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Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What’s There To Know?

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What’s There To Know?

Even though cats are among the most popular pets out there, they get a bunch of bad press because of haters who argue cats are standoffish and detached. And that cats can never show as much affection as dogs can. But, we’re sure a Maine Coon Ragdoll mix can change their mind!

Here’s the thing, these assumptions probably stem from the fact that some fluffers don’t seem to enjoy the company of humans. On more than one occasion, they scratch and bite anybody who dares touch them for more than three seconds (we counted).

More often than appropriate, they run away as soon as anyone tries to pick them up or (God forbid) cuddles them with bare hands. Sure, some mousers can be loners and sworn off of humans for the rest of the time. But, there are also a ton of breeds that thrive on human attention.

Haven’t you heard that some furballs meow a certain way to get humans to care for them – because they literally meow to sound like human babies? That’s smart – proving that cats are smarter than dogs.

And, it proves that cats care enough to go above and beyond to get humans to spend every moment of the day with them. Cats might appear a little mean and unapproachable. But when you find the right cat for you, you won’t have a single doubt.

So, when you’re thinking of getting a cat (and you’re probably doing that right now), why wouldn’t you want to choose a breed that’s easygoing, affectionate, and known for possessing every “purrfect pet” quality known to man?

Turns out that a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix might offer everything you need, and more. What are you waiting for!?

The rundown on the two breeds: What guarantees the “purritiest” Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?

What’s the thing that makes everyone want a Maine Coon Ragdoll cross cat?

According to the breeders who’ve been trying to breed “the family pet of the year,” these two are a match made in heaven because of their distinctive appearances, addicting personalities, and alluring price tags (depending on your budget, of course).

Not to mention the fact that the origins of one of the most popular crossovers aren’t that clear! Nobody knows who was the first breeder to suggest breeding the adorable Maine Coons with affectionate Ragdolls.

But, there are tales aplenty suggesting they’re the true California Gurls Katy Perry was talking about. As a matter of fact, the Ragcoon (a nickname given to the Maine Coon Ragdoll mix) seem to have originated around the same time Maine Coons reached America.

Of course, these fluffy kitties didn’t take long before they started mating with local Ragdolls. Not long after that, they created some of the most mysterious, feather-like kittens ever.

And, considering the fact both parent breeds are super similar, there’s no way of knowing who your little Moggy might look like more. But, whoever she takes on, chances are she’s going to be one of the most affectionate, appreciative, and even-tempered pets anyone could ask for.

Before we go further, let’s cover what each of the breeds contributed to the creation of America’s sweetheart, the Maine Coon Ragdoll. Right off the bat, you can’t go bigger and better than these two breeds together. Take a look!

Maine Coon

Oh, the majestic Coons! Whether you’re looking for the fluffiest of kitties (and we’re talking pounds and pounds of luscious, silky smooth fluff) or the cuddliest of family friends, Maine Coons are the way to go.

Of course, these gentle giants are warm-hearted and devoted. But they’re smart and easy to teach how to do pretty much anything, too.

“Where did they come from?” you might be (quite appropriately) wondering. Maine Coons have some of the most mysterious tales of origin out of the bunch. Nobody knows for sure where they came from, but there are tales suggesting a couple of very different theories.

Some people believe that Maine Coons are a cross between a raccoon and a cat (hence the “coon” part of the name). Others argue that Maine Coons are descendants of none other than Marie Antoinette’s Turkish Angora cats.

And, last but not least, we can’t forget about those who are sure that Maine Coons reached Maine by sailing with a sailor known as Charles Coon (quite fitting, right?)

Whatever the case might be, one thing’s for sure: These beautiful beasts took the world by storm. And why wouldn’t they, considering they’re practically the closest to cuddling with a (very, very big) teddy bear anyone could get? Or the fact they were named the “clowns of the feline world” for a reason?

Oh, and then they mated with the rugged Ragdolls to swoop everyone off their feet.


Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?

Heaps of personality, delicious (we don’t recommend tasting, though) flowy fluff, and the spottiest of faces… You already know we’re talking about one of the most charming meowers you can get. Ragdoll cats, of course, have been making humans happier (and healthier) since the 1600s.

A breeder by the name of Ann Baker created the breed. She was looking for a cat that possessed the gentlest, non-aggressive characteristics – and she succeeded. But Ragdolls didn’t appear without a veil of controversy.

Turns out Ann was a little “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs,to put things gently. So, breeders who worked with her made the decision to abandon her soon after they created the breed. However, that didn’t stop them from working on their own and making sure the Ragdoll allure continued wowing the world.

Dare we say they made things work, considering that Taylor Swift got one and named him Benjamin Button!? Cute as a button! And, we don’t even have to discuss the fact that Ragdolls are some of the friendliest felines – with a particularly soft spot for humans.

