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Cat-Life At Its Best: This Cute Kitty Walks Into Tesco To Grab Some Biscuits And Take A Nap

Cat-Life At Its Best: This Cute Kitty Walks Into Tesco To Grab Some Biscuits And Take A Nap

“Why are cats the way they are?” must be one of the most popular and prominent Google searches.

We’ve witnessed cats being cats on more than one occasion, and we’ve somehow decided that we adore them because they’re obsessed with boxes, they’re adamant about hopping on the highest counters around 3 a.m., and they’re consumed with kneading biscuits on our bellies at all times.

Who wouldn’t adore cats? Now, some of the scientists researching cats’ oddball behaviors argue that cats have managed to preserve many of the instincts and intuitions that allowed them to survive before they’d been domesticated.

And, those instincts and intuitions attest to the fact that cats view us as bigger, clumsier cats and view our homes as weirder, much more angular jungles and forests.

What’s even funnier about cats doing whatever they want? Cats don’t even know they’re doing something that’s considered strange, out of the ordinary, or downright deranged.

Cats don’t see the world the same way humans do, and they don’t really understand why they wouldn’t be allowed to, for example, go to the nearest Tesco, eat some food, and take a nap.

When Melanie Morris Jones went to get her groceries at the Tesco Express store around the Rugby area, Warwickshire, she wasn’t expecting to be greeted by that exact scene.

Melanie explained how she was going about her business when she crossed paths with a black-and-white, chunky, chubby cat chilling on the floor next to an opened box of Go-Cat treats.

She couldn’t believe her eyes because the cat appeared to be napping and resting from a hard day of snatching other pets’ food.

Cat-Life At Its Best: This Cute Kitty Walks Into Tesco To Grab Some Biscuits And Take A Nap

(Credit: Warwickshire world)

She didn’t know what to do because she didn’t want to cause a scene or bother the cat, but she decided that she need to alarm the staff to ensure that nobody harms the cat and that the cat doesn’t snatch other Go-Cat treats.

Now, the chubby cat definitely gave Go-Cat treats the best advertisement that they couldn’ve asked for, but that’s not what we’re focusing on ATM.

When Melanie was able to restore her breath (because she was really, really surprised to see a cat napping on a box of Go-Cat treats), she found one of the members of the staff and asked them whether they were aware of the cat napping on the floor of the pet aisle.

Melanie didn’t know whether she was expecting the staff to kick the cat out or to cause a scene, but she definitely wasn’t expecting them to shake the entire situation off.

“She’s a regular here,” the staff told Melanie. “We don’t know who she belongs to, but she comes here every other day,” they reassured her.

Now, because that’s not something you see every single day, Melanie decided to go back to the pet aisle and check on the cat. She snapped a few photos and posted them online to share her excitement and enthusiasm with her friends and family.

She, of course, didn’t know that her photos would end up trending on Facebook and amassing millions and millions of views, likes, and shares.

She thought that the entire situation deserved attention and she was over the moon that she wasn’t the only one that thought “What’s going on?!” when she saw a cat napping on the floor of a Tesco.

We do have to underline that, upon further consideration, the cat didn’t end up snatching the Go-Cat treats. We believe that she was having her regular walk through the pet aisle, conducting a little peruse of what was on offer, and knocking a few boxes of Go-Cat over before settling for a nap.

She wasn’t trying to snatch any of the food because she wasn’t hungry – according to the staff, she was fed, adored, and appreciated by her owners and everyone at Tesco.

We’re happy that Melanie managed to take a few photos before she departed because we wouldn’t have, otherwise, known about the existence of a chubby, chunky cat roaming the aisles of Tesco.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that everybody’s as welcoming as the Tesco staff when presented with a four-legged friend searching for food, affection, and appreciation. Wherever you are, Tesco kitty, we wish you all the best!

Cat-Life At Its Best: This Cute Kitty Walks Into Tesco To Grab Some Biscuits And Take A Nap