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My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground: Why Is She Crouching?

My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground: Why Is She Crouching?

Hey Emma, I noticed something a bit weird last night, and I thought that I should ask you. Why is my cat walking low to the ground?

Another question to answer… Is this day ever going to end?

Hello there, welcome to another episode of a blogger cat mum answering all these weird questions about felines. It’s nice to see you here! As you could figure out from the start, my name is Emma and I’m a proud cat owner!

Let me quickly introduce myself. I’m working in a pet shop full time, and I’m a part-time blogger. My furbaby’s name is Nora and she’s the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me. Anyways, since I became a cat parent to her, I’ve decided to share our experiences and my knowledge with others.

The only reason why I do that is that I know there are a lot of other people seeking those answers. They are worried, pretty much the same as I was, and there isn’t enough information about them. How do I know? Been there, done that.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s answer the question!

Why is my cat walking low to the ground?

My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground Why Is She Crouching

Okay, so what’s the catch? Why did your feline lower her butt and started walking a bit weirdly? There are a couple of reasons, and well, neither is something to be sure excited about. I’m sorry that I have to be the one to tell you this.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to assume the worse and start crying over your cat who’s pretty much okay and just wants to find herself a mating partner. So, before you make any conclusions on your own, talk with your vet and rule out any serious problem that may be the cause.

Maybe it’s going to be difficult to stay calm in these situations, but I know you can do it. Here are the things that are probably “wrong” if your cat is walking low to the ground.

1. She’s in heat

If you have a female cat as your pet, this is the most obvious reason why she’s walking low to the ground. When your feline is in heat, she will crawl and meow at the same time. Her body temperature will rise as well and you’ll notice that she’s looking for a mate.

Oh, and she’ll definitely groom more often and longer than usual. This is not something that you should be worried about, since it’s her normal oestrus behavior. Well, unless you don’t want her to get pregnant and bring kittens to this world.

2. She’s stressed

Any kind of changed behavior actually indicates that your feline may be stressed. None of us is a cat whisperer (at least not yet) and it’s really difficult to even assume what she may be thinking about. All we know for sure is that even the smallest change can upset her.

Maybe she changed the environment where she used to live, or you made a slight modification in her corner living room. Perhaps you’ve bought another litter this time and she’s not quite the fan.

There are certain ways she’s trying to communicate with you and that’s mainly using her body language. If your cat is walking low to the ground and meowing at the same time, she’s either stressed or in heat.

I don’t have to tell you that you’ll need to ask someone to help you decipher this, right?

3. She’s anxious

When you spot a cat walking low to the ground, it could signify that she’s anxious. There are some things that cause her discomfort and we’re usually not aware of them. Since apparently, something is off, try to figure out what.

I don’t want to scare you, but her behavior may be caused by exposure to something toxic or some diseases that affect her nervous system. Her anxiety may be triggered by some past traumatic experiences or simple neglect of her needs.

The sooner you react, the better the outcome will be for both of you. So, contact your vet and make that appointment.

4. She’s in pain

My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground Why Is She Crouching

This is something that we, unfortunately, can’t rule off the list. If she’s in pain and that’s the reason why your cat is walking low to the ground, her facial expressions will tell you everything. Perhaps she has abdominal pain, or her digestive system is causing some trouble.

It can also happen that she has problems with her joints and muscles which make her move this way around the house with small breaks in between her crouching positions. Cat in pain should always be taken to the vet as soon as possible, so don’t wait up!

5. She feels threatened

If your feline is walking low to the ground (usually backward, or crouching in the corner), while her ears are flat and her eyes locked on something, this may be a sign for you that your cat is afraid of something. Her tail will also be wrapped around her and she’ll get ready for the attack.

Follow her gaze and find out what’s making her feel threatened. As soon as you figure out what’s wrong, make sure you remove the threat from her surroundings and help her relax a bit. If she’s fixing her gaze on you, better run away as soon as possible.

6. She wants more attention

When your cat starts walking low to the ground and meowing for no obvious reason, she may be asking for more attention. They are intelligent enough to know that if they behave oddly, you’ll notice that something is off.

