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300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

Are you looking for some cute and fun Turkish cat names for your pet? Yippee, you’ve finally got a cat you can call yours! And so it’s only right to give her a special name.

But some things are easier said than done. There are plenty of names to choose from, but it has to be something meaningful, right?

And you have to give your furchild a name that suits her. Most people will determine what name suits their pet the best based on their appearance or character.

Other times, it will be something completely opposite of what their cat is like, just for fun or pure sarcasm. But even with plenty of names out there, choosing one can be daunting.

After all, we’re talking about your furchild. Her name is going to stick with her for the rest of her life.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s no big deal. Cats rarely listen when spoken to!” I get that point. But on the other hand, you’ll be hearing it a lot, especially from your mouth: “Princess, drop that!” and “Princess, out of my closet!”

Perhaps the name Princess suits her, but over time, you realize it’s a bit too long. You get tired of pronouncing it all the time and your mischievous pet doesn’t seem to be helping you much.

Therefore, it’s essential you pick out a name that has a nice ring to it, even when trying to scold your feline. Also, a short name is clear and easy enough for her to learn quickly.

Animals won’t answer to certain commands if they’re too long because they can’t comprehend them that easily.

How to choose a perfect Turkish cat name for your pet?

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

If you’ve recently bought a cat or adopted one with no name, you’re definitely busy with all the name picking. Some of the names you like for your cat are already seriously worn out, like “Bella” or “Socks.” And other uncommon names are a bit too complicated and hard to remember.

But there’s one thing proven to be important to cat parents when choosing a pet’s name: gender. If you have a male kitty, you don’t want to insult his manhood with some soft, “girly” name.

That’s why we have created a list of both male and female Turkish cat names for you. Of course, there are some names that can suit both male and female furbabies. Still, people mostly opt for the ones that clearly indicate their cat’s gender.

The good news is that there is a ton of Turkish cat names to choose from! In fact, I think I may have made your job of name-choosing a little harder – they’re all so darn cute and fun!

People will oftentimes settle for some American names because they roll off the tongue easily. But if you’re looking for something more unique and rare, Turkish cat names are the best!

Male Turkish cat names

Fortunately, most male cat names greatly differ from the female Turkish names, so it’s hard to confuse the two.

If you’re looking to pick out the perfect name for your male companion, you’ve come to the right place. We picked out a few hundred beautiful Turkish names for your furbaby that you can choose from. Let’s dive in!

1. Beyaz

This male cat name has a handsome sound to it, but the meaning might be what draws you in. The word Beyaz in Turkish translates to “white” in English.

So, if you happen to own a beautiful, snowy feline, Beyaz might be the perfect name for him. After all, it’s way more interesting than “Snowflake.”

2. Sultan

I think that this name might ring some bells! You’ve seen all of those Turkish series with great emperors that ruled the world.

This name translates into strength or authority. I’d say that it’s definitely suitable for a pet that likes to boss his way around!

3. Şeker

This Turkish cat name is one of the cutest and most fun ones. The meaning behind it will really make this choice much easier for you.

It directly translates to “candy”! Of course, you can name your pet Şeker to enhance all of the cuteness he carries!

4. Paşa 

If you were blown away by the male cat name Sultan, you’ll definitely fall in love with this one too. The name Paşa in Turkish represents someone of a higher rank.

If you have a pet that likes to be spoiled and demands stuff all the time, I think this is the one for him.

5. Aslan

You’re probably also quite familiar with this one. This beautiful Turkish cat name means “lion.” Therefore, if you own a little, brave heart, this name would suit him the best.

Most Maine Coon owners also opt for this name because it represents their magnificent pets so well. Maine Coons have thick fur that’s especially big around their neck, resembling a lion’s mane!

