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The Breeder Wanted To Euthanize This Kitten But The Employee Saved His Life

The Breeder Wanted To Euthanize This Kitten But The Employee Saved His Life

Choosing the right kitty that’s going to become your BFF, your favorite family member, and your companion for years to come can be a tough task. Contrary to what dog people might think, not all cats are the same, and not all cats come with the same purrsonality, needs, and desires.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with choosing the right kitty based on your preferences.

Maybe you’re set on getting your hands on a fluffy Maine Coon or a scruffy Ragdoll because you’ve always dreamed of spending hours and hours getting rid of rogue hairs from your furniture, carpet, and even mouth. We’re kidding, we’re kidding.

Perhaps you’re obsessed with Sphynx cats because you’ve always wanted to have a pet that demands attention and resembles an uncooked chicken breast. We’re still kidding.

Whatever the case might be, you should be OK as long as you make sure you get your purebred from a reputable breeder. Reputable breeders don’t breed kitties and puppies for profit, but rather to place them with proper families that are going to provide them with everything they need.

Backyard breeders, puppy mills, and kitty mills, on the other hand, don’t care for the puppies and kitties whatsoever.

More often than not, we’re talking about breeding facilities that mass-produce puppies and kitties for sale. Their mothers are caged, abused, and discarded once they’re unable to reproduce or unfit to get adopted.

Oftentimes, the puppies and kitties that are born with health problems are put down because they’re far from profitable for the breeder. Of course, that’s one of the reasons why the entire “adopt, don’t shop” movement got started.

When you’re on the hunt for a kitten to make your days better, don’t shy away from doing your research, going to a reputable breeder, or turning to rescues and shelters that are already overcrowded with abandoned animals that need a forever family.

We’re bringing you a story about Thor, a kitten that was rescued from one of these kitty mills by an employee of a vet clinic who didn’t want to watch the poor thing get put down.

One Cat at a Time, a Canadian non-profit organization, posted on Instagram that they’ve been contacted by the employee of the vet clinic that was supposed to “take care” of the kitten.

The breeder requested that the clinic euthanize the kitten, but the employee thought that the kitten deserved another chance at life – he was beaten down, but a fighter, nonetheless.

The employee contacted One Cat at a Time because they’re one of the only Canadian organizations that help sick kittens, kittens that have been abandoned due to deformities, and kittens that have been set to get euthanized for one reason or the other.

The employee mentioned that the kitten had been crushed by the mother during birth and had suffered a spinal injury and had dislocated one of his hind legs.

The staff at One Cat at a Time were appalled by the treatment of the poor kitten – they agreed to take him in, get him checked out by a specialist, and see whether there was something to be done.

The kitten seemed to be a perfectly happy, healthy fellow that wanted to play, munch on paw-licking foods, and fool around with the staff.

He was comfortable from the moment he arrived at the rescue. He wasn’t scared of anything or anyone. He was more than OK with everything that was going on. But the staff was worried whether he was going to be able to have a healthy life, considering what he’d gone through.

Before tackling the problem of where the kitten was going to sleep, they made an appointment with Dr. Arburn, owner of Médecine Vétérinaire Bistouri et Tournevis at the Centre Vétérinaire Laval.

Dr. Arburn was a surgeon and the staff hoped that she’d be able to tell them whether the kitten’s injuries were treatable and repairable and whether she was willing to help.

One Cat at a Time relies on people’s donations and operates with a network of foster families that volunteer. That’s why they needed Dr. Arburn to donate some of her time and energy to help the kitten, as well as people to donate money to ensure the kitten gets the help he needs.

One Cat at a Time works with stray cats, but they made an exception for the kitten. He was a purebred Savannah F4 kitten, be he wasn’t treated as a living, breathing kitten because he suffered the injuries that he did. The staff decided to name the kitten Thor because he was a fighter.

Thor was a force to be reckoned with and the staff wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going to suffer when he grows up.

When Thor was evaluated by the doctor, though, the verdict wasn’t as good as they’d hoped. Thor couldn’t undergo surgery because he wasn’t suffering from an orthopedic problem.

Though the breeder didn’t lie about Thor’s mother crushing him, the doctor uncovered that Thor suffered a congenital anomaly on his spine, too.

The good news was that the lower part of Thor’s spine wasn’t affected which meant that he was able to use the litterbox, move around, and do whatever he wants to do.

However, Thor couldn’t walk properly because of the anomaly, and the doctor feared that the problem might get worse as Thor grows bigger. Thor was going to grow up, let’s say, a little crooked.

The doctor recommended that Thor either gets checked out by an osteopath or starts using orthotics as he grows bigger and stronger.

Thor got a second chance at life and One Cat at a Time made sure he didn’t waste it! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Thor gets better and find a forever family that’s going to shower him with attention and affection! Go, Thor!

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The Breeder Wanted To Euthanize This Kitten But The Employee Saved His Life