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Cat Spends So Much Time Around Hospital So He Gets A Job There

Cat Spends So Much Time Around Hospital So He Gets A Job There

Let’s face it: no matter how bad our job gets on a day-to-day basis, our co-workers are there to make everything at least a bit more bearable.

At least mine are. I can tell you from my own experience – my co-workers are the best! I love our daily lunch breaks where we get to talk about pretty much everything. I love how we all come from such different backgrounds but still manage to find common ground.

We advise each other on various life topics; we share recipes, talk about newly released movies and music, go on pub quizzes together as a team after work, and motivate each other to reach our fitness goals.

We even go as far as exchanging clothes with each other, or gossiping about our families and significant others! I just love them all so much.

Although I do have to admit, I definitely would not mind having a fluffy feline as my co-worker. And the reason why I am saying this is that one very special kitty managed to land herself a job and become someone else’s co-worker. (Yes, I am jealous!)

Today we are bringing you a story about a cat named Elwood – a feline security guard at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, Australia.

“How on Earth did a cat get a job at a hospital?” That is in fact a question I asked myself when I first heard about it. I wondered, “Is it for real? It could not be. How can a cat have a job?!” Well, here is how!

Chantel Trollip, an employee at the Epworth Hospital in Richmond, said she had met Elwood the cat in 2019.

She was coming to work every day, as always, until one day she noticed a beautiful white cat in front of the hospital. And then it clicked to her: she had been seeing the cat every day, but never quite realized the feline was there to stay.

The kitty was usually situated at the front door, greeting all the employees that would walk inside past him and waiting for them to give him a little pat on the head.

Credit: The Dodo

Or, if he was not at the front door, he was somewhere in the yard, hidden in some bushes and bathing in the warm and much-appreciated sunlight.

Neither Chantel nor the rest of her co-workers knew where did Elwood come from. They weren’t sure whether he was someone’s lost kitty, a long-abandoned stray, or a feral cat. All they knew was that he, for whatever reason, really enjoyed hanging out in their hospital’s yard.

And the best part was – no one really minded him being there. In fact, pretty much everyone accepted him as one of their own. And those who didn’t… well, they did not hate him, but rather simply ignored him. However, there weren’t many of them.

One day, as Chantel was coming to work, feeling a bit blue, she saw Elwood at one of his usual spots. But this time there had been a small addition to his appearance.

In addition to his adorable blue collar with a tiny bell, Elwood also had a hospital employee ID badge attached to it. That badge had all the necessary information, and it rendered him a part of their security team.

Credit: The Dodo

That sight of a cat with a security badge instantly made Chantel’s day better and improved her mood. The mere thought that Elwood – the cat she had been seeing for months on end lounging at the front door of the hospital she worked in – was basically her co-worker now immediately put a smile on her face.

Just because Elwood had become a full-time employee, it did not mean that his daily routine changed much. In fact, it did not change at all.

He was still waiting in the morning for his pats and cuddles, only now he did not linger for too long in one place. He was always on the move. It was as though he knew he had this new responsibility and a job to do.

Credit: The Dodo

According to Chantel, Elwood enjoyed checking whether every employee has come to work and went home. He loved the pats on the head he got, but he also loved to keep things short and sweet. In other words, he did not really appreciate long breaks (my co-workers and I definitely cannot relate to that).

As I’ve mentioned before, the origins of his arrival were unknown and have remained that way. No one ever found out where Elwood came from. However, pretty much everyone loved him and appreciated his help.

They all felt much safer and more secure since he started working as a security guard. Under his paw patrol, no one had to worry about anything!

I should totally suggest to my boss we also get a feline co-worker. I think it would be so beneficial to all of us, in terms of productivity and overall mood in the office.

Fingers crossed that my idea be accepted with enthusiasm! I will definitely keep you posted on that one!