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150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

Egyptian Mau cats are everyone’s cup of tea. With a spotted coat reminiscent of a wild cat, a distinctive “M” or shape on the top of their heads, and “mascara” lines that run from the corners of their eyes to their cheeks, they’re what dreams are made of. What are the best Egyptian Mau names, anyway?

Whether you’re planning on getting an Egyptian Mau kitten from a reputable breeder or already playing fetch with the sweetest purrincess, you might be struggling to pick out a name perfect for a cat worshiped by many before you. Cats deserve names that correspond with how grand they are, right?

Egyptian Mau is one of the most popular, prominent breeds out there, and it’s been that way for thousands and thousands of years. With a quick Google search, you might be surprised to see that these curious creatures adorn the temples and halls of Ancient Egypt. 

“Mau” comes from the Ancient Egyptian word for cat. We don’t mean to start drama among the feline fandom, but that might mean that Egyptian Maus are the embodiment of everything cats are supposed to be – intelligent, independent, and regal. With a Mau by your side, you’re royalty.

When picking out the perfect name for your Egyptian Mau cat, you might want to keep an eye on a few things to ensure you’re doing what’s best for her. While there’s nothing wrong with generic cat names, we’re pretty positive you don’t want to name your meower something as simple as Tiger. We’ve got you!

What to consider when picking out the purrfect name

150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

When you’re done spending all your money on food, all the gear you need, figuring out vets and insurance, and finding potential cat sitters, you’re probably ready to figure out a name for your four-legged friend. Whether you’re drawn to Garfield or Milo, you need to decide ASAP.

But trying to be creative and come up with a good name for your new family member can prove a challenge. Before you even know your cat’s personality or the little things she does when she’s bored or tired, you’re expected to come up with a name everyone adores.

We’re aware that you need to pick out something that all family members agree on and something that won’t require extensive explanations, but you’re the one who gets the final call. When picking out the right name for your Egyptian Mau cat, there are a few considerations to factor in.

Starting with purrsonality, that’s the simplest way to ensure you’re going with something that corresponds with your cat’s essence. Whether you decide to poke fun at the fact she eats everything she can get her paws on or celebrate her friendly and fun-loving nature, that’s up to you.

Opt for a name that’s easy to say, too, because you don’t want to spend the next twelve to fifteen years explaining your cat’s name to everyone who dares question it. Or go for a name based on your cat’s appearance and ensure everyone’s on the same page when you yell Ginger at the top of your lungs.

Sweetest Egyptian Mau names guaranteed to snatch your heart

We’ve gathered a few of our favorite Egyptian Mau names to get you started on your quest. Whether you’re on the hunt for a traditional, royal Egyptian name or a modern and trendy twist on your cat’s moniker, we’re positive you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for down below!

Royal Egyptian Mau names

1. Horus – god of kingship, healing, protection, the sun, and the sky

2. Isis – Mother of God

3. Set – god of deserts, storms, disorder, violence, and foreigners

4. Nephthys – member of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis in Egyptian mythology; daughter of Nut and Geb

