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Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle: A Purrfect Snugglebug?

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle: A Purrfect Snugglebug?

We’re all guilty of wanting to snuggle our little feline any chance we get. With their cute faces and piercing blue eyes, they’re almost impossible to resist, but we have to wonder: “Do Siamese cats like to cuddle?”

We want our furbabies to enjoy cuddles as much as we do, which is why it’s important to respect their boundaries. Cats have their own ways of showing love that can warm up the coldest hearts. Once you learn their love language, you’ll see just how affectionate they are.

Siamese cats are no different. They give their love left and right once they start trusting you, and they’re a lot of fun, too! Because of their loyalty and incredible energy, they’re known as the most dog-like breed out there. If you’re a dog person as much as a cat one, Siamese is a purrfect breed for you.

Our blue-eyed feline friends are one of the most popular cat breeds and for a good reason. Their personality is astounding, and they’re sure to add a lot of character to your home. Before you get to cuddling, it’s important to know what your feline enjoys. Her personality will tell you a lot.

Personality of a Siamese cat

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle: A Purrfect Snugglebug?

With their unique faces and beautiful blue eyes, Siamese cats are easily recognizable and highly popular among cat parents. They’re also known for their big personalities and unique energy that you simply can’t resist.

If you were a Disney fan as a child (or you still are), then you probably remember the snobby Siamese felines from Lady and the Tramp. Maybe the famous Disney song contributed to their bad reputation, but most Siamese parents will tell you that their furbabies are nothing like it.

Contrary to their snobby image, Siamese cats are really affectionate, and they crave human companionship. Their love language is definitely quality time, and they’ll take any chance they can get to play with their favorite person.

Once she bonds with you, your blue-eyed feline will be the most loyal friend you can have. On top of that, she’ll show great intelligence, and you’ll be able to train her easily. She might even want to walk on a leash!

However, because of her loving and sociable nature, your fluff may want to spend a lot of time with you. If you’re someone who tends to travel a lot, getting a Siamese might not be the best option.

Yes, they like to have fun, but they want to have it with you. They often suffer from separation anxiety, so make sure your Siamese spends enough time with her favorite human. Snuggling, playing, or simply being there with her – she’ll love every second of it (and you will, too).

Do Siamese cats like to cuddle?

There’s a good reason why Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds. They LOVE to show affection as much as they love to receive it. If you’re wondering if Siamese cats like to cuddle, the short answer is yes. They absolutely adore it!

Your blue-eyed feline is the queen of your household, which means she’ll demand attention. If you’re someone who likes to cuddle up with your furbaby, your Siamese and you will have a strong bond every cat parent dreams of.

Although they’re not the biggest lap cats, they still love to snuggle next to you. If you’re someone who lets your cat sleep in your bed, your Siamese will happily snooze next to you. In the morning, she’ll probably still be there, all warm and cuddly.

As one of the most affectionate cat breeds, Siamese will use any opportunity she can get to cuddle up next to you. Because of that, it’s important to show your feline she’s loved and appreciated just as much as she shows it to you. She’ll be loud about it if you don’t, that’s fur-sure.

The right way to give your Siamese some love back

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle: A Purrfect Snugglebug?

We all want to experience two-sided love, and Siamese cats are no different. They’re affectionate and loving, but they want to get the same energy from you, too. Their princess purrsonality wouldn’t have it any other way.

You don’t need some expert training to teach you how to love your blue-eyed kitty. She’s a simple cat, and she doesn’t need much to be happy. When it comes to affection, at least.

They’re a highly intelligent breed, and your feline will know when you’re giving her attention based on your behavior. However, it’s still good to devote some of your time to give your fluff some extra love and affection.

First off, make sure you listen to her. That won’t be too hard since Siamese are some of the most talkative breeds out there. She knows what she wants, and she’ll make sure you know it, too.

Playing with her, letting her be by your side, or talking to her – they’re all great ways to let your kitty know she’s loved. But make sure you do it when she demands it, not when you feel the need for it.

