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Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?

“Do Bengal cats get along with dogs?”

Perhaps this question’s been occupying your mind recently. You haven’t been able to sleep for a few nights just thinking about this one. Is it even possible?

We all know the old tale that tells the amount of hatred between cats and dogs. For decades, we’ve been blasted with pictures of these two being complete nemeses.

Why are cats and dogs considered to be such big rivals? Well, I guess it has something to do with their nature. After all, these animals are almost completely guided by their strong instincts.

In the wild, these two would be chasing each other all over the place. A big animal’s instincts imply that they hunt creatures smaller than them.

On the other hand, smaller creatures see bigger ones as a threat. So, they always try to run and hide. Other times, they will choose to fight if the flight isn’t an option anymore.

Therefore, we can safely say that this behavior has to do with their instincts. It’s not like cats and dogs have something in particular which irks both of them.

However, they’ve both been domesticated for decades now. Most people can’t decide between getting a dog and a cat so they end up having both.

Obviously, we can conclude that living in a safe environment with constant access to food and water eases some tensions. They don’t have to fight for their territory, or a place to sleep, so there’s no reason why these two can’t get along.

Therefore, you’ve seen this duo plenty of times living in harmony and it’s one of the cutest things ever. But you’re concerned whether Bengal cats can get along with dogs since they’re not like other cats.

Do Bengal cats get along with dogs?

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?

Perhaps you already have a dog that would use a companion. However, you’re not ready to get another canine because let’s face it, they’re a big responsibility.

Dogs need to have daily walks and lots of entertainment. These are highly intelligent creatures that won’t thrive in surrounding where their skills aren’t put to the test.

Not to mention how you need to socialize them from an early age and make sure their vaccines are all up to date. There’s just a lot going on with our canine buddies and most people are content with owning one dog.

However, you have a feeling that something’s missing. It’s another furry friend but definitely not a dog. Therefore, the only logical conclusion leads us to our other favorite pet: a cat!

They’re just as fun and loving as dogs but require less care. Sure, they have their needs, but felines are less demanding than dogs. You don’t have to take them out for walks or play with them as much.

Still, their needs differ depending on their breed. Just like their canine counterparts, each feline is unique and requires special care. Although we might try to generalize breeds so we can at least assume what we’re getting ourselves into, it’s never a guarantee of what your pet will be like.

You specifically want to find out do Bengal cats get along with dogs because you’re so fascinated by this breed. Perhaps there’s one in your local shelter and you can’t stop thinking about her.

Maybe you’ve only been asked by a friend to watch her for a couple of days. Either way, this question is worth pondering over. So let’s see do Bengal cats get along with dogs and just how much.

Adding a Bengal to the team

Bengals are without a doubt one of the most beautiful cat breeds out there. Their unique appearance is what makes people fall in love with them at first sight.

Perhaps you didn’t believe in love at first sight before, but it all changed the moment you laid your eyes on this furbaby. However, they say that looks can be quite deceiving sometimes.

Some cat parents will jump headfirst into this adventure without doing thorough research. Unfortunately, this can come back to bite them in the face because it will turn out that they aren’t fit for taking care of a specific breed.

Still, you might be really adamant about getting a Bengal cat because you believe it suits your needs. But what you really have to think about is whether you suit her needs.

When choosing a pet to spend the rest of your life with, you must be aware of many factors. Firstly, felines can live up to twenty years. Imagine not living in harmony for such a long time. It would definitely be exhausting.

Therefore, it’s always crucial that you find the right match. When you have a dog already, this can be easier said than done.

Not only do you have to make sure you and the Bengal are perfect for each other. You must also take into consideration your dog’s social skills, his ability to adapt to new animals, and his overall fondness for felines. On the other hand, you must learn about your new pet’s personality as well.

Does she like dogs? Can she live with other pets in the household? Will she keep her distance or will everything go smoothly?

Even if you match things right based on your pets’ breeds, there’s still that risk of them not taking to each other well. Then you just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Personality traits of a Bengal cat

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?

Just like I previously said, it depends on a lot of things whether your Bengal will get along with your dog. But there are certain things that can help you see what this duo would look like.

For instance, let’s say that your puppy is okay with greeting new animals and welcoming them into his home. We’ll say that he gets along with cats, but can that change?

Can a cat’s behavior make your dog hostile toward it? Well, everything’s possible but it doesn’t have to be the case. Let’s see some of the main personality traits of a Bengal cat to help us determine if they get along with dogs.

1. They’re actually friendly

Their exotic looks might be the reason why some people think these cats are hostile. Some even believe them to be aggressive and fairly wild.

We can see why they would make such a conclusion based on their looks, as Bengals really look like their distant wild relatives.

