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345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato

345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato

When choosing the right name for the newest addition to your fluffy family, why not choose a name that represents them to a tee? Naming your fluffer Nugget because she loves munching on chicken or Oreo because she’s as cute as a cookie sounds purrfect. “What about lazy cat names, though?”, one might ask.

Worry not, laidback Lassies of the world deserve the cutest of names because they typically make for the most precious of pets.

They spend most of their time lounging on the sofa, waiting for you to come home and smother them with affection. They sleep through the night without walking on top of your head and waking you up.

Who wouldn’t want a fluffer that’s programmed to snuggle with you the moment that you come through the door of your apartment? And, to be completely honest, you don’t even understand why cats that don’t appreciate running around the apartment at 3 a.m. get such a bad reputation.

Whatever the case might be, your couch potato clearly needs a name (otherwise, you wouldn’t be here looking for inspiration). We’re happy to help with a rundown on some of the most adorable (and appropriate) lazy cat names you can imagine. Without further ado, here’s what we gathered.

Lazy cat names for your laidback Lassie

345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato

We gotta be honest with ourselves – your odds of rescuing, adopting, or purchasing a cat that doesn’t want to move a paw are pretty high. Truth be told, most cats carry the street cred that says they’re lazy, laidback, and nonchalant.

Sure, some breeds like to climb on the highest shelves and run around like headless chickens (a.k.a. the Bengals). But, most cats (regardless of the breed) prefer lounging around, napping throughout the day, and waking up to munch on paw-licking foods before going back to sleep over and over again.

Don’t let the haters and the naysayers persuade you that there’s something wrong with cats. Trust me, you don’t need a tail-wagging, stick-fetching dog to make your life better – a sleepy, snuggly kitten can do better with her eyes completely closed.

So, when you’re on the market for an appropriate moniker, don’t shy away from showing off your cat’s true colors. Whether she spends her days watching the TV or cuddling with her toys (rather than playing with them), take a look at these lazy cat names for some inspiration.

1. For your purrince

1. Dozer (because he dozes off all the time)

2. Bum

3. Stroll

4. Lol

5. Piddle

6. Dawdle

7. Vacay

8. Sloth (how cute!)

9. Snoozer

10. George

11. Garfield (of course!)

12. Tapper

13. Flex

14. Mosey

15. Decaf (Caffeinated didn’t sound as good!)

16. Flash

17. Napper

18. Napps

19. Snooze (without the “r”)

20. Slug

21. Sluggish

22. Bubba

23. Stretch

24. Sleepyhead

25. Sleepster

26. Aloof

27. Slow

28. Slack

29. Slacker

30. Shy

31. Otiose

32. Dr. Donothing

33. Dr. Dolittle

34. Heavy

35. Holiday

36. Beachbum

37. Beans

38. Easy

39. Breezy

40. Peasy

41. Squeezy

42. Dreamy

43. McDreamy

44. Butter

45. Butterbean

46. Hammock

47. Happy

48. Piddle

49. Puddle

50. Patches

51. Pupps

52. Softie

53. Solace

54. Balmy

55. Cool

56. Soothe

57. Halcyon (a name for lazy, calm cats)

58. Gandul

59. Parado

60. Stacay

61. Weekend

62. Wine

63. Siesta

64. Mellow

65. Marshmallow

66. Marsh (short for Marshmallow, of course)

67. S’mores

68. Lull

69. Lullaby

70. Berceuse

71. Baby

72. Bibbs

73. Idle

74. Jaunty

75. Momo

76. Mittens

77. Cuddles

78. Snuggles

79. Snuggly

80. Cuddly

81. Goose

82. Silly Goose

83. Mocha

84. Capuccino

85. Espresso

86. Doppio

87. Grande

88. Venti

89. Starbucks (you can’t wake up without coffee, but you can’t go anywhere without Starbucks)

90. Americano

2. For your purrincess

91. KitKat (a name for a lazy cat that always needs a break)

92. Serene

93. Drowsy

94. Noddy

95. Airy

96. Allay

97. Apnea

98. Caesura

99. Dally

100. Lacuna

101. Shabby

102. Betty

103. Sleepycat

104. Weary

105. Lazybones

106. Nugget

107. Mac’n’Cheese

108. MeowMix

109. Daisy

110. Gracie

111. Rosie

112. Keke

113. Boobaby

114. Pumpkin

115. Squish

116. Squeeze

117. Peaches

118. Cheeto

119. Cheeto Dust (what’s lazier than leaving the Cheeto dust on your fingers because you don’t want to get up and wash your hands?)

