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Golden Persian Cat: Facts About This Precious Princess

Golden Persian Cat: Facts About This Precious Princess

There’s a huge chance that you want to bring a golden Persian cat home. She’s adorable, she’s lively, and she looks like a fluff ball that would be perfect to cuddle with.

She’s one of those pets that everyone falls in love with right off the bat. So, what is there to know about her?

The golden Persian cat appeared sometime in the year 1920 in the United Kingdom. However, it wasn’t recognized in the US as an actual breed until 1970, which was only about 50 years ago.

The first one of her kind was considered to be nothing more than a mistake. However, as time went on and more of these cats started to be born, it became an actual variation of this breed.

Considering her fluffy appearance, many people want to welcome her into their homes. This is exactly why you need to inform yourself about this cat and what it actually means to have one in your family.

Golden Persian cat: Everything you need to know

Golden Persian Cat: Facts About This Precious Princess


The golden Persian cat is just one of the variations in fur color when it comes to this breed. Golden fur is extremely rare, especially when it comes to a solid color of fur.

This breed has two coats. The top coat and an undercoat. This makes your little princess resistant to the colder weather, and water won’t bother her as much. People say that the coat of a Persian cat feels almost luxurious to them.

She can grow up to 15 inches tall, and weigh somewhere between 6 and 9 pounds. There are many families that report their golden Persian cats to weigh over 12 pounds, but that can become very unhealthy if it’s not regulated.

However, the most prominent part of her entire appearance is her face. She has a smaller head with big and round eyes. The eyes of a golden Persian cat can be green, blue, or copper.

Her chubby cheeks make her look adorable, even though she’s actually a predator in the animal kingdom.

She has a flat face, which makes her nose quite small, and it can cause serious issues somewhere down the line. The construction of her face may make it hard to breathe, and it’s not something to be taken lightly.

Her fur is fluffy throughout her entire body. The most obvious thing that differentiates her from other breeds is her huge tail. It even looks like the tail of a Maine Coon cat, because of its size.

These cats have a solid body with solid legs that are perfect for jumping.


The personality of every cat depends on the environment that she was raised in. However, certain cat breeds are known to have certain personality traits.

For example, a golden Persian cat is a very laid-back and chill cat. She doesn’t like to jump around too much, nor does she want to be bothered with tricks and training.

This means that she won’t really be the most playful cat that you’ll encounter, but she’ll definitely be the most affectionate you’ve ever seen. She loves to cuddle, snooze on your lap, and snuggle up to you in your bed.

Unfortunately, this means that she isn’t the best companion if you have kids in your home. Children want to play around with cats, and they can get rough sometimes. A golden Persian cat won’t tolerate that.

Even though she’s not an aggressive cat, if someone bothers her peace, she may draw her claws and the fun is over before it even begins. She wants peace and quiet above all else, and she doesn’t appreciate someone interrupting her when she’s sleeping.

Usually, people love having them as pets exactly because of their quiet nature. Of course, you’ll be able to play around with your golden Persian cat, but probably not as much as other felines.

When the colder days come around, you’ll love having her in your lap while you’re sipping on your hot chocolate and watching your favorite TV re-runs.


Golden Persian Cat: Facts About This Precious Princess

When it comes to the health of a golden Persian cat, you may encounter a couple of issues. She can develop a lot of health problems throughout the years, and the most prominent one is definitely breathing problems.

Because of the fact that she has a flat nose, she can have difficulty breathing. If she’s even a little bit sick, her nose can get congested and it can become a serious issue.

Usually, it’s extremely important to take your pet regularly to see a veterinarian. In the case of Persian cats, it’s even more important. The vet has to make sure that her breathing is okay and that she won’t suffocate.

Other health issues that she could encounter aren’t much different from other cats. For example, if her fur isn’t taken care of, she can develop a skin condition that will make her fur fall out.

Just like any other cat, she can have dental problems. These are actually preventable with a good diet while making sure that you’re brushing your cat’s teeth regularly.

Some of the health problems that you also have to be aware of are ringworm, cherry eye, skin conditions, and health sensitivity in general.


Golden Persian cats are good at grooming themselves, just like any other cat is. Cats are the cleanest animals for a reason!

Nonetheless, you do have a lot of work on your hands. I mean, have you seen her fur?

Regular grooming involves brushing her teeth and combing through her coat. You can do this by yourself or you can take your cat to a groomer, who’ll do everything professionally.

When it comes to combing her coat, you should use two different brushes. One should be softer, which will be perfect for her long coat. But a sturdy, metal brush will be needed for her undercoat.

Her undercoat can become matted and it’ll start tugging at her skin until it actually starts falling off. This is extremely dangerous and painful for a cat.

One more thing that I would recommend for your fluffy buddy would be a sanitary trim every so often. She needs it, just to make cleaning easier for her.

Feeding guideline

The best thing you can do for your golden Persian cat is to talk to a veterinarian about the best diet for her. She could have some weight problems that you’re not aware of, or she could easily have trouble digesting certain foods.

Persian cats often have some dietary restrictions, and they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At the end of the day, you definitely can’t go wrong with quality cat food that will provide her will good nutrients and enough fats. Just remember that cats are carnivores and they can’t live without meat.

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, your cat can’t follow in your footsteps. She’s a predator, even though she doesn’t look like it. Make sure to see which meats she loves the most and give her what makes her the happiest.

On the other hand, you need to be more careful about the treats that you’re giving her. Don’t overdo it, because she can become overweight and more health problems will occur.


Golden Persian Cat: Facts About This Precious Princess

Even though I’ve stated that golden Persian cats aren’t the most excited about exercise, they need their playtime in order to keep their energy levels stable and to keep their weight healthy.

So, what are some activities that your cat will enjoy?

For starters, get her some fun toys that she can play with. Considering that she’s very independent, she won’t need you to play with her all the time, but toys will definitely encourage her to play by herself.

For your bonding moments, you can use toys that you will hold in your hand and activate her hunting instinct. She’ll start running after the mouse on a thread without much trouble because she’ll want to catch it quickly.

Another great thing is a small laser beam. Have you ever seen videos of cats running like crazy after them? Well, it has gotten its reputation for a reason.

If you can afford it, I would also recommend a cat tree. They’re perfect for your cat to play on, snooze on, and sharpen her claws to keep them healthy.

All of these things will give your cat something to do throughout the day. However, it’s very important to play with her before going to sleep so that she can let go of the built-up energy inside.

If she doesn’t find a way to let go of all that energy, she’ll get the zoomies in the middle of the night, and you won’t get any rest.


I hope that you have all the information about the golden Persian cat that you need now.

If you’re someone who loves to cuddle their pets, who loves to take good care of her, and who can handle all that fluff, then you should go out and make her a part of your family. She’ll become your best buddy in a matter of seconds.