However, it’s far from the truth. The Bengals are the complete opposite of their untamed cousins. This cat makes a loving and loyal pet to their owner.

The sweet Bengal will attach itself to its favorite human and follow them all around the house. She won’t hesitate to show affection by cuddling and headbutting you.

She might demand more kisses and pets by loud meows. It’s true, these cats are professional singers! They aren’t afraid to let their voice be heard which is a characteristic they share with dogs.

As you can see, Bengals are extremely social. They don’t have problems with sharing their living space with other animals or children. We can already see how well Bengal cats can get along with dogs!

2. They have the brains

If you thought that the Bengal cat is like your average feline, you guessed wrong. On the contrary, Bengals are one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there.

Bengals are notorious for having the brains and they’ll oftentimes show off. You might see a Bengal showing her curious side all while being cautious.

They can easily solve some of the issues by themselves. These personality traits also make them easy to train because they pick up on new things rather quickly.

It’s like you’re getting another dog but a smaller one. Oh and also, the one who doesn’t have to go outside to use their restroom.

However, this also comes with a price. A feline that’s so inquisitive and smart like the Bengal cat can’t be satisfied with one mouse toy.

You’ll need to provide your pet with a certain amount of physical exercise, as well as mental. If they don’t get enough stimulation, they can go berserk just like dogs.

This can be a plus because your dog will have a buddy to play with. Usually, felines don’t enjoy engaging in playtime with canines, but this time it might be different due to their compatibility.

3. They’re independent

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?

This is something that we can’t really say for dogs. They like to rely on their owners for everything, literally. Sometimes, it’s like they’re completely unable to cope on their own.

However, this is what makes them cute after all. On the other hand, the Bengal cat can sometimes be the complete opposite. Still, this doesn’t mean that they won’t get along with dogs.

Perhaps it might be something that brings them even closer together. For instance, you want to take your dog for a walk but you’re worried if your feline’s going to be sad and lonely.

No worries! A Bengal knows how to entertain herself and keep herself busy. She’ll find something to do and wait for you to come back home.

Sometimes, this can be a beneficial trait in other situations as well. Perhaps your dog is getting a bit older and feeling the years on his body.

Cats are known to be agile for much longer, so your dog might actually be falling behind her. If your senior pup doesn’t feel like engaging in rough play, that’s fine.

Your Bengal will most likely set her mind on something else and still have the time of her life all while letting her best buddy get the rest he deserves.

This independence can also give another bonus as well. Bengals are confident and fierce, and they wouldn’t mind even joining their best pal on his walks.

Because they’re easy to train due to their cleverness, Bengals could make a great hiking buddy from time to time. It’s another way to keep their unsatiable curiosity and high energy levels at bay.

So, what do you think? Do Bengal cats get along with dogs?

Dog breeds that get along with Bengal cats

Sometimes, you have to look out for even the smallest details when introducing two pets for the first time. Especially if they’re different species like in this case.

If you want to know do Bengal cats get along with dogs and vice versa, you have to take into consideration both of the pets’ backgrounds.

We’ve already seen some of the main personality traits of a Bengal cat. Based on that, we can safely say that these two would make a perfect pair.

Like some other cats with dog-like personalities, Bengals match their canine counterparts’ energy levels. If we didn’t know any better, we’d just assume that the Bengal is maybe some kind of a smaller dog breed or a dog in disguise.

However, there are certain dog breeds that have a higher chance of getting along with Bengals than others. Still, this isn’t a guarantee of peaceful coexistence in the house… but it’s worth a shot.

1. Golden and Labrador Retriever

Do Bengal cats get along with dogs? If you own a Golden or a Labrador Retriever, this just might be an unnecessary question. These two breeds basically get along with everyone!

They’re gentle and like to please their owners. Well, what dog doesn’t? But Goldens and Labs really take this to another level.

These two breeds love to play and their favorite game would be? Fetch, of course! As the name says, they were bred for retrieving things.

Their gentle personality matches their big size. This way, they don’t come off as intimidating to someone smaller than them, like cats.

2. Smaller breeds

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?

When it comes to smaller dog breeds, they don’t really pose a threat to felines due to their size. Some breeds might even be smaller than the Bengal cat!

For instance, a Pug would be a great companion for a Bengal cat because it has just the right amount of playfulness. On the other hand, it gets tired pretty quickly so he won’t be able to pester the cat for too long.

Also, Beagles and Basset Hounds could easily become a Bengal cat’s best friend in no time. These two breeds are bred to use their nose and sniff around stuff.

So it’s possible that their faces will be touching the ground more often than annoying the feline. At times, they can be playful and actively engage in interaction with the Bengal cat.

Do Bengal Cats Get Along With Dogs? Are They A Match?