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Sick Cat Sleeping In The Bathtub? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Sick Cat Sleeping In The Bathtub? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Oh, you come home after a long day at work, get a bag of treats out of your purse, and rummage through every room of your apartment looking for your fluffy friend. Finally, you open the bathroom door and you see your sick cat sleeping in the bathtub. “What’s going on, sweety? What are you doing here?”

God, you utter those words hoping to get a meow or two out of her, but she doesn’t even give you as much as a glimpse. “You’re not doing that great, are you?” you go on, looking for your phone, getting ready to schedule another appointment with your vet. “You’re getting sicker by the day, baby.

That’s not how you imagined your day going, that’s for sure. You were hoping you’d find her in the kitchen munching on that bowl of Fancy Feast you left for her when you were heading to work. You threw a glance at your kitchen floor a moment ago – the food was there, utterly untouched.

“And, what’s this whole thing with you and bathrooms? Why are you sleeping in the bathtub when you could be all snuggly in your bed? You’re a little under the weather, but that doesn’t mean you should be under the water!” you attempt to make light of the situation. But, she doesn’t even grace you with a smile.

Now, cats do have a talent for sleeping anywhere they deem comfortable. But you can’t help but think that the whole “bathtub escapade” has something to do with the fact she’s been dealing with a case of kitty cold for the past couple of days.

What’s the deal with your sick cat sleeping in the bathtub? Well, you’re one click away from learning everything you need to know about your cat’s sleeping arrangements. What are you waiting for!?

What’s the deal with cats and bathrooms?

Sick Cat Sleeping In The Bathtub? Here's What You Need To Know!

Oh, cats absolutely adore bathrooms! You’d think that your feline friend would hate the thought of a place that’s covered with hard tiles and embellished with drops of water. You’d think she wouldn’t want to set her paw on the floor that’s as humid as New York in the summer (it literally reeks of humidity!)

But, your fluff’s weird (pretty much as weird as any other cat) and she doesn’t seem to care. She comes after you the moment you head to the bathroom. She rubs on your legs while you’re on the toilet (again, weird). And, she lounges around (even in the basin) whenever you’re not running yourself a bath.

But, what’s the deal with cats and bathrooms? Why do they like them SO MUCH? We can’t give you the scoop with certainty because we haven’t successfully infiltrated the feline mind (yet). But, that’s not to say that we don’t know anything about what makes bathrooms and bathtubs appealing to your fluff.

First things first, bathrooms are a great place to play when nobody’s home. She can storm in and out of the bathtub without anyone seeing her (and yelling at her).

She can paw at the paper rolls neatly organized on the shelves. And, she can tug on the rugs and robes hanging from the wall. What’s not to like!?

Also, she’s a curious creature. Closed bathroom doors might pique her curiosity. Oh, and closed bathroom doors while you’re in the bathroom!?

She might even bust the doors down begging to know what you’re doing there. Oh and, let’s not even mention that she might legitimately think bathtubs are slippery beds she can sleep on.

And that brings me to the reason you’re here!

What’s the deal with your sick cat sleeping in the bathtub?

“What’s the deal with my sick cat sleeping in the bathtub?” Sure, bathtubs seem like a lot of fun, but you’re not sure she’s looking to have fun while she’s sniffling and drooling. And sure, bathrooms seem like they could become the new “it” places to hang out. But, you’re not sure that’s what she’s trying to do.

We’ve managed to gather a bunch of reasons why your cat might be obsessed with sleeping in the bathtub. But, before that, don’t forget to consult with a vet on any questions you might have regarding your cat’s health and your cat’s health-related behavior.

1. She has a thing for bathrooms

“She has a thing for bathrooms!? But, she’s sick! Does she really care about where she puts her paws to rest!?” What can we say, that some cats really enjoy the feeling of cold tiles against their fluffy fur? Or that sick cats might benefit from the feeling of cold tiles when they’re dealing with a fever?

We’re not messing with you! You might not be the biggest fan of bathrooms when you’re under the weather. But big beds made out of the sink or the bathtub offer quite a lot of comfort to your furry friend.

They’re handy when she wants to spend some time on her own. And they’re appealing when she remembers you wouldn’t approve.

Oh, and there are a bunch of other things she probably loves about spending time in the bathroom. Come to think of it, maybe she was spending her time in and out of the bathtub long before she started feeling poorly.

