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Kitty Appears At This Family’s Driveway And “Winks” At Them To Save Her

Kitty Appears At This Family’s Driveway And “Winks” At Them To Save Her

Cats are the best, right? Whether they’re meowing your ears off, headbutting you to ensure they’re rubbing their scent all over you, or bringing you dead critters and crawling creatures as a token of their appreciation, cats are guaranteed to make you fall head over heels for them.

Now, cats aren’t deemed “a man’s best friend.” More often than not, they’re viewed as reserved, standoffish, and arrogant because of a million reasons that don’t make sense to humans who actually adore cats.

Moreover, they aren’t unforthcoming because they hate humans (they sometimes do). They behave that way because they’re taught to fend for themselves, protect themselves, and ensure that they don’t trust anybody or anything that could hurt them.

Even then, cats are affectionate, appreciative, and trusting toward humans who show them that they’re safe. With that out of the way, we’re bringing you a heartwarming narrative about a kitten that trusted humans enough to show up at someone’s door, meowing and crying for attention.

When the Good Samaritan from Orlando, Florida opened the door, he was flabbergasted when he noticed a kitten a few feet away from the house begging for what he thought at the time was food.

When he came closer to the kitten, though, he noticed that the kitten was wounded. She appeared to be a black-and-white, tuxedo kitten with a “wink” on her face because one of her bewitching, ocean-blue eyes was shut.

She had a “smirk” on her face, too, because one part of her mouth was slightly lifting and covering one of her nostrils. She was absolutely adorable; however, she was suffering from a bunch of health niggles that were affecting her more than she wanted the owner of the house to think.


Whether she was fortunate enough to stumble upon the owner of the house or she chose the house on her own because she knew he would be of assistance, she was right! This good Samaritan scooped her off the ground, brought her back to the house, and contacted Liberation Cat House (LCH).

Liberation Cat House, as you might have guessed, saves the lives of at-risk cats and kittens around the Central Florida area. And, LCH pretty much fosters the cats and kittens that are wounded, diseased, or need some sort of medical attention, nurses them back to health, and provides them with forever homes.

Now, the owner of the house, the good Samaritan as we’ve deemed the guy, took care of the kitten for a little while. However, there wasn’t much he could do considering that the kitten needed medical attention – which happens to be where Ashley, the director and foster with LCH, took over the kitten.

Ashley and Bug, which became the kitten’s name, became BFFs right off the bat. According to Ashley, Bug was around 6 weeks old when she arrived at Ashley’s foster home. Bug was suffering from a bunch of health problems that needed to be addressed.

On one hand, she appeared to have one working eye and one working nostril. But, the closed eyelid and eyeball on one part of her face were underdeveloped, and the eyeball on the other part of her face was partially underdeveloped.

She was suffering from something known as searching nystagmus, a condition that causes uncontrolled movements of the eye. She was either partially or fully blind in the eye that was opened, and the doctor believed that she was born that way rather than wounded.

Bug was a force to be reckoned with, though. Rather than moping around her foster home, she was exploring every nook and cranny, hopping on kitchen counters, playing with toys, and hanging out with other foster kittens.


Bug wasn’t cautious of the environment even though she was practically blind. She was brave and curious, and she was open to affection, appreciation, and never-ending cuddle sessions. She handled her health problems like a champion, too.

Now, because Bug became such a huge part of her foster family, Ashley wanted to ensure that she found a great forever home. Bug needed someone to take care of everything because she wasn’t even aware that she was unwell.

She required someone to offer her the best care for her eyes and her heart murmur, and provide her with whatever she needed to be happy and healthy. She didn’t allow anything to hold her down, and that’s the type of forever home Ashley was praying to provide her with.

Thankfully, she managed to do exactly that. A couple of weeks ago, Ashley took to her Instagram account ( to announce that Bug was finally flying to her forever home. And, she even added that Bug attracted a crowd at the airport the moment that she poked her head out of the cat carrier.

Bug’s forever mom, Lisa Sturiale, arranged an Instagram account (@much_love_for_bug) to share Bug’s everyday shenanigans with everyone who was touched by her story. We love you, Bug, and we couldn’t be happier that a wounded, winky kitty found her forever home despite the odds.

Kitty Appears At This Family's Driveway And "Winks" At Them To Save Her