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Can Cats Eat Chicken Wings? The Joy This Treat Brings!

Can Cats Eat Chicken Wings? The Joy This Treat Brings!

There’s nothing better than getting take-out on your way home after a crazy day. But you know your kitten awaits you, and you know she’s going to smell those chicken wings. She’ll probably pull out her best screams for a bite, so at this point, you’re wondering: Can cats eat chicken wings?

It’s no secret that cats are huge meat eaters! They can’t live without it, in fact. Chicken is a popular item on the market, and it’s likely on your pet’s wish list. Cats are drawn to this protein-rich meal like magnets.

In fact, chicken is one of the main and most popular ingredients found in kibbles, wet food, and others. But can cats eat chicken wings or should they be satisfied with commercial cat foods?

Are chicken wings good for cats?

Most people argue that there’s a key difference between homemade chicken wings and store-bought ones. We couldn’t agree more because, let’s be honest, many people don’t know how to make lip-smacking buffalo wings from scratch.

It’s plain logic to conclude cats can eat chicken wings because they live off of meat, right? However, there’s more to chicken wings than what meets the eye.

Of course, the meat is the star ingredient here, so there’s no worry on that front. It’s the frying process, seasonings, spices, and everything else that gets the meat to the desired flavor and appearance – these are all gray areas to felines.

While humans are accustomed to various kinds of flavors, some may spell trouble for your cat.

Can cats eat chicken wings since they’re carnivores?

Can Cats Eat Chicken Wings? The Joy This Treat Brings!

Yes, it’s true that cats are carnivores and technically can eat chicken wings. But, the real question is, should they? You’d be surprised how sensitive these feisty little creatures can be, especially when it comes to food.

They can act all tough around us, but they could end up hospitalized from a few bites of newly introduced foods. At this point, though, you’re probably thinking, “What could possibly go wrong from a few nibbles?”

Felines are obligate carnivores which means they don’t only eat meat, but they need it to survive. There’s no other food that will benefit them more than a meat-based one. Do you know how a diet is half the battle? Well, the same goes for your pet.

Providing your cat with meat means fulfilling her dietary requirements. Meat provides felines with protein, a crucial nutrient that they can’t live without.

Can cats benefit from eating chicken wings?

As we now know, meat is the best food for felines, so chicken wings can definitely benefit your cat. Also, poultry is one of the cheapest meats on the market, which makes your life a tad easier. Your pet gets the nutrients and you get some relief due to the lower price!

It seems it’s a win-win situation when it comes to chicken wings. Your furry friend would love to munch down on some wings, but is there more to it than just the heavenly taste?

1. Packed with protein

The good news is that chicken is a very high-protein food. Felines require a daily protein supply and must consume it on a consistent basis. It helps carnivores in a variety of ways, including boosting their immunity and keeping their nervous systems in good shape.

Protein is the most important factor in your cat’s general health and well-being. Your cat will lose weight, muscular mass, and become frail if she doesn’t eat enough protein. She’s built to digest animal-derived proteins better than those from plants because she’s an obligate carnivore.

2. Low-fat meat

Chicken wings are lower in fat than beef and other meat. Unsaturated fat is a highly appreciated nutrient in the feline world. It provides cats with an energy source and keeps them warm in low temperatures.

Healthy fats are known to decrease cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of heart diseases. It also helps prevent heart stroke and other medical issues related to high cholesterol.

3. One part meat, one part bones

Besides meat, a decent part of chicken wings is bones. You’d think bones are for the dogs, but they can also benefit your kitto.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are found in chicken bones. These minerals are in charge of joint health and have an overall favorable impact on your cat’s movement.

They can help cats cope with the pain of arthritis. There are various treats and medications for cats with arthritis that contain high doses of glucosamine.

Chondroitin, like glucosamine, is a component of connective tissue and cartilage. Furthermore, chicken wings, just like chicken feet, are high in collagen, a protein that helps to build bones and muscles.

4. A great collagen source

Collagen is particularly advantageous to elderly cats since it aids in the prevention of cartilage and bone loss, as well as the reduction of joint pain. Your furball’s coat may shine brighter than your future thanks to collagen levels found in chicken!

Collagen takes care of not only that magnificent fluff, but also the skin beneath it all. It keeps the skin moisturized, giving it suppleness and helping to prevent wrinkles and cellulite.

5. Chicken wings are the new dentist!

Can Cats Eat Chicken Wings? The Joy This Treat Brings!

Throw away the chew bones and instead opt for some chicken wings! Felines have naturally strong teeth that let them gnaw down on their prey’s flesh. Chewable treats help them keep their teeth sharp and healthy.

Your pet will be brushing her teeth in this manner. It’s not as glamorous as using a brush and toothpaste, but it gets the job done! Cats can get rid of plaque and build-up on their teeth by gnawing on some chicken wings.