Come on, they got the name because they go completely limp and lifeless the moment a human picks them up – like proper ragdolls.

They’re big cats with even bigger personalities. They’re pretty much the most nurturing, purring, and meowing things you’ve ever seen. And, they’re made for cuddling, snuggling, and spending (long and lazy) Sunday mornings birdwatching and chirruping.

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What’s there to know?

We know what you might be thinking right about now: “Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix cats must be better than anything you could ever have, considering how absolutely amazing both breeds are.”

Hold your horses (or even better, hold your cats). Oh, you might want to really think and analyze everything before you commit to a lifetime of grooming and cleaning.

Don’t get me wrong, Ragcoons are a steal of the deal when talking about fluffers that are perfect for anyone who’s hoping to get smooches and bear hugs galore. We can’t overlook the fact that these bad boys deserve the hype they get on TikTok and Instagram because everything about them screams superiority!

And, that’s not because they’re mysterious Moggies, but because they’re great at everything they do. They can spend hours and hours purring on top of your chest, keeping stress at bay, and saving you that therapy money.

They can run around the backyard, chasing after your neighbor’s cats because they keep stealing the food you leave out for birds (because of those Sunday mornings spent birdwatching).

And, they can even learn how to walk on a leash, do a bunch of different tricks, and play fetch. I know, right? That pretty much means they’re better than any dog out there (great for fending off haters, don’t you think?) To be honest, there’s a lot more to these mischievous monsters than meets the eye.

And, we’re here to help you discover everything you need to know before you start looking for Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix breeders in your area. Or, before you agree to take care of your boyfriend’s little Ragcoon kitten for a couple of days and conveniently “forget” to bring her back.

1. What does Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix look like?

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?

“She looks just like a dream…” is the overriding thought while looking at these mesmerizing meowers. Maine Coon cats are known for how attractive they are, and Ragdolls have also not been deemed anything short of stunning.

Therefore, there’s nothing to worry about in terms of the appearance of a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix.

First things first, these felines are bigger than you might think. With Maine Coons weighing anywhere from 8 to 18 pounds and Ragdolls from 10 to 20 pounds, Ragcoons almost always fall in between.

So, you can expect them to weigh anywhere from 15 to 20 pounds (and to grow anywhere from 6 to 16 inches tall). Quite hefty, aren’t they!?

We also can’t forget about the color combinations and patterns of the ample fluff they possess. Considering that both Maine Coons and Ragdolls fashion a bunch of different outfits, we can’t expect anything other than a New York Fashion Week from this crossover breed.

Of course, that means that Ragcoon can be anything from solid black, white, red, blue, and cream, to tabby, tortoiseshell, and mackerel. Then come the dilute shades like lilac, seal, and cinnamon, depending on the predominant genes.

And, as for the eyes, Ragcoons can sport different shades of blue, green, amber, orange, and gold. But, you never know what you’re going to get when you’re combining two breeds.

2. Naughty or nice – what’s their purrsonality like?

Whether you’ve caught a glimpse of your fluffer eating cardboard or witnessed her munching on (hopefully) her own poop, you know our fluffy friends can be a force to be reckoned with.

But, there’s a chance you might not have to worry about such odd behaviors when dealing with a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix. We’re not exaggerating when we say that these Moggies are the embodiment of the “best of both worlds.”

Ragcoons are as affectionate, appreciative, and adorable as people report them to be. Not only are they even-tempered and patient with annoying dogs and aggressive cats, but they’re also chummy with most creatures. And they crave human attention.

While Maine Coons aren’t “lap cats,” Ragdolls are (remember, they’re literally known for turning floppy the moment you pick them up). Maine Coon Ragdoll crossover cats can go either way, even though everyone argues they aren’t likely to become ragdolls when you cuddle them or carry them around like babies.

Sure, you never know what you’re getting when you’re mixing two breeds together. But, that’s not necessarily the case with Maine Coons and Ragdolls.

Actually, the two of America’s favorite breeds are pretty much the same when it comes to temperament and purrsonality: They’re both loving, caring, and friendly.

3. What about the grooming routine of a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?

Oh, Ragcoons are quite literally a handful when grooming! Trust me, the long, luscious coat doesn’t come without a price. And the price might become even bigger when you figure out you’re better off asking a professional groomer for help.

We are kidding about having to go to a professional groomer. But, we’re not kidding about the amount of work you should expect when planning on getting your hands on one of these frisky felines. Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix kitties do require grooming, brushing, and bathing aplenty.

What do we mean by that? Ragcoons need regular brushing (meaning EACH day) to ensure the fluffy fur doesn’t get matted. Detangling matted fluff can be a nightmare, which means you cannot afford to be frugal with your grooming methods.

Ragcoons also need regular bathing to ensure they don’t appear greasy and stringy. And while you’re doing everything you can to keep them clean, don’t forget to check some of those “hard to reach” areas.

