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Stray Cat “Knocks” At Window During A Snow Storm As If She’s Asking To Let Her In

Stray Cat “Knocks” At Window During A Snow Storm As If She’s Asking To Let Her In

The weather in New York and the surrounding areas can be very cruel at times. Every winter, temperatures tend to drop below the freezing point, which makes life extremely difficult for local citizens.

Because, let’s face it, there are only a couple of few who truly enjoy the winter and everything these months bring. Sure, it is fine when you are having fun indulging in winter sports somewhere on the mountain. But when you have to go to work, run your errands, or do basically anything – it is barely fun.

Now imagine being a cat (especially a stray one) and having to deal with the winter cold with no warm home to go to. Sounds pretty awful, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s the reality for many stray fluffs in the world, including Chunk Chunk, the main purrtagonist of our today’s story.

While working from home one snowy day, Nathaniel from Brooklyn noticed a very strange occurrence outside his apartment window. Upon approaching the window, he noticed Chunk Chunk pawing at the glass, as though she was knocking to be let inside.

It didn’t take long for Nathaniel to recognize the cat, as Chunk Chunk was a well-known member of their local stray cat colony. She often hung around their block, meowing a friendly, “Hello neighbors!” – as cats often do – every time they passed him by.

The first time Nathaniel and his fiancée Renee met Chunk Chunk was around a year ago, again during another freezing cold winter day. The cat had appeared on their window with – believe it or not – two adorable kittens.

Chunk Chunk had left her kittens there and quickly escaped, as though she knew she was supposed to leave her babies in the hands of two very trusty humans.

But a year later she had found her way back to them, only this time asking for a different kind of favor.

Since he obviously knew Chunk Chunk was not having the time of her life, Nathaniel figured he had to do something to help the poor kitty.

Despite being an avid dog person who knew nothing about the feline world (except that they were small and sassy) Nathaniel took Chunk Chunk in. After all, he could not just leave the shivering cat out in the freezing cold temperatures.

Besides, he knew his fiancé Renee, a devoted cat person who occasionally volunteered in a local cat shelter, will know what to do once she comes back home.

Nathaniel later shared that he had always been pretty hesitant when it came to bringing stray cats into his home. But out of love for Renee, he let Chunk Chunk in, knowing very well that that’s both the right thing to do and something that will make his fiancée very pleased.

So, after taking a short video of her pawing at his window, he opened the door and waited for her to enter.

He said Chunk Chunk was very timid at first. And since they had a dog in their apartment, Nathaniel realized that the best thing would be to set up a nice and comfortable place for Chunk Chunk in the bathroom, where the dog won’t be able to reach and scare her.

He placed a couple of towels on the tile floor and did his best to make a cozy nook for Chunk Chunk to lie in. To his surprise, the cat accepted his kind offer and set herself right on her new and improvised bed. Sure, it wasn’t much, but it was still better than the cold concrete floor outside.

When Renee got home, she was very pleasantly surprised to see Chunk Chunk chilling in her bathroom. She said Chunk Chunk was always a very friendly kitty who genuinely enjoyed being petted by people, offering them a gentle purr each time as her own little, “Thank you.”

So, as you can probably guess, there was no question about it: the couple was about to adopt that kitty.

Nathaniel and Renee didn’t hesitate a second and took Chunk Chunk to the vet at the first opportunity. The vet determined that the cat was thankfully very healthy and that she apparently loved to be brushed.

This strange discovery came as no surprise since, being a community cat, she had probably never been properly brushed before. But luckily for her, she was now part of a very good family who would brush regularly and give her all the love in the world.

Chunk Chunk even befriended their dog Hugo after a couple of days. Both of them were a bit reserved at first, but they became best friends in no time.

Chunk Chunk even made it her mission to steal his bed, but Hugo doesn’t really mind. After all, isn’t that something cats do, anyway? It’s their nature, so Chunk Chunk should be no exception.

It’s miraculous how much good we can all do for each other, and how something that’s seemingly insignificant to us can mean a whole world and be life-saving for someone.

Take this story as an example. Chunk Chunk was freezing cold outside and potentially even hungry. So she decided to paw at a window of people she knew. She probably thought that since they had helped her once before, they’ll do it again.

Maybe she expected to be fed and offered a warm place to say for the night. But she actually got much more!

Little did she know that by pawing at their window she was actually pawing at her future furrever home.

Life is truly strange, isn’t it? But that’s the beauty of it after all.

Stray Cat "Knocks" At Window During A Snow Storm As If She's Asking To Let Her In