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Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?

Oh, you’re thinking of getting another fluffer? Then, you might want to check out the absolutely adorable (designer!?) Ragdoll Snowshoe cat – she’s pretty much every pet parent’s dream. With a soft, silky coat, piercing blue eyes, and distinctive markings, the Ragdoll Snowshoe makes for the cutest cuddle buddy.

“Wait, Ragdoll Snowshoe cats are a thing!?” They are, and there’s nothing wrong with the fact that you haven’t heard of them. Most humans haven’t because they’re a state-of-the-art breed.

In fact, you might have a tough time finding responsible breeders or other means of getting your hands on one because they’re that recent. But, that shouldn’t stop you from trying because these fetching felines are worth the hassle!

They’re patient and even-tempered, and won’t resort the scratching your eyes out the moment you touch the wrong area. They’re warm-hearted and affectionate, and they appreciate being around humans as much as you appreciate being around them.

And, they’re a cross between two of the most mysterious-looking breeds out there! No wonder they’re considered a designer breed (Gucci who!?), and they literally cost the same amount as a downpayment on a brand-new car. You could have a brand-new kitty for somewhere between $800 and $3,500.

Now, we’re not saying you should spend that much money on a cat (unless you’re down!?) But, Ragdoll Snowshoe fluffers deserve a spot on your bucket list, wish list, and every other list collecting dust.

And, not to worry, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about them before you decide to come home with a cat you “found abandoned on the road and couldn’t leave behind.” We’ve got your back, buddy!

Ragdoll Snowshoe cat: A cross you didn’t think you needed

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?

What makes Ragdoll cats and Snowshoe cats such a purrfect cross!? When you think about that for a minute, chances are you’re going to understand why everyone’s making a fuss about them. They look like long-lost sisters and they have very similar purrsonalities.

These two frisky felines are a match sought after since the dawn of time (kind of!) Larger breeds like Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and Norweigan Forest Cats have been stealing the spotlight for years, and breeders were looking for something similar but smaller.

Now, size didn’t have anything to do with these addicting personalities. But, Ragdolls seemed like the ideal match for what breeders were trying to achieve.

Come to find out Snowshoe cats were the carbon copy of Ragdolls, they were over the moon to cross them and make a family kitten everyone would love. And, that’s exactly what happened because Ragdoll Snowshoe fluffers are the best of both worlds.

Sure, everyone knows you can’t predict which parent the kitten’s going to take after. However, whichever parent takes the lead, you can’t go better or more beautiful than these two.

But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s cover everything you need to know about each breed before drawing conclusions about the queen of cat lovers’ hearts – the Ragdoll Snowshoe cat.

1. Ragdoll cats

Oh, who hasn’t heard of the radiant Ragdolls? With soft, silky fluff and large, lovable purrsonalities, these beautiful beasts have taken the world by storm thanks to breeder Ann Baker. Ann took it upon herself to develop the breed in the 1960s in Riverside, California.

But, these purretty meowers don’t come without mystery surrounding them everywhere they go! Turns out Ann Baker wasn’t as “together” as everyone thought she was.

In actual fact, breeders working alongside Baker distanced themselves because of her weird declarations. And, “the breed was the result of medically altered genetics” declaration was enough for them to abandon her completely.

Nevertheless, Ragdolls continued paving the way for fluffers worldwide and got recognized as purebred in 1965. Not only that, but they became more and more popular over time.

Not to mention that even Taylor Swift thought they were worth the hype and treated herself to a Ragdoll kitten named Benjamin Button. How cute does that sound?! (Cute as a button, of course!) And, whatever you might think of these curious creatures, they’re certainly some of the most precious pets you can get.

2. Snowshoe cats

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?

As for Snowshoes, boy do we have something to say! With walnut-shaped eyes, soft and short coat, and the breed-standard upside-down “V” mark, they make for the most mysterious, pocket-sized Batmans. Trust me, the Batman reference makes plenty of sense when you cross paths with these beautiful beasts.

What makes Snowshoe cats that appealing? First things first, the Snowshoe looks like a lovechild of a Siamese and American Shorthair.

They’re the embodiment of grace with Victoria’s Secret long limbs and muscular bodies, not to mention the hefty fluff that puts supermodel blowouts to shame. And, something about the color of their fur makes them stand out.

Oh, you guessed correctly, the name Snowshoe didn’t come to be without reason. That’s right, these curious creatures are chocolate, brown, or blue with white markings on the paws where those Louboutin red bottoms would typically be. White bottoms are so much better, anyway!

And, let’s not forget that Snowshoes can assume a bunch of different purrsonalities (not at once, though). Some Snowshoe kittens adore playing with humans, lounging around the house, and munching on everything they can find.

Others, couldn’t go a day without running around, chasing butterflies, and causing trouble. But, you can’t stay angry with them for long because you can do whatever you want when you look the way they do. So, you can only imagine the hold Ragdoll Snowshoe cats would have on you, right!?

Ragdoll Snowshoe cats: are they the best of both worlds?

