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Sophie, The Deaf, Stray Cat Turns This Man Into A Real Cat Person

Sophie, The Deaf, Stray Cat Turns This Man Into A Real Cat Person

Oh, we always love a good story of a kitty turning someone into a cat person. It brings us so much joy! Sophie, the deaf stray cat, filled this man’s heart with a lot of joy, too. And plenty of love for cats he’s never experienced before!

Before he met Sophie, this man wasn’t too crazy about cats. One day, when he was walking down the street, he noticed a small ball of white fluff hiding behind a dumpster. When he thinks about that day, he recalls that Sophie was a lot smaller than she should be at that age.

There was something special about this kitty that made it impossible for him to leave her there. Besides looking absolutely adorable, even with a look of sheer panic in her eyes. Later on, he found out just how special his new feline buddy really is. Sophie was deaf.

Her condition, however, never stopped her from living a normal feline life. Her new dad claimed she was an incredibly smart kitty who was able to do anything other cats do. It didn’t take too long before her beautiful blue eyes converted her human into a real cat person, and stole his heart forever.

When he first found her, Sophie was really skinny, but he hoped that feeding her regularly would help her gain some weight. When that failed, he decided to take her to the vet under the suspicion that she was infected with worms that wouldn’t let her gain any weight.

In his Reddit post, he shared his hopes for Sophie being able to recover. At that time, she only weighed 1.4 pounds and she was over 6 weeks old. It seemed like this newly-converted man truly cared for his little ball of fluff, and we sure hope he helped her recover and live the normal life every kitty deserves.

Sophie, The Deaf, Stray Cat Turns This Man Into A Real Cat Person

(Source: Reddit)

He got over a hundred comments on his post, and they were all filled with support, love, and useful advice that this new dad needed. He said that Sophie’s condition made him love her even more! She wasn’t like other cats he’s encountered, and she definitely had a special place in his heart.

Not too long after he posted a photo of Sophie, plenty of other users shared their experiences. A lot of them found a way to comfort the worried dad, while others gave him advice that helped him provide Sophie with proper care.

Some congratulated him on taking her in considering that he wasn’t a huge cat person, but he told them there was nothing to worry about. He had a soft spot for animals, and Sophie was undoubtedly in good hands.

She was getting plenty of love, high-calorie food, and a dad who recognized how special she was. He saw that she needed someone to take care of her, and he didn’t think twice before he decided that he will be the one who will save her and give her the home she deserved.

One person, who also owned a blue-eyed deaf kitty, reassured him that Sophie can hear him in her own way. Kitties are highly sensitive, and they feel the vibrations around them. This person’s feline friend was being able to sense him opening a can of food in the other room!

His kitty was able to learn tricks, and she was a big fan of their vacuum cleaner – something a lot of cat parents can’t claim for their kitties. Deaf fluffs, on the other hand, love the vibrations they create, and they’re not scared of the vacuum because they can’t hear it!

(Source: Reddit)

Not only did Sophie convert her human dad, but the rest of his family quickly fell in love with her, too. She was surrounded by people who loved her for who she is, and we couldn’t imagine a better life for a kitty who was living behind a dumpster, not being able to hear the world around her.

One thing is for sure. Even though she couldn’t hear him say it to her, Sophie definitely knew her new human loved her, and we’re sure she loved him, too. Sometimes, you don’t have to hear it to feel it, and simple acts of love can say a lot more than the actual words.

Sophie, The Deaf, Stray Cat Turns This Man Into A Real Cat Person