Other male Turkish cat names

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

6. Abu

7. Yildiz

8. Solomon

9. Besim

10. Khan

11. Sarmen

12. Aziz

13. Ahmet

14. Eber

15. Aksu

16. Tuzcu

17. Kedisi

18. Azan

19. Var

20. Leo

21. Karamel

22. Shila

23. Limon

24. Zeytin

25. Avatar

26. Poni

27. Taner

28. Ada

29. Apti

30. Velvet

31. Duman

32. Selim

33. Nisan

34. Ankara

35. Haşmet

36. Talu

37. Tayyar

38. Sütlaç

39. Unal

40. Baris

41. Vahit

42. Aral

43. Pamuk

44. Utkan

45. Ali

46. Alaattin

47. Azman

48. Yumak

49. Felix

50. Leydi

51. Çapul 

52. Mina

53. Kedi

54. Şanslı 

55. Ares

56. Edgar

57. Mestan

58. Bulut 

59. Max

60. Bok

61. Gofret

62. Çakıl

63. Minnoş 

64. Fehmi

65. Peluş

66. Miya

67. Yok

68. Ballılimon

69. Tom

70. Floki

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

71. Hâris

72. Tarçın

73. Gri

74. Marinems

75. Aksoy

76. Altan

77. Papatya

78. Ceyda

79. Zilli

80. Neko

81. Vefa

82. Latte

83. Hideo

84. Urian

85. Seyfi

86. Mara

87. Pistosh

88. Tedy

89. Temel

90. Ates

91. Sema

92. Leman

93. Memo

94. Hennessey

95. Giggles

96. Kurt

97. Hazel

98. Morpheus

99. Calico

100. Melda

101. Vern

102. Volkan

103. Fitz

104. Izih

105. Jaiyk

106. Sami

107. Uzay

108. Tiger

109. Fiver

110. Lucky

111. Temel

112. Miso

113. Twinkie

114. Uluc

115. Vuslat

116. Fuzzy

117. Mango

118. WahWah

119. Inky

120. Vegas

121. Kahlua

122. Alp

123. Lilo

124. Unver

125. Tabby

126. Tarzan

127. Fang

128. Vecdi

129. Teku

130. Eragon

131. Mithral

132. Sarmen

133. Mickey

134. Ufuk

135. Goldey

136. Wolf

137. Frosty

138. Sputter

139. Turk

140. Lilo

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

141. Chili

142. Alpha

143. Pepper

144. Kiwi

145. Pixel

146. Eskimo

147. Chai

148. Ajax

149. Walter

150. Boncuk

151. Mithral

Female Turkish cat names

Turkish cat names are some of the most fun and interesting, aren’t they? If you’re a parent to a beautiful, fuzzy little lady, then I suggest looking through some of these options.

Some people use cultural names and nicknames from other countries to emphasize these animals’ superiority. In some cases, even female and male names can be used interchangeably.

Here are plenty of original Turkish female cat names, whereas a decent percentage is a mix of different languages (who doesn’t love diversity?)

1. Artemis

This name carries a certain amount of power. If you have a rambunctious feline who’s ready to take on the world, it would be a match made in heaven.

In Greek mythology, Artemis is the goddess of the hunt and wilderness. What better way to describe your cat than by giving her one of the most divine female Turkish names out there!

2. Leyla

Leyla is a really popular Turkish name for humans. It’s so popular that people even started naming their pets after it!

It doesn’t only sound pretty. This name has a beautiful meaning behind it: “night.” If you’re an owner of a beautiful black tiger, I highly recommend this name!

3. Hera

Hera is also one of the Greek goddesses in mythology that’s recognizable for her big, beautiful, doe eyes. The same can be said about our felines’ goggles!

Hera is also Zeus’ wife. If you own a male cat too, it’s a match made in heaven. I sense some Greek romance in the making!

4. Melek

If you’re really looking to name your cat something with a beautiful meaning, this is the one. Turkish cat names might not be so popular across the globe, but this name’s meaning breaks the mold.

Instead of naming your pet “Angel,” which is, honestly, SO yesterday, opt for “Melek.” It has the same meaning, but not many will suspect that!

5. Celesta

I know what your first thought was: I don’t want to name my pet an orchestral instrument. Sure, no one does. Imagine calling your cat “Hey, Violin!”

But this Turkish cat name will sweep you off your feet once you find out what it stands for. In Turkey, this name is highly cherished because in Latin it means “heavenly.” And aren’t felines heavenly creatures?