And lastly, as a Siamese cat parent, the most important thing you can do is let her cuddle with you. Physical touch is the best form of love expression you can give her. Make sure your cuddle buddy is inviting you for a snuggling session first, and then give her your full attention. She’ll love you for it.

How do Siamese cats show affection?

Think about it. Why do Siamese cats like to cuddle? Well, it’s because they’re caring and enjoy the attention. That’s why it’s essential to understand other ways they show love. Besides cuddles, there are other forms of love expression they have.

I know, sometimes it’s hard to resist the softest cuddles on earth, but you have to let them decide how they’re going to love you today. Your purrincess should always be in control, so don’t feel bad if she’s refusing some snuggles. There are other ways she’ll use to show you her affection, you just have to listen.

1. Slow blinking is a green flag

Our Siamese friends are very communicative. Not only are they super loud when they want to tell you something, but they find other ways to talk to us. Once you understand her body language, your blue-eyed bestie and you will have a bond you’ve always dreamed of.

Cuddle sessions are not the only way your Siamese cat will let you know she loves you. If you’ve noticed your kitty slowly blinking at you – you’re one of the lucky ones! Slow blinks are our cats’ way of saying, “I love you.”

Another common way our kitties communicate affection is by winking. In nature, cats communicate with other cats and animals with their eyes, too. These slow blinks, adorably known as “cat kisses,” are a good indicator that your kitty trusts you.

Although Siamese cats are sociable and talkative, they don’t have a special bond with everyone they meet. If your feline winks at you from time to time – congrats! You’re one of the closest people your kitty has.

2. Following you around like a shadow

Because of their attention-seeking nature, Siamese cats will use every opportunity they have to be around you. It doesn’t have to involve much, sometimes all they want to do is be involved in your day and they’ll be your happy little shadow.

Yes, they’re super playful and energetic, but they also just want to hang out with you sometimes. Siamese cats love to cuddle, but your blue-eyed fluff can also be happy just sitting by your side while you’re working or doing your chores.

This type of behavior is usually not attributed to cats as much as it is to dogs. That’s why people consider Siamese the most dog-like breed you can have. Wherever you go, your kitty will be right by your side because she loves to be a part of the action.

If you’d like to get a furry friend to help you with loneliness, Siamese is a purrfect choice for you. She’ll never leave your side, but she won’t be pushy about it, either. She’ll give you space because she likes to have some, too. Sometimes, it’s just enough for her to know you’re there.

3. Playtime as a love language

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle: A Purrfect Snugglebug?

Opposite to cuddling, Siamese cats are really into playing with their favorite humans. Your fluffy ball of energy will be all over you and your apartment when she’s ready to have some fun. The quality time you spend together is priceless for your Siamese, so make sure you do it as often as you can.

If you don’t devote some of your time to playing with your feline, she can become irritable – and a Siamese knows how to make trouble if she wants to. They live for attention, and they’ll get it any way they know how. If you see your kitty acting up, it might be a sign that she’s ready for some fun.

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats love to play. They choose their playmates wisely. Siamese cats, on the other hand, simply love playing. They’re not too picky and they just want to have a good time, but it’s still their way of showing affection.

If you’re living in a small apartment, your Siamese must get enough playtime. Since they’re energetic, they have to use that energy somewhere. If it’s not through playtime, then it will be through climbing up your kitchen and knocking down your plants. What do you prefer?

4. Cheek rubbing and head bunting

It’s important to recognize signs that your Siamese cat is ready for her daily cuddle session. If she’s rubbing her cheek on you, it’s not only a way to show affection but also an invitation to socialize. You can take it as her saying, “Hi, I’m ready to receive some love now. Thanks.”

Head bunting is also a common way for our feline friends to show affection. Not to be confused with headbutting, this is a softer way of your kitty tapping her head on any body part she first comes in contact with.

Often used in nature when cats let each other know they’re a part of their squad, you should take it as a good sign, too. She’s letting you know she trusts you, loves you, and invites you to show her some love, too.

Do Siamese Cats Like To Cuddle: A Purrfect Snugglebug?