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How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With? Picky Snoozers?

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With? Picky Snoozers?

Tell me, what are your kitty’s favorite activities? Playing, eating, and sleeping? Yes, I thought so. Every cat owner knows that those are their priorities. When they eat, they like to be alone, playing depends on their mood, but how do cats choose who to sleep with?

Sometimes we’re really similar to our pets. So let’s try to understand them by taking a look at our behavior. When we go to sleep, who’s the person we like to have beside us? That noisy coworker we see every day, or our beloved partner? A friend who snores a lot or the one who sleeps like an angel?

I’m pretty sure I know your answers. Let’s take a look at some other factors too. Would you rather feel cold and uncomfortable, or comfy and warm? Yeah, me too!

So it’s very likely that your kitty feels the same way about her zzz-time. Especially because it’s very important to her.

However, there are still some rules your cat has when choosing who to sleep with. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. I prepared everything you need to know, so let’s not waste any more time!

How do cats choose who to sleep with? 7 rules they follow

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With Picky Snoozers

Sometimes we’re so tired that we don’t even care about how comfy our bed is, or if our partner is snoring or not. But when we go to bed a bit earlier to read a book or watch an episode of our favorite TV show, we tend to notice everything around us.

Is our bed comfortable enough, is the blanket warm and fluffy, is someone breathing loudly, is there enough fresh air in the room? Your kitty also pays attention to many details when it’s time for her to visit dreamland.

But does she have the same preferences as you do? You’re about to find out!

1) You need to be someone they feel safe around

Felines are always afraid that someone will see them as their prey. And when they’re eating and sleeping, they feel at their most vulnerable. Because those actions are essential to cats, they pay much attention when it comes to choosing their eating spot and who to sleep with.

If she’s chosen you as the person to sleep next to, then it means your kitty feels safe in your company. And honestly, finding out you make your fluffball feel that way is one of the best and sweetest moments ever. I know that the feeling is mutual because all of us feel like our pets are our guards too.

Choosing you means that no matter how vulnerable she is while sleeping, she still believes that you’ll protect her from every threat that comes her way. And I’m sure she chose her knight (or queen) well!

2) It’s usually the person who feeds them

Just as cats adore playing and exploring everything around them, and having nap gaps, they also love eating. It’s one of their favorite parts of the day. Especially because we love them so much that we always prepare something extra tasty for our fluffballs (don’t tell me you don’t, too!)

Luckily, kitties always remember the ones who feed them. Even if they didn’t really like the lunch you gave them that day. Your cat is thankful for everything you do for her and since you feed her and give her shelter, she’ll feel safe around you.

That’s why you’ll be her number one cuddle buddy! She knows you love her and she feels good around the people who pay attention to her. Food is definitely one of the best ways to prove your love to her. So if your kitty chose to sleep next to you, congratulations! You make her happy!

3) Comfy spot for the win!

How do cats choose who to sleep with? The thing is, it’s not only about the person who’ll be next to them. But what’s the other important thing you may ask? It’s about the comfort of the bed she’s supposed to sleep on.

Kittos really take care of themselves. That’s why we always see them cleaning themselves, and doing whatever they want because they like it that way. They really put themselves and their happiness first. Honestly, it sounds like we should even learn some things from them!

If you have a really comfy bed, then it might be one of the reasons she chose to sleep next to you. I’m not saying that she doesn’t enjoy having you near, but comfort probably plays a big role too.

4) Cats like warmth

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With Picky Snoozers

Just as they care about their spot being comfy enough for them to fully relax, they adore warmth too. That’s why we can often see cats taking a nap near windows or the warm spots on the floor where the sun rays did their work.

During those cold winter days, your kitty will probably wrap herself in your fluffiest blanket, or sleep near the fireplace. It’s should come as a surprise, because we do the same things when we want to feel comfortable and take some time for ourselves.

So, when it comes to choosing a place where she’ll fall asleep, your kitty will definitely factor in warmth. And if you want her to sleep next to you, I suggest you leave a part of your fluffy blanket waiting for her.

5) The smell and sounds are also very important

Cats and their senses never fail to amaze me. The longer you think about how strong their senses are, the more you adore your little fluffy roommate. It’s truly amazing that creatures like this exist in our world, and that you get a chance to spend a part of your life with them.

Since your kitty’s senses are so strong, she’s very sensitive to the smells and sounds around her. You probably know that she’s not a big fan of citrus and smelling that in your room is definitely not gonna make her come and sleep next to you.

Snoring is also one of the things that might make her choose another sleeping spot. Don’t be offended by that, she still loves you. It’s just that her hearing is much sharper than yours, so it’s likely too loud for her.

However, your scent can also be something that will make her choose you because the familiarity makes her feel safe and comfortable. Plus, your breathing can help your fluffy friend relax and sleep better.

6) Their favorite person always comes first

As I already said, cats really appreciate everything you do for them. And since they can’t really tell you how they feel about you, they’ll try to show you as much. One of the best ways to do that is to choose you as the person they sleep next to.

If you have more family members and all of you take care of your kitty, but you’re still the one who spends the most time with her, then you can be sure you’re her favorite person ever. And she will show that to you by tucking in next to you before traveling to dreamland.

7) Cats choose their sleeping partner according to their personalities too

If you’re a sleepyhead just like your kitty, then there’s a big chance you’ll be the chosen one. When the question “How do cats choose who to sleep with?” comes around, you’ll never make a mistake saying that hobbies and personality matter.

It might sound weird because you’re a human, and your kitty is an animal. But certain behavior patterns are easily recognized and remembered by your fluffy friend. If you usually go to bed at the same time, she’ll feel comfortable joining you. If you always eat at 8 AM, she’ll probably do the same with you.

The advantages of sleeping next to your kitty

Did you know that sleeping next to your cat has many advantages? Can her purring help you and does it have anything to do with stress relief?

You’ve learned how cats choose who to sleep with, but now you’ll see how her decision to sleep next to you might benefit you as well.

1) It reduces stress

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With Picky Snoozers

You probably already heard that stress and anxiety mess with your hormone levels. It’s a well-known fact. But do you know which hormone are we talking about exactly? We are talking about cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

High cortisol levels indicate the presence of stress, anxiety, and possibly depression.  But why am I saying all this? It’s because having your cute kitty next to you while sleeping reduces your cortisol levels, while also releasing a high dose of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.

Those three hormones are often called “feel-good hormones” because they calm you down and help you deal with the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Stress also increases your blood pressure, and having high blood pressure for longer periods of time can lead to other health issues. Feeling your kitten’s love and affection while going to sleep will help with that too, as it has been proven that forming a connection with your cat in that way helps regulate blood pressure.

2) It’s warmer

Don’t we all love curling up in our bed on a cold wintery night and feeling the warmth and coziness of our bed? Is there a better feeling in the world? Probably not, and if you let your kitty sleep next to you, she could help you with that! 

The usual body temperature range for cats is between 38.1°C and 39.2°C (100.5°F and 102.5°F), which is noticeably warmer than human body temperature. This means your kitty could help you feel even warmer in bed, and on those long winter nights, it will definitely have its advantage. 

Not only for you but for your kitto too! Cats love warmth, and on those chilly nights, they often struggle to keep their body temperature up. So, they use you to absorb the heat and stay warm without putting in any extra effort.

3) You’ll bond even more

They may not show it as often as dogs, but cats love their owners just as much. Hard to believe, I know, but it’s true. One of the ways of showing their love and affection is by curling up next to you as much as they can. And doing that the whole night would greatly increase their feelings towards you.

By letting them sleep next to you, you are showing them that they can feel safe in your presence and that you are enjoying their company. And trust me, a cat can recognize that message.

Cats, just like many other animals, feel least safe when they are sleeping. That instinct comes from their long-lost days of living in the wild. But it’s there. And if you show them that you are their protector and savior, they will feel more connected to you than ever before.

No matter how strong your bond is, sleeping next to each other will increase it.

4) You won’t feel lonely

We all feel lonely sometimes. Even if you have a partner you’re living with, sometimes they will have to go on a business trip, or visit their parents, and there you are, stuck sleeping alone. Loneliness is hard to evade at night. 

That is unless you have a feline friend next to you, showing you that you have a companion even through those tough times. Interacting with your sweet little cat helps enrich your life, especially after you have come home after a tough day at work. 

They don’t mind you being sad or angry, all they want is to give and receive affection. That can sometimes be much more beneficial than human contact. Sometimes, we need that simplicity to help heal our emotional wounds. 

This counts not only for you, though, because contrary to popular belief, cats can also get lonely. So make sure you let her curl up next to you at night. That way, you both feel less alone.

Final words

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With Picky Snoozers

Now you know how cats choose who to sleep with and you probably feel special. You now know your cat chose you because she loves you.

There’s no better feeling than that. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and I’m sure the two of you will spend many happy years together.

So, tonight before you go to sleep, make sure there’s an extra part of your fluffy blanket waiting for your kitty. I promise you that it’s a recipe for a great night’s rest.

How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With? Picky Snoozers?