Oh, they absolutely are! Ragdoll Snowshoe cats are the steal of the deal when we’re talking about fluffers that are purrfect for large families. Right off the bat, these gentle goofballs possess everything you need when trying to decide between a Ragdoll and a Snowshoe.

But, turns out you don’t have to decide because you can have the best of both worlds. On the off chance that you can get your hands on a reputable breeder, though.

As we’ve mentioned beforehand, these little stinkers cost an arm and a leg, but only when you’re actually able to purchase, rescue, or adopt one. Of course, the prices vary depending on the source, country of origin, and many other factors.

But these beautiful beasts are worth the hassle, and we’re here to provide you with all you need to know to understand why. Oh, you might want to start putting your pocket money aside!

1. What makes Ragdoll Snowshoe fluffers as beautiful as they are?

A better question would be, “What doesn’t?” because these curious creatures are absolutely adorable! Ragdoll Snowshoe cats handpick the best qualities of each parent and have the audacity to expect nobody snatches them right away!?

Who wouldn’t want a minuscule Ragdoll with the bluest of eyes and the whitest of paws!? Not to mention that these two have a bunch of overlapping qualities which make things easier when you’re trying to decide which of them you would prefer.

One thing, though, regarding overlapping qualities: The height, weight, and even coat of the Ragdoll Snowshoe kitten depend on which parent he or she takes after more. However, they are born white with the rest of the colors appearing after they grow up. Paws should stay white, though!

2. What are these furry felines like when nobody’s watching?

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?

As for the temperament, you have nothing to worry about because Ragdoll Snowshoe cats couldn’t be more affectionate! Don’t be alarmed when you catch them kneading and biting the blanket. Oh, that means they trust you and know you wouldn’t hurt them!

That’s right, Ragdoll Snowshoe kittens are loving, friendly, and loyal, which makes them purrfect for anyone who’s looking for a long-lasting commitment. Both Ragdoll cats and Snowshoe cats possess similar qualities. But, that’s not to say that they don’t have a couple of niggles to look out for.

Actually, these two breeds (as well as the Ragdoll Snowshoe cross) despise being on their own. They’re constantly looking for someone to play with and they tend to be pretty high-maintenance because of that. They thrive when they have a companion, which might be something to keep in mind if you’re planning on getting one of these bad boys.

3. And, what’s the deal with all that fluff? How do you groom Ragdoll Snowshoes?

Oh, they are fluffy, aren’t they! And Ragdolls might be to blame for that – these precious purrincesses sport soft, silky coats which don’t shed as much as you would expect them to. That’s not to say you won’t notice them shedding more during the spring or the autumn, though.

As for Snowshoe cats, these beautiful beasts possess the softest fluff out there. Shorter than the one Ragdolls possess, the fluff doesn’t need that much care because of the lack of shedding. But, at the risk of repeating ourselves, Ragdoll Snowshoe kittens are going to shed depending on which parent they take after more.

Having discussed that, make sure you brush and groom your Ragdoll Snowshoe’s fluff once a week to ensure her coat stays happy, healthy, and looking great. And as for bathing, they don’t appreciate water as much as humans do. Don’t bathe them unless they’re really, really dirty.

4. How do you make your Ragdoll Snowshoe happy?

Easy peasy when you know what you’re doing! But, not to worry, we’re bringing you everything you might need when you come home from PetSmart with a kitty “the nice lady at the register gifted me for being a regular customer.”

Ragdoll Snowshoes are worth the lecture you’re going to hear from whoever you share the apartment with! Here’s the thing, these fluffers are purrfect because they’re great with children. They appreciate snuggling and cuddling on a Sunday morning. And, they adore running around chasing butterflies.

Making them happy and healthy should be a breeze. Make sure you provide them with a nutritious diet, entertaining toys, and plenty of physical activity.

Scratching posts, climbing trees, and running wheels might be a great addition for Ragdoll Snowshoe cats that prefer not to sleep for most of the day. And, they’re great for those days when you don’t have the time to play with them. Trust me, these meowers don’t appreciate being left alone.

Oh, and in case we haven’t covered it already, you can’t go wrong with heaps of love, affection, and quality time.

5. And which health issues should you prepare for?

Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?

Don’t we wish we could know that at all times!? The health of our fluffy friend depends on nutrition, physical activity, environment and living space, and a bunch of other factors. Genetics does play a part, which means the parents could be to blame for possible health scares.

On one hand, Ragdolls are healthy for the most part. But, they’re no strangers to urinary tract infections and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Now, both of these are common among cats regardless of the breed. However, they seem to appear more often among Ragdolls, Maine Coons, and Persian Cats.

On the other hand, Snowshoes are even healthier. They might suffer from kidney disease or heart disease when they’re older. But, they typically only deal with cosmetic problems such as crossed eyes and kinked tails. Which sounds adorable, come to mention it!

Obviously, you can never predict your fluffy friends’ quality of life or lifespan (Ragdoll Snowshoe or otherwise). But, that doesn’t change the fact that these uncommon, mysterious creatures are some of the most affectionate and lovable breeds out there. Why not give them a shot!?

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Ragdoll Snowshoe Cat: What Makes These Fluffers Stand Out?