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Can Cats See Ghosts? Let’s Explain Your Furry Ghost Buster

Can Cats See Ghosts? Let’s Explain Your Furry Ghost Buster

Have you ever found yourself wondering if cats can see ghosts? You’ve noticed that your cat is always staring into an empty space and that she seems to follow movements that you’re not able to perceive. What if she’s really able to see the dead? Or maybe she’s able to see angels?

I mean, most of the time she seems scared, so you’re worried that your cat isn’t looking at demons that have no business being inside your home!

Cats have always been presented as spirit guides and pets to witches and vampires. Every story says that your fluffy house cat could potentially bring fortune to your home! However, you’re not entirely sure about that considering that she’s aimlessly staring at walls, and it’s just creeping you out.

Can cats see ghosts? Where does this superstition come from? Should you be concerned? Should you call the Ghostbusters?

Well, lucky for you, we can answer every single one of your questions with ease. So, set that cauldron aside, we’re not in Hocus Pocus!

Where does this superstition come from?

Can Cats See Ghosts Let's Explain Your Furry Ghost Buster

Well, you’re not the first person who asked themselves if cats can see ghosts. Actually, it’s quite a common question.

Throughout centuries, more myths and legends occurred that talked about the supernatural powers of cats. There were so many stories that claimed to portray the truth about cats – especially black cats.

It’s said that black cats bring misfortune to the person that encounters them. However, in some folklore, like in old English wives’ tales, it’s said that a black cat is the perfect wedding gift as the cat brings luck and fortune.

Besides that, in Ancient Egypt, cats weren’t worshiped, but they were seen as some sort of extension of deities. They thought that cats were full of divine energy and every household was to have a cat for protection from evil spirits. It was even illegal, by law, to harm cats. Ancient Egyptians even had a goddess called Bastet, and she was said to have the head of a cat.

In Nordic stories, it’s said that the sailors would never go to the sea without having a cat on board. It’s said that the cat will bring good weather and fortune to the sailors!

All of those stories are told with the superstition that cats are super important because of their mysterious powers.

Have you ever heard someone say that cats will know that someone is evil before they even utter a word? Well, those stories could be right. But, all of these things still don’t answer your question. Can cats see ghosts, though?

Can cats see ghosts?

The first question that I should ask you before I get into answering the one that you came here for is: Do you believe in ghosts? According to some studies, up to 45% of people actually do believe in paranormal activities and the existence of ghosts.

If you do believe in ghosts, then you’ll also believe that your cat can see them. I mean, there have been stories of cats being able to sense when a person is dying, or when they’re suffering from cancer. They can sense the existence of a fetus inside a woman, and even help rescue their owners. They mostly seem harmless, like guardian angels.

You also believe that your cat can sense if someone is a bad person or not. Cats are usually the first ones to run away from people, but sometimes they run towards a person. That’s why you believe that your cat’s judgment is always right.

If she doesn’t like someone, then she’s probably right.

But if you’re a logical person who’s asking this question, then the answer is a simple no. If you don’t believe in any supernatural beings, then there’s no way for you to believe that your cat can see the dead.

There are more than a couple of explanations for the strange behaviors of your cat, so you don’t have to worry about needing an exorcism on your furry friend.

4 logical explanations for your cat’s strange behavior

Can Cats See Ghosts Let's Explain Your Furry Ghost Buster

Can cats see ghosts? If she can’t then how can we explain her weird behavior?

She’s probably running after non-existent objects, she’s staring at an empty space for minutes on end, and she’s even clawing and meowing at the air. All of those behaviors could concern you if you’re superstitious, and you love your cat dearly.

The good thing about this is that there are actual explanations for her behavior that will put your mind at ease. You don’t have to lose your marbles anymore!

1. Eyesight

Cats can see six times better than humans in dim light. Because of this, they’re so much better at detecting things in low light and hunting them. Your cat is also able to estimate the distance between her and her prey.

They’re not nocturnal beings, but rather crepuscular. Which means that they hunt the most at dusk and dawn.

One of the reasons why you may ask yourself if cats see ghosts is because cats are actually able to see even the slightest difference in light. Her hunting instincts kick in and she thinks that she’s in danger or something, even though there’s nothing there.

She can also see little fluffs of dust that are floating around, which you can only see in specific circumstances, but she can see them all the time. So she’ll try to catch them and jump around.

You think that she’s playing with a ghost, when in actuality she’s probably playing with little specs of dust.

2. Hearing

Well, if cats can’t see ghosts, they can probably hear them! Just kidding.

However, the hearing of a cat is much more developed than the hearing of humans. This is normal, as the wild requires them to always be on the lookout for predators.

That’s why your cat is able to hear things that you probably can’t. It’s not because she can see ghosts, but because there’s probably a mouse in your walls and your cat is curious. Don’t lose your mind over this.

That’s why you’ll see her sometimes turn her ears and she’ll seem intrigued by something in or on the walls. She doesn’t need a loud sound to tell her that something is there, even the tiniest of movements can make her alert.

3. Whiskers

Can cats see ghosts? What do whiskers have to do with this question?!

Well, besides the fact that whiskers are adorable little adornments on your cat’s face, they also have an actual purpose. Those whiskers can detect even the slightest change in the wind, and they can help your cat sense prey when it’s too close to see.

She can even use it to determine the width of the space that she’s in! Your cat is much smarter than you may think!

Well, when the current of the wind changes, her behavior can mimic that. For example, a sudden rush of wind from the window will make her look at the wall.

However, it’s completely normal. That just shows that your kitty is healthy and that she’s still a little hunter on the inside, even though you put a bow around her neck.

4. There’s some sort of environmental stress

Can Cats See Ghosts Let's Explain Your Furry Ghost Buster

There’s a good chance that your cat is experiencing some sort of environmental stress. She could be feeling anxious because of something that’s happening, so she’s acting out.

When a natural predator, like a cat, feels like she’s stressed or in danger, that’s when her senses will constantly be on high alert. She’ll look like she’s constantly scared of something or someone, and you’ll want to know whether your cat is seeing the dead or actual demons.

Nonetheless, it could just be that she’s experiencing a stressful period. For example, did you move recently? Have there been some changes in your environment? Did you bring a new pet into the house?

Whatever changes you brought along, they could trigger your cat to behave radically and make it look like she’s seeing things that aren’t there.

Should you be worried?

Well, unless you do believe in ghosts, then there’s probably nothing to worry about. She’s just being a silly cat, and they’re known for being weird, jumpy, and adorable at the same time.

However, if you see a huge change in her behavior, you should actually take her to the veterinarian! There could be something wrong with her regarding her health.

Especially with older cats, there are a couple of things that could make them have auditory or visual hallucinations. This doesn’t mean that your cat is seeing the dead, but rather that she needs medical help for her condition.

In the end, you can never be 100% sure of something. Can cats see ghosts? Maybe. No one has ever truly confirmed the existence of ghosts, so we wouldn’t know if cats can see them, but some may find the thought of it scary.

Do as you please with this knowledge, just make sure that your cat is checked properly if she starts acting strangely.