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Can Cats Eat Cheese Puffs? Snack Or Stash

Can Cats Eat Cheese Puffs? Snack Or Stash

Can cats eat cheese puffs?” You’re Googling these words frantically as you’re trying to make sure this delicious snack isn’t harmful to your kitty. 

Let me guess, you left the bag of cheese puffs unsupervised for a split second. The next thing you know, your cat’s whiskers are yellow and she’s licking her paws as if they’re the most scrumptious treats in the world. 

How is that not concerning? 

Cheese puffs are an awesome treat for us humans. They’re easy to mindlessly eat while you’re doing something, because munching on them doesn’t take away your concentration from other things. 

Like any other cat owner, you’re very careful about the things you keep around your cat. You know that her curiosity will get the better of her, so you do your best to keep her safe.

She’s your best friend, she’s always there for you. That’s why you’re extremely worried about what’ll happen to her now that she’s eaten some cheese puffs. 

Was it safe for her to ingest these? Will she have health issues because of it? She probably ate just a small amount, but you never know how her tiny body may react to things. 

This is the most stressful thing you’ve experienced since you adopted her. Now what? 

Let’s talk about this and put your mind at ease. Don’t worry for now, though, because it’s not as scary as it may sound. 

Can cats eat cheese puffs?

Can Cats Eat Cheese Puffs? Snack Or Stash

Just like with most other human foods, cats can eat cheese puffs in moderation. It’s not and it should never be the main meal of her day, but a few of those little treats won’t hurt her in the long run. 

She took one lick of it or even just nibbled on it for a few seconds before you got into the room. There’s no reason for you to panic. I mean, your cat is a smart little thing who knows exactly what is and isn’t good for her (for the most part). A tiny sample won’t harm her. 

However, it’s certainly not the type of behavior that you want to encourage because it could lead to a dangerous habit. Cheese puffs are by no means meant to be a consistent part of a cat’s diet. 

In proportion to her small body, a large number of cheese puffs will be detrimental. It’s easy for you to believe that there’s nothing to worry about, but your cat’s health depends on your attentiveness. 

She can eat it, but she really shouldn’t. Hope you take this issue seriously and avoid giving your cat cheese puffs as a regular treat. 

Do cats even like cheese puffs?

When wondering if cats can eat cheese puffs, let’s first ask whether or not she would even enjoy them. 

Cheese puffs are mainly made out of dehydrated cheese, salt, and preservatives. As you can see, there’s nothing in them that a feline would find necessary for her diet. 

She just wants to have a taste of the foods you’re eating. There’s no other reason she’s happily munching on them, as she won’t smell anything yummy in them. 

Once she starts eating cheese puffs, she could enjoy the salty taste of it if her body is in need of electrolytes. On the other hand, your cat will probably take a few licks and simply walk away. 

Fortunately for you, I’ve never heard of cats getting addicted to cheese puffs. Your four-legged friend will probably move on to her water bowl before you know it.

I have seen cats go after other types of chips, but they never once ate a whole bag. I’m a proud owner of three cats and sometimes they dip their whiskers into different snacks, but they never eat a lot of it. 

If your cat doesn’t realize that some foods aren’t made for her, then you could keep a close eye on her. But you don’t need to be too scared, as she may not even like them after the first few bites. 

Are cheese puffs dangerous for my cat?

Can Cats Eat Cheese Puffs? Snack Or Stash

Whenever people ask me if cats can eat a certain human food, it’s always the same answer, and cheese puffs aren’t much different. 

As long as it’s an occasional treat that she takes in moderation, it won’t cause any harm to your feline friend. One cheese puff will be perfectly fine, but you should still watch her every move.

Sometimes, cats can get carried away with their nosy behavior. She won’t think too much about the health risks. She just knows that she wants a cheese puff right here and right now. 

The main issue is that cheese puffs are calorie-dense and filled with sodium. And if you already don’t know, too much sodium can be life-threatening to your cat!

Sodium can quickly lead to dehydration and in some cases even sodium poisoning. It can also cause heart problems in cats and shorten their lifespan significantly. 

If this isn’t enough to scare you, let’s remind you that too much salt can cause kidney failure, high blood pressure, and urinary tract problems. 

Another thing you need to be cautious about is whether or not those cheese puffs have some sort of added seasoning. If there’s onion or garlic powder in them, take your cat to the vet right away. These can be extremely poisonous and if you want to keep your cat safe, you’re going to need to take her to a professional. 

Besides these issues, you also have to keep in mind the possibility of obesity. Because cheese puffs contain a lot of calories, kitties can’t eat a large amount of them.

If you choose to turn this into a common treat for your furry friend, you could quickly have a rolling floof in your home instead of a walking one. 

I understand that we all love to see a chubby cat. I’m not going to lie, they’re adorable. However, in the long run, feline obesity is extremely dangerous. 

That’s why she needs a balanced diet and a lot of playtime to stay mobile and healthy. Obesity can cause arthritis, heart problems, diabetes, and so many other health conditions that your small kitty won’t be able to manage easily.

What should I do if my cat eats cheese puffs? 

Don’t panic and take a deep breath. It’s okay. 

In the standard cheese-flavored puff, there’s nothing fatally poisonous. They’re just a salty snack that your cat nibbled on. 

As stated before, consider how much she’s eaten and decide if you want to take her to the vet or wait it out. You could definitely start by giving her water right after she’s done munching on them. 

If you fear that she ate a little bit too much, then you can go and see a professional. However, as stated earlier, I strongly advise you to visit the vet right away if there were any seasonings. 

Don’t take this part lightly. Plain cheese puffs are a delicacy that cats can eat, but once there’s garlic on them, you’ll have to visit the clinic. It may end up being okay, but we don’t want to play with the fate of your four-legged friend. 

To prevent your cat from eating your snacks, keep them out of her reach. Put them in a cabinet, make sure to pick them off the floor should they drop out of your hand, and so on. 

You can’t just expect your cat’s curiosity to stay dormant when there are so many different temptations available. 

If you don’t want your furbaby to eat them, simply avoid putting cheese puffs in places where you know she’ll find them. It’s as easy as that. 

How many cheese puffs are safe for my cat to eat?

Can Cats Eat Cheese Puffs? Snack Or Stash

Well, to get the point across that this isn’t and shouldn’t be a part of her regular diet, let’s say that 0 is the best number.

Don’t give her any. If she ends up licking, nibbling, or munching on one, then she’ll be okay. But giving her these snacks intentionally is a hard no. 

Don’t throw them on the floor for her to eat them, don’t leave the entire bag open where she can reach it, and don’t put them into her regular meals. 

Little accidents happen to all of us and your cat will be glad for the surprise in her mouth. But can cats eat cheese puffs regularly? Nope. Don’t even think about it.

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Can Cats Eat Cheese Puffs?