Other Turkish cat names for girls

6. Bogie

7. Asena

8. Göbüş

9. Aloha

10. Yavru Köpek

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

11. Cameo

12. Fitz

13. Shalyk

14. Skye

15. Lolita

16. Melda

17. Evren

18. Mavi

19. Muska

20. Kartopu

21. Pampiş

22. Sasha

23. Lena

24. Kara Kedi

25. Havuç

26. Müjgan

27. Eyşan

28. Pisi

29. Momo

30. Yuna

31. Mila

32. Pakize

33. Kestane

34. Toprak

35. Peri

36. Tavian

37. Viski

38. Hina

39. Belda

40. Atletiks

41. Pisigim

42. Lili

43. Qwerty

44. Kedis

45. Aytac

46. Demi

47. Bellona

48. Elvira

49. Amy

50. Doritos

51. Silav

52. Sans

53. Portakal

54. Angelina

55. Layla

56. Azima

57. Gilead

58. Garnet

59. Ela

60. Jazzy

61. Mara

62. Beste

63. Almond

64. Albatross

65. Alpine

66. Fanny

67. Jax

68. Etugen

69. Izih 

70. Simge

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

71. Zeki

72. Asuman

73. Hosca

74. Tanyeli

75. Flame

76. Antalya

77. Yasmina

78. Belig

79. Bullet

80. Sule

81. Songul

82. Ember

83. Sermin

84. Kumru

85. Olaf

86. Jade

87. Allegra

88. Süslü

89. Fleur

90. Alex

91. Liş

92. Mergen

93. Nazlı

94. Antigone

95. Laurelin

96. Petra

97. Emerald

98. Yavru

99. Kristal

100. Sarı

101. Lokum

102. Kit

103. Misha

104. Curry

105. Xayala

106. Misty

107. Kyra

108. Mırnav

109. Pati

110. Chai

111. Peridot

112. Vildan

113. Minnak

114. Isa

115. Luna

116. Violet

117. Liesa

118. Adil

119. Prenses

120. Ponçik

121. Alanya

122. Nettie

123. Boncuk

124. Arya

125. Maya

126. Zuleika

127. Nacho

128. Fabri

129. Alara

130. Burcu

131. Defne

132. Ece

133. Asli

134. Banou

135. Dilay

136. Doga

137. Esin

138. Gulya

139. Kelebek

140. Nermin

141. Azra

142. Lale

143. Yaz

144. Sanem

145. Elvan

146. Narin

147. Kadri

148. Lunara

149. Melike

150. Esra

How to craft some unique Turkish cat names

300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings

Most pet owners’ worst nightmare is naming their pet something boring or already overused.

I know how it goes. You think you’ve made the right decision by waiting to bring your cat home – that’s when she starts climbing out of her shell and showing her real character.

The name you initially picked out doesn’t suit her. And you’ve discovered the backup names you had are taken up by many neighborhood felines. How can you find inspiration for an awesome pet’s name?

Turkish cat names might be original or a mix of two or more languages. That makes them more fun than the typical ones we’re used to hearing.

If you’re still not quite sold on these beautiful names, you can always think one up yourself. The inspiration can come literally out of anything and everything.

Your pet’s physical features may be unique and something you can name her after. Take “Ascot,” for instance (meaning “necktie”) – if your cat’s sporting a line down his neck, why not?

Apart from physical appearance, something that will help you out a lot with choosing the right name for your feline is their character. Your pet will give you a bunch of ideas a lot of the time, trust me. They’re mischievous and rambunctious little creatures.

Names like “Levin” (archaic word meaning lightning) can definitely summarize a cat’s character if it’s an active one. If your pet’s too spoiled and demanding, perhaps some names that resemble people of a higher rank will suit her best.

If you’re still not convinced, try mixing a couple of names and see if it works. Turkish cat names are diverse, so probably won’t stand out too much.

And suffice it to say, you can give your cat a traditional Turkish name if he or she is one of the Turkish breeds.

Bottom line

Turkish names have a historical link to the breed’s ancestry. Turkey is the place where the Turkish Angora and Turkish Van cat breeds originated.

Turkish names like Solmaz, Sahika, and Adil are inspired by these long-haired, often white, fluffy cats. Known for their propensity for hunting and social behavior, Turkish breeds might be an inspiration for your furbaby’s name as well.

Whatever you ultimately choose, just make sure you can live with the name for a very long time without growing tired of it. Cats have a lifespan of 9 to 14 years – some breeds even longer (Turkish Vans can live up to 17 years!)

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300+ Beautiful Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings