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My Cat Sleeps Under The Blanket: Undercover Investigation

My Cat Sleeps Under The Blanket: Undercover Investigation

It looks like a little investigation is in order. One of our readers reached out and her letter started with: “My cat sleeps under the blanket no matter if I’m around or not. Should I be worried or is this normal behavior?”

My dear Amy, this one’s for you (and everyone else wondering the same). Yes, it’s completely normal behavior for your feline to sleep under the blanket. It may seem a bit unusual because that’s something human beings typically do, but cats can do it too!

Is it safe for cats to sleep under blankets?

Of course, it is safe. If you’re worried that she may have problems breathing, don’t worry. She’s not going to suffocate underneath the covers – your little feline has the same instincts for surviving as we do.

Her lungs are smaller than ours, meaning she’s taking smaller breaths and can stay covered longer than you can. Also, almost every blanket today is made out of breathable material, so there is no chance that she won’t have enough oxygen.

Since she’s intelligent and skillful, you don’t have to be afraid that she may get stuck. Her back legs will help her to get to the surface for air in case of an emergency.

However, pay a bit more attention to your kitten, because young cats need some time to learn how to take care of themselves. So, if your new mini-meower decides to sleep under the blanket, check up on her from time to time just to make sure she’s okay.

8 possible reasons your cat sleeps under the blanket

My Cat Sleeps Under The Blanket: Undercover Investigation

I guess you’ve caught your kitto once or twice curling up in your favorite blanket and refusing to let go when you wanted it back for yourself. Did you automatically think that your feline would suffocate, or were you selfishly taking it back because you don’t like sharing?

Regardless, since we’ve cleared up that there’s nothing strange about your cat sleeping under the blanket, it’s time for us to see possible reasons for her doing so. Some may surprise you, others may not be really pleasant to hear.

But I’m sure you’ll easily figure out what’s happening and close the case based on the evidence you’ve collected. Okay Sherlock, time to do your job.

1. She wants to play

One of the reasons your cat sleeps under the blanket is because she’s simply in a playful mood. Especially if she noticed that you’re making the bed, this may be her way to get your attention.

She may start rolling around, gently sticking her claws into the blanket, and jumping around on the mattress. If she’s preventing you from properly making that cover, distract her with some cat toy or indulge her with a play session.

That way she’ll get eventually get tired and completely forget about your blanket. You can also then close the door after you take her out of the bedroom so you can finish your job in peace. Don’t worry if you hear a couple of sad meows!

2. She feels safe

You know how comforting blankets can be even for you, so why do you think your little feline wouldn’t feel the same? Cats always try to find someplace where they feel safe and from where they can observe everything that’s happening in their environment.

When your purrincess wraps herself in a blanket, not only can she see everything while she’s comfortable, but chances for you (or something that is actually a threat) to spot her are minimal.

It’s no wonder your fluffball loves snuggling up under your blanket, especially if you’re not home, or if a new pet joins your little family.

3. She likes darkness

Don’t you associate dark places with peace and quiet? So does she, and well, cats like darkness. They easily fall asleep in the dark and that’s why you’ll find your feline sleeping in boxes, cupboards, or under the blanket.

It’s easier for her to relax when she’s surrounded by darkness – she may even cover her eyes with her little paws. If you want to make her give up your blanket, provide her with a cat cave, or her own cozy blankie. The choice is yours, she’ll enjoy it either way.

4. She enjoys the coziness and warmth

Let’s be real, what is the main reason you tuck under the blanket? Because it’s warm and cozy, right? That right there is another reason cats sleep under the blanket. It’s a perfect spot for napping, especially when it’s chilly.

There are a lot of funny videos and photos of cats sleeping on radiators or simply sitting next to them (if you haven’t, Google it for a good laugh). So generally, cats like warm places and blankets. Being cozy too is a big bonus.

If you want to stop this behavior and you’re sure that your cat sleeps under the blanket because she enjoys the coziness and warmth, try giving her purrsonal warm space near a heating element or next to a window that brings in a lot of sun throughout the day.

5. She’s scared of something

My Cat Sleeps Under The Blanket: Undercover Investigation

Believe it or not, your cat may sleep under the blanket because she’s scared of something. Whenever our felines are afraid, they try to find a safe hiding spot where they won’t be seen.

The blanket may become her temporary safe place when someone new enters your home, or you’ve adopted a new animal into your household. A loud and sudden sound may scare her too and that could also send her scurrying to find a hiding spot.

Sometimes, a new smell or simple routine change can trigger anxiety in your kitty, and that’s why she may sleep under the blanket until everything’s back to normal, or she gets used to it.

6. She’s imitating you

You know how curious cats are and how they try to do whatever their human does. Think of food, for example. She’s all too keen to try turkey or curry simply because she heard your “Mmm!” a couple of times.

So, were you sleeping under the blanket? That may be why she’s attracted to blankets all of a sudden. If her human likes it, it has to be good, right?

I’m sure you enjoy being wrapped up in the blanket on those chilly nights and she definitely noticed that. Why are you so relaxed when you get wrapped up in that fluffy thing? Your little feline will definitely want to know.

Don’t be surprised if she joins you while you’re watching your favorite rom-com tonight! From now on, that will be her favorite activity with you and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the time you spend with your furbaby too.

7. She may be sick

This one is less favorable and I’m sure you don’t want it to be on the list either. Unfortunately, when a cat sleeps under the blanket, it may indicate that she is under the weather.

It’s not necessarily a serious disease – don’t panic just yet. She may be trying to tell you that something’s off, or that she’s not feeling well. Some cats tend to hide under the bed or in cupboards and boxes, communicating with their body language what they can’t express in meows.

Try to keep track of when this happens. Has she started doing this recently? If your cat has been sleeping under the blanket for quite some time now, there’s nothing to be worried about. But, if it’s a new habit, find out why it’s happening and help your feline to overcome whatever may be bothering her.

8. The blanket smells like you

Why are you wearing your boyfriend’s hoodie? Because it smells like him, right? This may be one of the reasons your cat sleeps under the blanket you were using. Your scent gives her a sense of security and she simply wants to feel safe.

When you’re not at home, snuggling in your cozy comforter makes her feel closer to the person she loves -most. So, she’ll almost always prefer to sleep on (or under) your blanket rather than her bed.

You can trick her and buy a pawsome cat wrap just for her. This may help you to draw her away from yours, at least when you’re at home.

Why does my cat sleep under the blanket only with me?

My Cat Sleeps Under The Blanket: Undercover Investigation

Have your detective skills failed you now? What could be the reason? Let me help you a bit – she wants to spend time with you. You spend a lot of time in bed and the sheets smell like you – everything in fact.

Therefore, your cat will gladly jump under the blanket and sleep there. This may be a bit tricky since she may disrupt your sleep or create unhygienic conditions, but if you’re careful enough and this doesn’t happen often, it’s okay.

If your cat sleeps under the blanket solely with you, that means that she’s comfortable being around you. She feels relaxed and can freely enjoy her comfy, dark place. You’re her safe place and she’s obviously choosing you over anything else.

There are times when she needs her haven, especially in moments when anxiety gets the best of her. That’s when she’ll look for security and pick a warm and cozy place next to you. And bonus points if you’re lying under the blanket.

However, it’s up to you to either encourage or discourage this behavior. Some pet owners don’t like when they have to share beds with their furbabies, while others don’t mind it at all. Decide which side you are on and act accordingly.

How to prevent my cat from snuggling under the blanket?

Well, there’s no secret code to help you crack the case, but you can do what people usually try with their cats. Close your bedroom door and don’t let her in. If she somehow finds her way inside, take her out and make it clear that your bedroom is not the place for her to be.

You can also put some obstacles, or even spray your room with a scent your feline doesn’t like. That should be good enough to keep her away, at least for some time until she kicks the habit.

Provide her with a lot of toys so she doesn’t have enough free time to wander around and look for new hiding spots. Give her treats (even curious ones like spinach – she might just be into it!) every time she chooses not to go under the blanket. Train her, just like you did when she was learning to use her litter box.

To sum up, don’t panic if your furball decides to get under the covers. There are many reasons she could be doing so and most of them are pretty adorable. Try to determine why your cat sleeps under the blanket and solve it (if it has to be solved).

Otherwise, enjoy that your furbaby wants to spend time with you and be close to you. Some of us don’t have that privilege. Rubbing her behind her ear a couple of times a day is all I get from her Royal Highness. But, I’m not complaining, as long as she’s here.

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My Cat Sleeps Under The Blanket: Undercover Investigation