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Pet Parenting 101: How To Care For Egyptian Mau Kittens?

Pet Parenting 101: How To Care For Egyptian Mau Kittens?

With a spotted coat and gorgeous green eyes, Egyptian Maus look like miniature wild cats. We’d argue that these curious creatures are the closest you can get to owning a wild cat without breaking the law. With that out of the way, you’re probably wondering about Egyptian Mau kittens.

When you bite the bullet and decide to get a four-legged friend, chances are you’re going to research breeders who work with kittens. Whether you’re on the hunt for a frisky feline who enjoys exploring the great outdoors or a couch potato who wants to snuggle the day away, kittens are always the way to go.

Egyptian Mau kittens, however, might be somewhat of a mystery. We know that Egyptian Mau cats are descendants of ancient Egyptian domestic cats whose ancestry dates back three thousand years. Maus adorned the temples and halls of ancient Egypt, hinting that they were respected and adored.

Who would’ve thought that the spotted scamps would grow up to become one of the most popular, prominent cat breeds around the world? Egyptian Mau cats are affectionate and appreciative, and they’re known to make the perfect pets because they’re great with humans and animals alike.

What do you need to know about Egyptian Mau kittens before heading to the nearest breeder and falling head over heels for a pair of green, gooseberry eyes? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite Egyptian Mau kitten milestones, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to care for Egyptian Mau kittens.

Understanding Egyptian Mau kittens

Pet Parenting 101: How To Care For Egyptian Mau Kittens?

Where do we even start? Whether they’re Egyptian Mau, Maine Coon, or Norwegian Forest, kittens are different from grown cats. When you bring home a grown cat, you might need to keep an eye on her while she’s getting used to the new setting – but she’s probably already fully aware of her needs.

Bringing home a little kitten, on the other hand, comes with a bunch of challenges you’re probably not prepared for. A kitten’s needs are different from the needs of a grown cat, and that’s why you need to be on top of the game when you decide to adopt an Egyptian Mau kitten.

When caring for a kitten, you need to start by understanding the kitten’s various developmental stages. Why’s that, you wonder? Because you need to know what to expect from a kitten that’s eight or nine weeks old and what to expect from a kitten that’s three months old.

When kittens are under eight weeks of age, you might want to wait a week or two before bringing them home. At this stage, kittens aren’t able to regulate their own body temperatures, they’re still developing vision and leg coordination, and they’re not even sure how to pee or poop on their own.

Kittens that are eight to eleven weeks of age are a little simpler to manage. They’re usually weaned by week eight and they’re getting accustomed to the kitten diet. They’re much more confident which means they’re running, jumping, playing, and exploring, too. They’re a force to be reckoned with.

When they’re two to four months of age, they’re practically teenagers. They’re bursting with energy and they’re trying to figure out how to navigate the world around them. They’re playing with each other, playing tricks on you, and eating – a lot.

9 things to remember about caring for Egyptian Mau kittens

1. Choose the right breeder

When you’re trying to figure out how to care for an Egyptian Mau kitten, you might not think that the breeder plays that big of a part. But the breeder can make or break the experience you have with your kitten. Kittens sourced from a reputable breeder are healthier, happier, and more likely to like you.

Choosing the right breeder can be challenging, especially when you figure out that there aren’t that many breeders working with the Egyptian Mau breed. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t go with the first breeder you come by. Do your research, check the breeder’s qualifications, and you’re good to go.

2. Know when to bring the kitten home

We mentioned beforehand that kittens under eight weeks of age aren’t ready for adoption. When you come by a breeder who’s willing to negotiate over younger kittens, know that there’s something wrong with the breeder or the kittens.

Egyptian Mau kittens aren’t different from the average kitten which means you’re free to take one home at nine weeks of age and older. Even though they’re young, they’re able to comprehend what’s going on and act accordingly. With a little luck, you’re going to have the cutest Egyptian Mau kittens ever.

3. Make friends with the vet

We urge you to research good vets before bringing your Egyptian Mau kitten home. When you adopt one, you need to be ready to take care of vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and other vet checkups that are mandatory for the kitten to be happy and healthy.

When you have a great relationship with your vet, you can ensure that the kitten is taken care of at all times. Now, you might be confused about why your kitten would need to go through these procedures, but that’s why you can schedule an appointment with the vet and ask all of your questions.

4. Provide proper nutrition

Pet Parenting 101: How To Care For Egyptian Mau Kittens?

Egyptian Maus, like all cats, are obligate carnivores which means they’re the healthiest when they’re feeding on animal protein, animal fat, and other animal-sourced nutrients. Veggies and fruits are OK, but they’re not necessary for the kitten to survive and thrive.

Cats and kittens eat different types of food and different amounts of food, though. When feeding your kitten, make sure you’re opting for the type of dry food, wet food, or homemade food that’s appropriate for the kitten’s age.

With that out of the way, make sure you don’t overfeed or underfeed your kitten. Kittens do eat more often than grown cats which means you should feed your kitten four to five times a day, but be careful about overdoing it, and control your kitten’s portions.

5. Arrange regular physical activity

Egyptian Mau cats are athletic and active, and they’re known to get bored pretty freakin’ easily. When you’re a pet parent to a Mau kitten or a Mau teenager, you might need to spend some money on cat trees, scratching posts, and toys that can entertain the poor thing when you’re at work.

Maine Coon cats and Norwegian Forest cats might prefer to have a friend to play with, but Egyptian Mau cats might not appreciate that at all. Egyptian Mau kittens are the same – they prefer to play with you or somebody they’re already familiar with. We urge you to explore the great outdoors with them, too.

6. Groom the kitten

Egyptian Mau kittens can take care of themselves, but that doesn’t mean that you’re off duty when they’re struggling with mats and tangles. Regular combing, brushing, and grooming ensures a shiny, healthy coat and prevents the kitten from developing a bunch of pesky health niggles.

With Mau kittens, you might want to groom them once a week to remove the fur that’s shedding and prevent the kitten from eating the fur and developing hairballs. Trim the kitten’s nails every two weeks to prevent them from scratching the furniture or hurting themselves.

7. Socialize the kitten

Remember to socialize the kitten from the start. Egyptian Mau kittens can be quite shy and reserved, and that can become a problem when they grow up.

When cats aren’t used to hanging out with other cats, dogs, or even other humans, they’re more likely to get scared every time you have company or run away every time you’re talking to someone on the phone.

Whether they’re kittens or grown cats, they need to be able to play with other cats, dogs, and humans to have a happy and healthy life.

8. Use cat toys, not hands

We know you adore it when your kitten plays with your hands, licks your fingers, or bites your fingernails. We agree that kittens are adorable when they’re play-fighting with you. But, but, but – there’s always a but when we’re talking about teaching your kitten to play fight.

When you do that, the kitten learns to play rough, attack you or your family members, and bestow scratches and bites on you every time the two of you are playing. Provide your Egyptian Mau kitten with plenty of toys and make sure you use them.

9. Bond with the kitten

Egyptian Mau kittens are affectionate and appreciative, and they’re more than happy to hang out with you every time you’re home. Even though they’re sometimes reserved, you need to teach them that they’re completely safe when they’re with you.

When you do that, you’re going to notice a world of difference. When your Egyptian Mau kitten grows up, the two of you are going to swoon over each other. Make sure to bond with the kitten every time the two of you are snuggling next to each other, playing with toys, or watching a TV show.

Reward the kitten with a treat or two every time you’re happy with something she did and you’re done. Good luck!