Dental hygiene eliminates foul breath and eliminates the potential for infections and diseases! Some homemade chicken wings could do a better job than store-bought treats.

Hazards of cats eating chicken wings

Unfortunately, the good doesn’t come without the bad when it comes to this tasty treat. Even though chicken wings can be a highly nutritious meal for your pet, they can also be a potential danger. If you opt for some fried chicken wings, it could be a troublesome choice for your cat.

Deep-fried foods are considered unhealthy because of their fat and calorie content. Apart from them being high-fat, you should be concerned about the number of calories in fried chicken wings. This calorie-dense snack isn’t the best choice if you’re trying to keep your cat’s weight in check.

This wouldn’t be a big problem if it weren’t for the tightness in her joints. Overweight cats have a harder time jumping, climbing, sprinting, and playing. This could not only break your cat’s spirit but result in medical issues. Obesity puts cats at risk for joint problems and heart disease.

1. Chicken wings are a choking hazard

Make sure to slice the chicken wings into tiny pieces if your pet is a greedy one. These treats can easily become lodged in your cat’s throat due to their high bone content. Furthermore, bones can cause an obstruction and, in certain situations, require surgical removal!

Cooked chicken wings, in particular, are sharp and prone to splintering. This is harmful to your cat’s mouth and throat. Therefore, it’s best to serve the bones raw, yet keep the meat cooked!

2. All the spices

Bones aren’t the only risky part of chicken wings. They often contain sauces and seasonings that are harmful to your cat’s health.

Chicken wings contain a significant amount of sodium – or as we all know it, salt. This is dangerous for your cat since it may cause salt poisoning (sodium toxicity).

Among symptoms of salt poisoning, which can range from moderate to life-threatening, include vomiting, diarrhea, and, in severe cases, tremors and convulsions. Keep this in mind the next time you want to serve these to your pet.

Black pepper and garlic powder are frequently used in deep-fried foods and snacks such as teriyaki beef jerky. These items aren’t regarded as safe for cats to eat. If you’re wondering whether cats can eat chicken wings because of the spices, they should avoid it for this reason alone.

Black pepper hasn’t been proven to be hazardous to cats in small doses, but higher quantities are a cause for concern. Cats can eat small amounts of black pepper, although it’s not advised.

However, when it comes to garlic and onion powder, these are significant no-nos. Garlic is incredibly toxic to cats. Even a small bit can kill them, regardless of the form it comes in, whether raw, dried, or powdered.

Garlic and onions, whether swallowed or inhaled, are both toxic to your pet. Garlic poisoning can result in nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and respiratory problems. Similarly, cats should also stay away from other members of the Allium family, such as leeks and chives.

Because garlic is a common element in chicken wings, it’s better to keep track of the kind you buy.

3. What about condiments and side dishes?

Can Cats Eat Chicken Wings? The Joy This Treat Brings!

If you’re already ordering chicken wings, you might as well ask for some extra ketchup or ranch dressing! No human wants to eat flavorless chicken wings, but when it comes to cats, plain is good as it gets. After all, ketchup isn’t recommended for cats.

You may skip on the sauces, but you want to add some French fries to your order, right? Well, we don’t want to be a killjoy, but none of the sauces and side dishes are welcome in your pet’s diet.

Can cats eat raw chicken wings?

There’s no simple answer to this question. Now you know they can eat chicken wings in moderation, but can cats eat raw chicken wings? What’s the difference?

It’s a bit complicated, so we’ll just briefly break down some main points. Raw meat is off-limits for cats for many reasons.

Never offer raw meals to your pet on your own. It’s dangerous and could jeopardize your cat’s health. Bacteria and other germs are some of the dangers that raw foods like sushi pose.

These pathogens are capable of causing several disorders in your cat. Raw chicken wings may include viruses and parasites that can be fatal to your cat. As a result, make sure you don’t feed your cat raw meat.

High temperatures eliminate any parasites or viruses that may be present in raw meat. You can secure your cat’s safety while consuming this treat this way.

Cooked meat is also a lot easier for your cat to consume! Raw meat is harder for cats to chew, but chicken that’s properly prepared can help them chew and digest it better.

The bones are a bit of a double-edged sword, though. It’s not recommended to feed cats raw bones because, just like fish bones, they may contain dangerous bacteria. But chicken bones are easier to snap and splinter if they’re cooked, which poses risks of choking and punctured organs.

Rather strip the meat off of the bones and in that way, cats can safely eat chicken wings!

The final verdict

In conclusion, cats can eat chicken wings. However, keep in mind that deep-fried foods are packed with fat and calories which can negatively impact your cat’s health. Certain spices and condiments that come with this treat could upset your pet’s stomach and lead to serious medical conditions.

Also, note that the bones are best removed because they’re easy to snap, so they pose a choking hazard. Also, avoid feeding your kitto raw chicken wings because they could carry dangerous pathogens.

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Can Cats Eat Chicken Wings?