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This Permanently Surprised Cat Wasn’t Expected To Live But He’s Celebrating His 4th Birthday

This Permanently Surprised Cat Wasn’t Expected To Live But He’s Celebrating His 4th Birthday

Some felines are just miracle felines. There is no particular explanation for their miraculous existence, other than their lives are a pure mystery and a much-appreciated phenomenon. And our today’s protagonist is no exception.

Meet Kevin, the perpetually surprised cat who people thought would not get to live his best cat life, but he surprised them all and is still going strong.

Kevin is a beautiful Russian blue tomcat who was found as a four-week-old kitten in a parking lot in critical condition.

The lovely lady who found him immediately rushed him to the vet clinic, where the veterinarian examined him, determined he was in extremely bad condition, and said that there was hardly any chance of him surviving.

Tailah, his current cat parent, said Kevin was not at all well when he first came to the clinic. She said that he was in no control over the things he was doing, and was struggling to hold himself up, without collapsing on the ground.

She mentioned that Kevin had been so hungry, but because of his condition, he pecked his food so hard nailing his head on the floor in the process. She also said that she had fallen head over heels for him and knew she had to take him with her and offer him her home, no matter how short a period of time.

And the prognosis of his lifespan was indeed short. Upon examining him, doctors proclaimed Kevin would get to live his furry life for no more than six months.

His outlook was dire because Kevin was diagnosed with a disease called hydrocephalus. This condition in felines is characterized by the presence of an excessive amount of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the brain or in the area between the brain and the skull.

The pressure from the cerebrospinal fluid on the bones of a cat’s skull can be so hard and result in her skull taking a dome shape. That fluid can also thin out the bones of her cranium.

This disease causes brain damage and a plethora of dysfunctions. The signs of it are usually not present at birth, but become more and more evident over the course of the first few weeks or even a month.

Kittens with this disease struggle to cope with the reality of life. They tend to learn how to cat much slower than the rest of their littermates, have severe gait deformities, like being wobbly while walking, and can take on peculiar behaviors, like compulsive running in circles.

This disease can also result in them having seizures.

Hydrocephalus in general is very unpredictable and ever-changing. Its signs usually go from mild to extremely severe, after which comes inertia and then inevitable death.

However, in some animals, cats included, the disease manages to stabilize before the fatal point occurs, which means that those lucky animals exhibit only a couple of milder signs that last throughout their life.

We’re happy to tell you that our dear Kevin is one of those lucky few because even though the odds were not in his favor, he still managed to beat them.

As mentioned above, the doctors gave him around six months to live, after which they were sure he will start getting seizures, but Kevin fooled them all and prolonged his own life a couple more years.

His owner Tailah shared how she somehow knew Kevin was supposed to survive. Call it a gut feeling or a woman’s intuition, but she was right! Not only did Kevin survive in a very blatant sense, but he also got to live a very happy and satisfying feline life with his human.

Tailah said how she did fear at first that his signs were much worse. But something in her told her that Kevin was worth the effort, hope, and all her prayers.

And he sure was! These two bonded instantly, and they grew to be inseparable, sharing every moment together.

There was no question about it: Kevin was supposed to be strictly an indoor kitty. However, Tailah went above and beyond making sure he also had his much-needed access to the great outdoors.

She provided him with an enclosed cat-proof balcony where he had his castle and a bunch of toys, and she also made sure he had access to their side of a courtyard.

Apart from his disease, Tailah said that Kevin is like any other feline. He is very playful, extremely affectionate, and so silly. He loves to cuddle, take his regular cat naps, and have his usual 2 am night zoomies – just like any other cat!

However, no one can deny that he still is a miracle kitty, which is something that makes him unique.

Tailah said how it only took her 5 minutes to fall in love with him and how a couple of moments with him made her believe she could never live a life without him.

I think every cat parent can relate to this infatuation. We all love our little fluffs so much, to the point where thinking about losing them actually hurts physically. And this is not an exaggeration.

Our furry friends do in fact make our lives better, just as much as we make theirs. It is mutual love and respect, and something we can only be grateful for.