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Can Cats Eat Raw Pork? Should They Stay Away Or Grab The Fork?

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork? Should They Stay Away Or Grab The Fork?

Felines are carnivores and the word love would be a really poor way to describe how they feel about meat. Can cats eat raw pork and do they love it just the same as any other meat?

It goes without saying that there’s a special bond that a feline shares with her bowl of food. Especially if it’s something fresh, yummy, and meaty, of course.

It’s in their nature to survive and thrive off of animal-based products. Still, as cat parents, we always have our doubts when introducing new foods into our pets’ diets. We’re constantly worrying about how are their stomachs going to take this.

It’s true, we’ve spoiled them and they’re nothing like their cousins out in the wild. My cat brings me a leaf as a catch for God’s sake! Nevertheless, I still adore her full time but I mean, come on.

So, it’s only logical that we’re their only providers and caregivers so we got to make sure we do it the best way possible. It also includes picking out the best piece of meat to feed our kittens.

This makes us wonder can cats eat raw pork? We automatically start to think of all the possible pros and cons that could be out there. It is well known that pork isn’t the best and healthiest choice for humans either, but it still makes your mouth water.

Who are we then to blame our carnivore friends for liking it as well? Moreover, at least they’re not conscious that it’s bad for them while we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Can cats eat raw pork safely?

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork? Should They Stay Away Or Grab The Fork?

Cooked, boiled, and fried pork is very different from its raw form. Pork is widely used in many dishes and to get various products, such as bacon.

If your cat was out in the wild, she would definitely be feasting on some raw meat. However, she’s actually nowhere near the wilderness. The only wild thing she gets to experience is stalking squirrels and birds. If she finds a mouse, she’s most likely to run away than catch it, but oh well.

Therefore, while wild cats are used to raw foods, our pet cats certainly aren’t. Unless you’ve been feeding her raw for a while now.

I’m sure no feline would really reject the offer of raw pork, but just how smart would that decision be? You know how food can sometimes make us feel.

For example that popcorn and potato chips, you had the other day even though you knew you shouldn’t? Yeah, you just couldn’t resist.

Well, how could you then take away from them something they find so delicious? Can cats eat raw pork at all? I’ll help you decide by presenting to you all the pros and cons of this meat.

When you hear what this meaty treat has to offer your feline, I’m sure you’ll be happy. But then, you also have to hear the not-so-good news.

Health advantages

When you think of a cat, you instantly think of a carnivore. They have strong claws and big, sharp teeth for a reason. And it’s because they’re made for cutting through the meat.

They can’t chew down on vegetables as well as they chew the flesh. Therefore, meat is their natural choice of food and something they just can’t live without.

When you see it from that side, raw pork comes in actually beneficial to cats. If it comes from an organic farm, then it could be a great treat for your cat.

Can cats eat raw pork and benefit from it? They sure can! Just like any meat, pork is a great way to fill up that much-needed protein.

A chock-full of protein

Felines can’t live without meat, whether it be chicken or duck. But can they live without raw pork? Well honestly, they can.

But don’t ignore the fact that it’s packed with protein, a nutrient that’s essential to your cat’s growth and development. It offers her everything she needs to grow up healthy and strong.

It’s also one of the two primary sources of energy. Protein is what fuels your feline’s body and keeps her warm on cold winter nights. Well, it’s her fur as well.

But if it wasn’t for this magnificent nutrient, her fur wouldn’t be so thick and beautiful and her skin wouldn’t be so shiny and elastic as well.

Pork, and meat in general, do so many great things for your cat that you can’t even count on all ten fingers. However, we’re only mentioning a few because we have to get to the other side of it as well.

Other nutrients

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork? Should They Stay Away Or Grab The Fork?

Just like chicken liver, pork is a great source of other nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. Some of the vitamins that can be found in pork are vitamin C, B12, B6, and many more. All of these play a huge role in your cat’s body and health.

They boost her overall immune system, help with digestion, and manage to prevent various diseases and fight off serious infections.

Calcium and vitamin D work as a pair to keep her bones strong and healthy. Other minerals that can be found in pork include magnesium and iron as well.

These help with digestive problems, such as constipation and diarrhea. Other than that, iron helps regulate body temperature.

Now for the big guns. Amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids are really game-changer for your pet. They help keep your feline’s health in check all the time.

If she’s not getting enough of omega-3 fatty acids, throw in some pork or fish, such as mackerel. It’s bound to boost your pet with energy and power. These fatty acids improve her health and look after her heart, lungs, and immune system.

The downsides

Unfortunately, raw pork isn’t always the best choice for your cat. While cooked pork meat is relatively safe for her to eat, raw pork can pose a set of dangers to your feline. It’s a never-ending debate, but for the sake of your cat’s health and your own sanity, make sure to cook it.

Cooked or well-prepared meat poses no danger to cats whereas raw one just might. Uncooked pork is known to carry certain diseases, such as e.coli, salmonella, and others.

This isn’t the best-case scenario, so you’d definitely want to keep safe rather than sorry. Cooking pork in high heat can kill off any germs or bacteria present.

Next to bacteria, raw pork is packed with fats. When you see all that grease, you just can’t help but think of the highly saturated fats.

These are known to raise cholesterol levels in the blood and lead to various health issues. So, next time when you ask yourself can cats eat raw pork, think of these fats.

Even though it doesn’t look like it, the fat content can cause serious damage. High levels of fat create blood clots and lead to different heart diseases and strokes.

Can cats eat raw pork because of salt and seasonings?

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork? Should They Stay Away Or Grab The Fork?

Besides the fat and bacteria, pork has another downside to it. It has a high salt content that can be quite detrimental to felines.

Actually, it’s poisonous to cats and could cause severe damage. It won’t happen the second she takes a bite of pork or beef, but keep in mind larger quantities could do just that.

The same can be said about seasonings, such as garlic, onions, and chives. These are common in a combination with meat.

Unfortunately, they also pose a great threat to your cat. They’re extremely toxic to felines because they destroy their red blood cells which leads them to anemia.

Again, cooking pork would be the best option. The process could eventually help get rid of any bacteria, as well as unnecessary amounts of salt and any possible traces of seasonings.

Stay away from any sauces as well. They’re usually just a mixture of everything cats shouldn’t eat.

Can Cats Eat Raw Pork?