with yourself. If this feline isn’t suitable for your lifestyle then it’s better not to get her than to end up looking for another home for her in a month’s time.