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How Do Persian Cats Show Love? 9 Signs Of Affection

How Do Persian Cats Show Love? 9 Signs Of Affection

Maybe their grumpy face says otherwise, but Persian cats are actually highly affectionate and friendly, especially toward people they love and feel safe with. These glamorous-looking felines are a breed that most people recognize, and they are usually a number-one choice when getting a cat.

They are fun to be around because they’re always ready to play with and cuddle. They get along well with people, both children and adults, and they can even be good buddies with other animals.

But I’m sure you’re already aware of this if you happen to be lucky enough to own this furry beauty. You probably adore her and are willing to give her the world. However, if you’re in doubt about whether she loves you the same way, here are 9 common signs Persian cats show affection.

1. Your Persian cat is always near you

How Do Persian Cats Show Love 9 Signs Of Affection

If you find your Persian kitty always near you, either sitting close to you on the couch, following you around your home (even to the bathroom!), or sleeping on your lap or chest while you’re watching your favorite TV show, you can be sure she loves you dearly.

Cats are usually very independent and prefer their alone time. So, if she voluntarily chooses to spend her time with you, she’s definitely a fan of yours.

However, don’t let your time together be spent only lounging on the couch. Persians are not the most energetic and active breed, so they need to be encouraged to play in order to avoid certain conditions, like obesity.

So, always make sure you two play a game or two before you settle in front of the TV.

2. She purrs in your presence

I think that everybody knows that purring in cats is the ultimate sign of affection. They purr when they’re genuinely satisfied and content, like when their owners groom them, give them their favorite food, or pet them.

So, if your Persian purrs while you’re doing one of those things, or she purrs simply because she’s with you – you can rest assured knowing she loves you.

3. She’s making biscuits on you

Kneading (or making biscuits) is probably one of the most adorable things cats do. They start doing this as kittens and kneading at their mother’s bellies to encourage milk production and continue doing it throughout their lives whenever they’re feeling safe and content.

If your Persian cat kneads a blanket or even your lap, that’s a sign she feels relaxed, happy, and protected near you, and she wants to show you some love in return.

This activity might hurt sometimes, especially if your cat has claws. But, it’s important you never scold her for it because she’s not aware that it’s somewhat painful.

4. Her tail is doing all the talking

Felines use their tails as a communication tool with their owners and other animals. When they’re irritated or angry, their tail will slightly wag. However, if they’re happy and satisfied, the tip of their tail will twitch.

So, keep an eye on your Persian kitty’s tail, since it can tell you a lot about her mood.

5. Your Persian cat is very chatty

Persian cats are not considered to be the most talkative breed. However, they’re no strangers to striking up a conversation with their owners when they feel like it.

If you notice your Persian kitty is very chatty with you and uses her sweet and soft meow, she’s definitely fond of you. She might even occasionally trill or chirp. These are sounds cats use when they are super excited and happy.

6. She often looks you in the eyes and sometimes even slowly blinks

Cats are not the biggest fans of staring contests. They find direct eye contact to be extremely threatening, and they’ll use it when they’re about to strike a fight, either with another cat or with their human.

If your Persian fluff tends to look at you with a soft gaze and even occasionally blinks – my friend, you have won the jackpot! Not only does she love you, but she loves loves you. She’s so obsessed with you and is grateful for everything you’ve done for her.

Cherish her slow blinks because they are another ultimate sign of affection.

7. She’s jumpy and overly excited

How Do Persian Cats Show Love 9 Signs Of Affection

We have already said that Persian cats are not very active or energized. However, if your Persian kitty starts jumping around you or even twirling around in circles, that means she’s so excited she got to be your cat, and she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

You know when you’re so happy about something you feel like you could run a marathon, climb the highest mountain and swim over the widest ocean? You’re so excited all you want to do is jump and shout and let it all out?! Yup, your Persian fluff can feel the same way.

8. She loves to rub her cheek against you or headbutt you

When your kitty rubs herself against you, especially her cheek, or when she bumps you with her head, you can rest assured knowing she adores you. Personally, I find this to be their cutest sign of affection. It’s like they are so obsessed with you, they have to headbutt you to prove it. How adorable is that?

They will also do this with the intention to mark you. By leaving their scent on you, they will show other kitties you might encounter, “Hey, this one is mine!” This is also their way of making you a part of their gang.

9. Your Persian kitty loves to lick and groom you

When a Persian cat loves you, she will try her best to return the love she has received from you. And that includes grooming.

If you notice that your Persian fluff tends to lick your fingers, face, or even hair, know that that’s her way of grooming you and making you look presentable.

She might even bite or nip on your earlobe or fingers, but that’s nothing to worry about. She loves you and will never be too forceful. A small bite is just her way of letting you know she feels connected to you.

How Do Persian Cats Show Love? 9 Signs Of Affection