Make sure to remove mats, tangles, bugs, and other things that might get stuck somewhere she can’t reach to clean on her own. Monthly professional pampering, on the other hand, can help you keep her clean and neat for longer. Worth the bill, to be honest.

4. What do Maine Coon Ragdolls need for a happy and healthy life?

Above all, Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix cats need affection! They need a family who’ll take care of them, spend quality time with them every single day, and play with them for hours and hours without growing tired (of them).

And, they need someone who’ll make them a priority, because that’s the treatment they deserve, of course. Ragcoons adore anyone willing to share every aspect of their day-to-day life with them (even the aspects that might seem boring).

They’re not fans of “alone time.” They become stressed out and anxious when left alone for long periods of time. They don’t shy away from following you everywhere you go or waiting outside your bedroom door for you to wake up.

Sure, they appear pretty high-maintenance when they’re adopted by someone who travels a lot, spends a lot of time out of the house, and doesn’t have the energy to care for them. But, there’s always the option of getting them a little friend to play with while you’re away.

Maine Coon Ragdolls need physical activity, too. Sure, they’re not as active as some other breeds (take Bengal cats, for instance). However, they appreciate running around your backyard, chasing after butterflies, and knocking things down. Providing them with a bunch of cat trees and toys can save the day, too.

5. What health issues can you expect with a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix?

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?

Nobody wants to see a little Coon sniffling and coughing the day away, right? Therefore, when it comes to health problems Ragcoons might experience down the line, we can’t overlook a couple of common conditions. It might even change the way you would care for them – to ensure optimum health, of course.

Now, a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix seems to be a healthy breed with an average long lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

But there are a bunch of factors that affect the longevity of your cat’s life: nutrition, physical activity, environment, medical care, and genetics. And, there are a couple of conditions that seem to trace back to these Moggies.

First things first, Ragcoons seem to be prone to diseases such as hip dysplasia because they’re large and heavy.

These problems occur when your cat’s hips don’t line up properly, causing them to wear and tear against each other (the bones of the hips, not the hips themselves). And, these problems can become even worse when your cat becomes overweight.

Ragcoons are also susceptible to polycystic kidneys, a hereditary condition that causes cysts to form on a kitten’s kidneys before it even enters the world. While some Coons might not be bothered by the condition, others might experience severe kidney damage and even kidney failure.

But, with proper nutrition, physical activity, and veterinarian checkups, your Coon cat shouldn’t feel under the weather that often. And, while we’re on the topic of nutrition, you might want to throw a glance at the following section. We promise you won’t regret it.

6. What are their nutritional requirements?

Clearly, taking care of your Ragcoon’s nutritional needs comes first. But, what exactly are the nutritional needs of a Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix? Does she require a special diet or does she munch on the same (boring) Fancy Feast as other cats?

Don’t worry, these fluffballs aren’t that different from others. Ragcoon (same as other cats) are carnivores which means they require predominantly meat, animal protein, and animal-sourced nutrients to survive and thrive.

They don’t require fruits, veggies, or whole grains the same way humans do. They don’t even possess the enzymes necessary to break down and process most foods humans eat on a regular basis.

Of course, that means you should turn a blind eye when your Ragcoon tries to make you share your chicken nuggets by meowing your ears off.

However, you don’t have to worry about providing your Coon with everything that’s good for her. Most commercially available cat foods and cat treats contain the nutrients she needs to be happy and healthy.

7. How do you get your hands on a Maine Coon Ragdoll?

“Easy peasy lemon squeezy?” Here’s the thing, there’s always a chance you have a neighbor that happens to have a Maine Coon Ragdoll litter that he’s looking to gift to someone.

Or that you have a friend who’s a Ragcoon breeder. Or perhaps you come across a 2-for-1 discount at the breeder’s office.

But, other than these (super believable) scenarios, you can always turn to regular ways of getting your hands on a Ragcoon kitten. Sure, there aren’t that many breeders that focus on Maine Coon Ragdolls.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from getting what you want – especially if the money isn’t a factor.

Though that might sound strange, prices can be very, very different depending on the breeder, the age of the cat, and a bunch of other factors. But, talking averages, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,000 for a Ragcoon kitten. And, that’s pretty cheap when compared to purebreds.

8. Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix as a pet – yes or no?

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?

Oh, these Moggies are always a yes! Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix cats are truly the best of both worlds – they’re affectionate, gentle giants who love spending time with humans and cuddling the days away.

They’re fluffy and huggable. And, they’re the purrfect pets for pretty much anyone who wants a family-friendly pet. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t do your research before you make a decision that might turn your life upside down (for the better, of course).

Consult with a veterinarian, research reputable breeders, and muster up the courage you need to go for it and get yourself a Ragcoon. Good luck!

Maine Coon Ragdoll Mix: What's There To Know?