120. Dorito

121. Tiptoes

122. Pawpads

123. Honey

124. Meringue

125. Macaron

126. Potato

127. Couch Potato

128. Sofa

129. Floors

130. Ruggs (a name for a lazy cat that spends most of her days on your rug)

131. Mopps

132. Brood

133. Sulk

134. Pine

135. Moody

136. Coconuts

137. CocoPuffs

138. Puffs

139. Pop Tart

140. Poppy

141. Buttercup

142. Petunia

143. Protea

144. Pusheen

145. Polly Pocket

146. Monchichi

147. Popple

148. Koosh

149. Tamagochi

150. Mochi

151. Ducky

152. Ducks

153. Puffalamp

345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato

154. Toothless (a name for lazy black cats only, though)

155. Koopa

156. Applejack

157. Chewy

158. Moggie

159. Tabby

160. Peanut

161. Fluffy

162. Fluffer

163. Fluffs

164. Snoozy

165. Sleepy

166. Yawner

167. Yawny

168. Loafer

169. Loaf

170. Sleepy Paws

171. Sleepy Eyes

172. Captain Naps

173. Captain Cuddles

174. Bedsheets

175. Bed Bunny (like Bad Bunny, the rapper – but better)

176. Bella

177. Luna

178. Izzy (a name for the lazy cat who wants to take it easy)

179. Rain (who doesn’t like those lazy rainy days?)

180. Snoozefest

Cat names inspired by lazy TV characters

When you cozy up on your couch and get ready to watch a marathon of your favorite Disney classics, you’re not necessarily looking to carry out the chore of choosing the purrfect name for your lazy, lethargic cat. But, hear me out – some of those Disney characters have exactly what you’re looking for.

Sure, picking the right name when you’re bombarded with the Tigers and Felixes of the feline world can be overwhelming. But, the feeling of triumph you might experience the moment that you settle on the right name can make you forget about the hassle you went through.

Trust me, nobody ever regrets watching every Disney movie ever solely for the purpose of getting to know each character’s name… Kind of.

Whatever you decide to do, we’ve got your back with a rundown of some of the most prominent TV show characters that couldn’t be bothered to do anything. From cartoons to respectable, Oscar-nominees, here are a few appropriate monikers that are bound to tickle your fancy.

1. Male lazybones

181. Flik (from A Bug’s Life)

182. Twenty-Two (from Soul)

183. Ian Lightfoot (from Onward)

184. Lightning McQueen (from Cars)

185. Slinky Dog (from Toy Story)

186. Dashiell Robert Parr (from The Incredibles)

187. Ernesto de la Cruz (from Coco)

188. Crush (from Finding Nemo)

189. Mike Wazowski (from Monsters Inc.)

190. Scott Lang (from Ant-Man)

191. Thor (from Avengers: Endgame)

192. Odin (from Avengers)

193. Thanos (from Avengers)

194. The Celestial Ego (from Guardians of the Galaxy)

195. Kingo (from Eternals)

196. Howard the Duck (from Guardians of the Galaxy)

197. The Watcher (from What If…?)

198. Woody (from Toy Story)

199. Emperor Kuzco (from The Emperor’s New Groove)

200. Flynn Rider (from Tangled)

201. Cogsworth (from Beauty and the Beast)

345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato

202. Genie (from Aladdin)

203. Zazu (from The Lion King)

204. Kristoff (from Frozen)

205. Sebastian (from The Little Mermaid)

206. Scar (from The Lion King)

207. Hades (from Hercules)

208. Timon (from The Lion King)

209. Laverne (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

210. Marlin (from Finding Nemo)

211. Mr. Potato Head (from Toy Story)

212. Flint Lockwood (from Cloudy with the Chance of Meatballs)

2. Female lazybones

213. Merida (from Brave)

214. Darcy Lewis (from Thor)

215. Ursula (from The Little Mermaid)

216. Megara (from Hercules)

217. Edna Mode (from The Incredibles)

218. Jasmine (from Aladdin)

219. Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog)

220. Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan)

221. Cruella Deville (from The Hundred and One Dalmatians)

222. Esmeralda (from The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

223. Peggy Lee (from Lady and the Tramp)

224. Patrick Star (from SpongeBob SquarePants)

225. Martha (from Martha Speaks)

226. Gladys Sharp (from Over The Hedge)

227. Chloé Bourgeois/Queen Bee (from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir)

228. Daisy Duck (from Mickey Mouse)

229. Daria Morgendorffer (from Beavis and Butt-Head)

230. Henrietta the Hippo (from New Zoo Revue)

231. Karen Plankton (from SpongeBob SquarePants)

232. Lazy Smurf (from The Smurfs)

233. Madame Medusa (from The Rescuers)

234. Mai (from The Next Generation)

235. Miss Hannigan (from Annie)

236. Mrs. Grunion (from Mr. Peabody & Sherman)

237. Priscilla The Sloth (from Zootopia)

238. The Queen of Hearts (from Alice in Wonderland)

239. Rebecca (from The Wild Thornberrys)

Lazy cat names for your sleepyhead

Why don’t you read a page out of Taylor Swift’s book (not literally) and name your fluffer after something you really, really love? Not only are you going to remember that thing each time you utter your cat’s name, but you are going to create a great conversation starter.

Person A: “What’s your cat’s name? She’s super cute!”
Person B: “Oh, she goes by Meredith Grey!”
Person A: “Wow, that’s creative. You love watching Grey’s Anatomy, I assume?”

And, the conversation enfolds as the two of you discover you absolutely adore cats, addicting medical dramas, and spontaneous conversations revolving around naming pets with gripping purrsonalities.

Taylor Swift has already taken Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson, and Benjamin Button, but we’re bringing you an array of appropriate cat names for your super sleepy and super lazy cat. Throw a glance and pick something that’s going to raise some eyebrows and start some conversations.

1. For your slumber king

240. Snoopy

241. Scooby

242. Homer

243. Simpson

244. Speedy (a little irony never hurt anybody)

245. Snail

246. Slug

247. Chunky

248. Chubby

249. Chubbs

250. Shaggy

251. Shaggs

252. Stagnant

253. Staggs

254. Floppy

255. Ragdoll

256. Rag

257. Hippo

258. Stump

259. Berk

260. Breaker (for a cat that takes a lot of breaks, of course)

261. Arion

262. Turtle

263. Tortie

264. Tortoise

265. Hiberkitty (for a cat that hibernates every day)

266. Koala

267. Koalakitty

268. Hitch

269. Fiddle

270. Dusty

271. Duster

272. Pax

273. Dove

274. Munch

275. Crunch

276. Goofy

277. Flo

278. Hamster

279. Mouse

280. Mouser

281. Al Bundy (the lazy shoe salesman from Married With Children)

282. Barney

283. Berk

284. Bark

285. Meow

286. Broyhill (a popular sofa and couch brand)

287. Coucher

288. Sofa Boy

289. Dilly Dally

290. Goosey

2. For your slumber queen

345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato

291. Fritter

292. Albany (also a popular sofa brand)

293. Bartleby (the scrivener from Herman Melville)

294. Betty

295. Dawdle

296. Dormant

297. Eeyore (a slow-moving donkey)

298. Hypnos

299. Lacuna

300. Loll

301. Linger

302. Loose

303. Lotus

304. Loosey

305. Mary Musgrove (from Persuasion by Jane Austen)

306. Meander

307. Mellows

308. Mopey

309. Nappy

310. Noodle

311. Shikamaru Nara (from Naruto)

312. Slow Mo

313. Simmer

314. Wag Lag

315. Winky

316. Dinkey

317. Wimpy

318. Snorlax (from Pokemon)

319. Toddle

320. Sluggo

321. Mrs. Crabbs

322. Barnacle

323. Holiday

324. Holy

325. Pat

326. Patty

327. Tubbs

328. Lottie

329. Yeats

330. Shuffle

331. Angel

332. Angelica

333. Honey

334. Hunns

335. Shabba

336. Callie

337. Gigi

338. Bear

339. Coco

340. Moose

341. Maggie

342. Peanuts

343. Sophie

344. Totoro

345. Purrincess

345 Lazy Cat Names For Your Little Couch Potato