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Three’s Not A Crowd: 5 Amazing Benefits Of Having 3 Cats

Three’s Not A Crowd: 5 Amazing Benefits Of Having 3 Cats

We’re guilty of spending our Friday nights staring at the two fluffy friends snuggling on the floor, twisting tails, and meowing sweet nothings to each other. We’re even more guilty of wondering whether the two fluffers would be down for another family addition.

C’mon, cats are addictive. We’re pretty sure that whoever thought of the entire “after getting one tattoo, you always want another” thing meant to argue that about cats.

Whenever you get a new cat, cuddle with your friend’s cat, or get approached by one on the street, you’re guaranteed to get the same surge of endorphins you do when you get a new tattoo.

What do we mean by that? Right off the bat, there’s nothing wrong with wondering whether your furry friends would appreciate another buddy to play with. Three cats are not a crowd – three cats are the purrfect amount of cats, and for many reasons.

Three cats are a necessity – even Taylor Swift’s got three furry friends and she certainly knows what she’s doing. Therefore, don’t shy away from getting however many felines your heart desires. But just make sure to keep an eye on a few things before you do.

Are three cats too many cats?

Three's Not A Crowd: 5 Amazing Benefits Of Having 3 Cats

Oh, three cats are not too many cats – sort of. Three cats are guaranteed to offer you three times the affection, appreciation, and adoration that one or two cats can offer you.

Three cats are bound to entertain each other, groom each other, and cuddle with each other, which affords you enough free time to do whatever you want to do.

But, before you bite the bullet and head to the nearest shelter, make sure to think long and hard about whether you’re physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for another fluffer. You need to consider a few things before you surprise your cats with another friend.

For once, consider your kitties’ personalities and whether they’re going to accept and appreciate another family member. For instance, easy-going, energetic cats are more likely to accept another cat than terrified, timid ones.

Determine whether you’ve got enough space for three cats without cramming them together and expecting them to tolerate each other. And whether you’ve got enough money to pay for everything they need (cats can be pretty expensive, right!?)

Then the last yet equally important consideration is whether you’ve got enough time on your hands to care for three cats. Once you consider all this, you’ll have your answer as to whether three cats are too many for you.

What are the benefits of owning three cats?

1. You’ll never run out of cuddles and snuggles

Who wouldn’t want that!? Cat cuddles are guaranteed to lift your mood after spending the entire day dealing with work obligations, car problems, and errands. A cat can sense when you’re going through a tough time and is more than happy to offer you some love to make everything better.

Now, when you’ve got three cats, you can count on even more cuddles, even more affection, and even more attention. Before even getting the chance to argue, you’ll think you’re doing the BuzzFeed puppy interview – but with cats!

2. You’ll never be bored around them

Now, how many times have you witnessed your cat running around the apartment, hopping on the highest shelves, and knocking things down? How often have you caught her munching on your favorite socks because you got some ketchup on them?

Ever wished you had two more cats to make an even bigger and better mess!? Whatever your answers might be, at least you’re guaranteed to never be bored because they’ll always be energetic, entertaining, and amusing.

3. You can count on them to entertain, stimulate, and look out for each other

No matter how much joy your fluffy friends bring you, there are times when you’re too tired or too busy to entertain them, watch over them, or spend time with them.

Needless to say, that’s why pet parents always advise getting another cat – no matter how much attention you give your cat, she’s always going to need more. But, when you have three fluffers, you don’t have to worry about that because they’re never going to be bored around each other.

4. You can count on never seeing another bird, butterfly, or bug around your apartment ever again

Even though our furry friends spend their waking hours napping, munching on paw-licking treats, and warming the bed, ultimately, they’re still predators. They still have that residual hunting instinct passed down from their wild cat ancestors.

So, of course, they appreciate chasing after birds, butterflies, and bugs whenever they’re bored!

At the end of the day, cats will be cats – and they’re going to do whatever wild and domesticated cats do. With three cats around, you’re never going to see another flying or crawling creature again.

5. You’ll never have to clean, brush, or groom them ever again (sort of)

Three's Not A Crowd: 5 Amazing Benefits Of Having 3 Cats

We’re not here to argue about whether or not you should bathe your cats on a regular (this is controversial for a reason). But we’re aware that cats require regular grooming, brushing, and pampering to be happy and healthy.

When you groom your cat, you remove the dirt and debris from her coat, you remove the knots and tangles, and you even prevent the formation of hairballs. When your cats groom themselves, though, you don’t have to spend as much time brushing them (especially when they’re too grumpy to be brushed).

More times than not, cats show affection by grooming, licking, and rubbing one another. When three cats start grooming each other, they’re going to be squeaky clean by the end of the grooming session. We’re pretty sure that’s what dreams are made of, right!?

Three's Not A Crowd: 5 Amazing Benefits Of Having 3 Cats