2. She’s on the hunt for running water

Sick Cat Sleeping In The Bathtub? Here's What You Need To Know!

“What’s the deal with my sick cat sleeping in the bathtub? Aren’t cats afraid to death of water!?”

You’re not wrong about that one. Most cats puff up their tails and crouch their backs at the thought of water touching the fluff. As a matter of fact, most cats storm off when you try to wipe their whiskers with a wet cloth or wash their paws in warm water.

But, that’s not to say that cats don’t need water (they’re not camels, they don’t carry a week’s worth of water on their backs). As a matter of fact, your furry friend might be on the hunt for running water because that’s the type she prefers. And, bathtubs have plenty of running water, don’t they?

3. She’s trying to cool down

More times than not, when a cat’s dealing with a high temperature, she’s going to try to cool down. That’s her natural response to dealing with a fever or anything else that might make her feel like she’s burning up. And, what do you know, a bathtub (with a cold surface) seems to do the trick.

“Oh, no wonder she’s been pawing at the bathroom floor, she’s been trying to cool down this entire time!” That’s right, and you can offer her a helping hand by making sure she stays hydrated the entire time. Give her a little bit of water, wet her mouth (and her gums), and consult with your vet!

You could provide her with medication that’s going to make her feel better. But, that’s not to say that you couldn’t (or shouldn’t) let her have the best sleep of her life and take advantage of the comfort the bathtub provides her.

4. She’s trying to warm up

“Oh, now we’re going the opposite way?” Kind of, but we can’t forget to mention that your precious princess might be trying to warm up in the bathtub.

“How’s that possible – with the cold tiles and hard surfaces?” Easy, she might have sneaked past you right after you took a scorching shower (and we know you do that!) She might be experiencing temperature fluctuations with her fever going up and down every time she takes the medication your vet prescribed.

Your bathtub might be the only thing that’s keeping her warm (especially if you have one of those bathtubs that warm up at the press of a button). If that is the case, let her have a moment for herself.

5. Bathtubs make her feel safe

Now we’re entering the “odd cat behavior” part of the article! That’s right, your fluffy friend might consider your bathtub a safe space. The tiled walls that go over her ears and the rounded area that offers the purrfect amount of space make for the best box ever.

And, as you might know already, cats absolutely adore boxes. They could spend the entirety of their little lives lounging around the house carrying different boxes on their backs (thank you, Ikea!) And as for your sick cat, she might feel better knowing she’s protected and embraced from every single side.

6. Bathtubs are a quiet place for when she’s overwhelmed

Sick Cat Sleeping In The Bathtub? Here's What You Need To Know!

“What’s the deal with my sick cat sleeping in the bathtub?” Here’s the thing, being sick sucks! You’re sniffling and coughing, stuff is oozing out of every orifice of your body, and you feel like you’re on fire. But, when you’re a helpless little kitten, you’re dealing with that AND more.

Being sick can be pretty overwhelming for a kitten. So there’s nothing wrong with her trying to find a quiet place to catch her breath and rest for a bit.

Sure, a bathtub might not be the most conventional choice. But, that’s the choice she made. And, she clearly made the right one – look at her purring peacefully!

7. She’s looking for attention

More bizarre attention-seeking behavior! Cats are notorious for coming up with the most creative ways of asking for attention – headbutting you, pawing at your hand hoping to get you to pet them, knocking things down – and even sleeping in the bathtub when they’re green around the gills.

Your sick cat may be sleeping in the bathtub because she knows you’re going to open the bathroom door as soon as you wake up in the morning and find her sleeping there. Or, because she knows you’re going to need to wash your hands as soon as you come home from work and find her there.

Whatever the case might be, your poor little purrincess might be doing the whole “bathroom lounging” thing to get your attention. So, what are you waiting for? Go give her the snuggles and cuddles she needs to feel better!

8. She’s hurting and hiding

Here’s the thing about cats: Some of the behaviors they display when they’re under the weather trace back to their ancestors (as well as their predatory instincts). Cats tend to hide when they aren’t feeling their best because they don’t want predators (or humans) to know that they’re vulnerable.

In fact, they tend to find places that are secluded and guarded (umm, the bathtub?) to keep away from anyone or anything that might take advantage of the fact that they’re out of sorts.

But, the fact that your fluff’s going out of her way to find a safe space might be your green light to contact your vet. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Sick Cat Sleeping In The Bathtub? Here's What You Need To Know!