5. Apep – ancient Egyptian deity who embodied darkness and disorder

6. Neith – early ancient Egyptian deity; the first and prime creator

7. Anubis – god of funerary rites, protector of graves, and guide to the underworld

8. Bastet – goddess of cats

9. Hathor – a sky deity; mother or consort of sky god Horus and sun god Ra

10. Ptah – a creator god and patron deity of craftsmen and architects; head of a triad of gods worshiped at Memphis

11. Sobek – a crocodile god, depicted as a crocodile on an altar or as a man with a crocodile head

12. Osiris – god of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation in ancient Egyptian religion

13. Thoth – god of writing, knowledge, and wisdom

14. Amun – ancient Egyptian deity who appears as a member of the Hermopolitan Ogdoad

15. Sekhmet – warrior goddess; goddess of medicine; lioness goddess; the eye of Ra

16. Ma’at – goddess who personified the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice

Sweetest names for your Egyptian purrincess

150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

17. Akila – intelligent one

18. Amuned – goddess of mystery

19. Anippe – daughter of the Nile

20. Bahiti – fortunate one

21. Bennu – eagle

22. Cleopatra – queen of Egypt

23. Dalila – gentle one

24. Ebony – black one

25. Eshe – one who provides life

26. Habibah – loved one

27. Halima – gentle one

28. Hathor – goddess of destruction

29. Hatshepsut – queen

30. Jamila – beautiful one

31. Kamilah – perfect one; perfection

32. Layla – one who was born at night

33. Lotus – flower

34. Mandisa – sweetest one

35. Masike – one who was born during the rain

36. Meskhenet – destined one; destiny

37. Nabirye – mother of twins

38. Naunet – goddess of the ocean

39. Rabiah – one who was born in the spring

40. Sanura – kitten

41. Subira – patient one

42. Tabia – talented one

43. Talibah – seeker of knowledge

44. Umayma – little mother

45. Zahra – flower

Greatest names for your Egyptian purrince

46. Abubakar – one who brings joy; noble one

47. Adio – righteous one

48. Adofo – fighter

49. Akil – intelligent one

50. Amenhotep – name of a pharaoh

51. Anzety – god of Busiris

52. Asim – protector

53. Babafemi – father’s beloved

54. Badru – one who was born during the full moon

55. Bes – bringer of joy

56. Chuma – wealthy one

57. Dakarai – happy one

58. Fadil – generous one

59. Fenuku – one who was born late

60. Haji – one who was born during the pilgrimage

150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

61. Geb – mythical god of Earth

62. Gyasi – wonderful one

63. Hamadi – praised one

64. Hori – prince; freeborn

65. Husani – handsome one

66. Jibade – one who is related to royalty

67. Jumoke – beloved by all

68. Kek – god of darkness

69. Khentimentiu – god of the dead’s destiny

70. Khons – god of the moon

71. Lukman – prophet

72. Min – god of fertility

73. Nuru – one who was born during the day

74. Omari – high-born one

75. Qub – father of the Earth

Egyptian Mau names based on personality

76. Goofy

77. Naughty

78. Gyasi – wonderful one

79. Sadiki – faithful one

80. Ur – great one

81. Snowflake

82. Sweets

83. Beast

84. Bubbly

85. Garfield

86. Fluffy

87. Pillowy

88. Sleepy

89. Wolf

90. Wallflower

91. Akila – intelligent one

92. Aya – one who adores birds

93. Eman – faithful one

94. Gamal – handsome one

95. Jabari – brave one

96. Khalid – eternal one

97. Sara – lady; princess

98. Catniss

99. Captain

100. Pepper

150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

101. Pickles

102. Chicken

103. Chic

104. Funny

105. Funky

106. Smelly

107. Sassy

108. Silly

109. Snuggly

110. Cuddly

111. Menna – gift of God

112. Nailah – successful one

113. Nubia – gold one

114. Shameka – pure of heart; one you can trust

115. Amon – hidden one; one who loves to hide

Egyptian Mau names based on appearance

116. Marshmallow

117. Tiger

118. Tigger

119. Spotty

120. Spotted

121. Aisha – peaceful one

122. Feme – loved one

123. Mandisa – sweet one

124. Salma – peaceful one

125. Shani – wonderful one

126. Safiya – pure one

127. Ashraf – noble one; most honorable one

128. Babu – firstborn

129. Darius – rich one

130. Gamal – handsome one

131. Hasan – good-looking one

132. Snowball

133. Tubby

134. Chubby

135. Mr. Fluffy Paws

136. Mrs. Fluffy Socks

137. Kitty Purry

138. Silky

139. Softy

140. Shady

150+ Egyptian Mau Names For Your Little Goddess Of Cats

141. Smokey

142. Misty

143. Blue

144. Pepper

145. Ash

146. Heru – god of the sun; falcon-headed god of the sky

147. Hossam – one with the sharp sword

148. Moustafa – chosen one

149. Nakia – pure one; clean one

150. Sayed – master

151. King

152. Queen

153. Prince

154. Princess

155. Tariq – one who knocks on the door