Therefore, this may be her little trick to get your attention. Make sure that you’re spending enough time with her because having a cat as a pet is not just cleaning her litter box and giving her food to eat. You need to be there for her and with her.

How to approach your cat when she’s walking low to the ground?

After we’ve concluded why your cat is walking low to the ground, or at least found some possible reasons, you’re probably asking yourself how can you approach her. Don’t worry, I’ve covered that part as well.

Be prepared that she may try to run away, or start meowing in a different tone than she used to. She may also refuse to be picked up from the floor, so you have to be really patient and careful with your furbaby. So, what is the first step to take? How can you help your furbaby feel better?

If you notice that your cat is walking low to the ground and you want to stop that kind of behavior, this is what you should do.

1. Stay calm

My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground Why Is She Crouching

I know that this is not an easy task and it’s definitely easier said than done, but you have to stay calm. If your cat is walking low to the ground, please, try not to panic. It usually isn’t something extremely serious, as you could’ve seen previously.

Cats are good mood readers, so if she notices that you’re not feeling well and that you’re being upset, she’ll definitely feel that way too. Therefore, take a couple of deep breaths and calmly check up on what’s happening with your furbaby.

2. Try to play with her

The next thing that you should try is to play with her. It may not be so easy to move her from one place or simply stop her from walking low to the ground, but it’s worth giving a shot. When you notice that her behavior changes, try to get her back to normal.

Playing with your cat may make her forget about walking low, so get that ball and start throwing it around. Maybe she’s not going to fetch around the first time when you throw the ball, but she’ll definitely get in the mood soon.

You can also try different cat toys, such as feather toys, knitted mice, or something similar, and see how your beautiful feline responds to all of them.

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3. Use catnip

The best way to relieve your cat some stress and calm her down is to reach for catnip. You can choose how you want to „serve“ it for your feline. Try making little bags filled with this calming plant and hang them on her scratching post.

You can also make some catnip balls and play with her, or just let her play with them. Or if you’re not a DIY kind of person, you can order these online and get them delivered straight to your door.

This will definitely help her get rid of all the stress that accumulated, almost immediately. Of course, you need a long-term solution, but this may help quickly.

If you still choose to make your own catnip balls, just make sure that you’re using high-quality organic catnip, to prevent any issues that added ingredients may cause.

4. Learn to read her body language

This is very important if you want to know how to easily crack the code and read those mixed signals your furbaby may be sending to you. You’ll need to learn how she’s behaving when she’s afraid, stressed, and anxious. Discover how she’ll behave when she feels threatened and if she’ll shy away or fight.

Pay attention to her tail, ears, and the way she walks. As you can see, a cat walking low to the ground can mean multiple things, therefore you’ll need to know additional things. Why are her ears pointed up? Is there a reason she’s curling her tail? Learn it all and understand your feline better!

5. Ask your vet for help

My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground Why Is She Crouching

If everything else fails, there’s this option too. When your cat is walking low to the ground and you have no idea what to do – go ahead, and ask your vet. He’ll give you some advice that will surely be helpful and share some tips and tricks with you.

He’ll definitely be able to help you resolve the mystery of cats walking low and meowing. You’ll get great advice on how to treat your cat and solve the problem; there’s no doubt about that!

In the end…

If you notice that your cat is walking low to the ground, you have to know a couple of things. There are multiple reasons why she’s behaving that way and in order to figure out the exact reason for her actions, you have to monitor her for some time.

Don’t panic until it’s time for that (and honestly, that’s never), because every problem has a solution and you just have to find it. Your go-to person for every cat-related issue should be your vet. Try not to trust everything you read online since it’s not necessarily always true.

It’s good to get some basic information, but every feline is different and behaves in a unique way. What is true for my beautiful Nora, may not be true for the queen or king of your heart. Enjoy with your cat and nurture that bond you two share. It’s priceless.

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My Cat Is Walking Low To The Ground: Why Is She Crouching?