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7 Best Persian Cat Toys To Entertain Your Furry Gremlin

7 Best Persian Cat Toys To Entertain Your Furry Gremlin

What are some of the best Persian cat toys? You want to entertain your little ball of grumpiness, but nothing seems to catch her attention.

Persian cats are known for being very passive and aloof, they don’t have such high energy levels, and they definitely don’t feel the need to jump around and play. Although your cat does get the zoomies quite often, that’s when her attention span is non-existent, and she just wants to jump around.

How can you catch her attention? What toys should you use to make her play with you?

The importance of playtime

7 Best Persian Cat Toys To Entertain Your Furry Gremlin

You probably aren’t thinking about the best Persian cat toys without understanding the importance of playtime for your cats. However, I’d still like to talk about why it’s so necessary to spend time playing with your cat.

Well, firstly, your cat needs to exercise. A cat that’s constantly in the house won’t have enough movement, but she’ll eat like a queen. There’s a lot of food available to her, which can lead to obesity and in the end to serious health complications.

Playing with your cat will make sure that she gets enough exercise to burn those extra calories.

It also means that your cat will let go of her stored energy. If she doesn’t have a good way to release it, she’ll start jumping throughout the night, and you won’t get any sleep whatsoever.

Even though Persian cats are known for being much more passive, with very low energy levels, they still accumulate a lot of it.

One thing that you should also take into consideration is that this is the perfect way to bond with your cat. You’ll be able to form a relationship where you’ll both love each other. Loyalty is very important to pets and owners, but it can only be developed by spending a lot of time together.

You’ll also help her solve problems and use her voice when she wants or needs something.

The importance of playtime is undeniable. So, let’s find out what are the best Persian cat toys out there that you can use to give her the best experience and to catch her attention.

Best Persian cat toys: 7 toys to entertain your furry gremlin

1. A roller circuit

There are many different companies that make roller circuits for cats. These toys are very mentally and physically stimulating for a cat, especially a Persian that can become lazy at some point.

It’s a tube that has a ball or a mouse within, and the little object is moving within the small tunnel non-stop.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to do anything but charge it and let your cat do the rest of the work. She’ll be entertained for hours trying to catch the little object.

However, she won’t be able to catch it, which will activate her hunting instincts even more. You know how quickly your cat loses interest when you play with something, and she catches it time and time again. The thrill of the hunt simply disappears.

A roller circuit will keep her happy and occupied for a while so that you can be sure that she’s getting enough stimulation and exercise, while you can relax.

2. Interactive cat wand

If you’re looking for the best Persian cat toys, then you should get her an interactive wand. This is the best toy for almost every single cat because you get to play with her and watch her jump after it, while she’s letting go of unnecessary energy.

An interactive cat wand usually has a string with something interesting and colorful attached at the end.

The movement and the color will be the perfect toy for your furry gremlin. She’ll run after the toy, she’ll jump if you hold it high enough, and once she catches it you’ll be able to snatch it from her and start the game all over.

Most of the time, there’s a little mouse attached at the end of it. It’s actual prey that she needs to catch, and it activates her hunting instincts.

One bad thing about this is that it can quickly become boring for your cat. Especially, if she catches it a couple of times.

3. A simple laser

7 Best Persian Cat Toys To Entertain Your Furry Gremlin

Have you ever seen the excitement in cats when they’re trying to catch a laser dot? Well, it’s not different for Persian cats, either. A simple laser is definitely one of the best Persian cat toys out there.

You can sit back and point the dot anywhere, and she’ll try to hunt it down. Of course, she’ll never be able to, which makes the game even more exciting for her.

There may be just one problem that you’ll want to take into consideration, which is that you won’t have too much interaction with your cat when you’re playing with a laser. This isn’t the best toy to create a genuine bond with your little feline friend.

4. Toys that she can chase

We’ve already said that the best way to entertain your cat is to activate her hunting instinct. Well, anything that she can chase will keep her occupied.

For example, a colorful ball will do the job for her. Especially if you’re able to teach her to fetch it and bring it back to you! Of course, it’s extremely hard to train a Persian cat, but once she realizes that you’ll throw it again after bringing it back to you, she’ll want to try it again.

Also, cats love a ball of yarn because it tends to unfold easily, which makes them run after it even more. It’s also a great toy to help her keep her claws healthy.

5. Electric cat toys

The best Persian cat toys are the once that are electric. These toys are perfect if your cat is bothering you after a long day at work. You can simply sit back, relax, and use a remote-controlled mouse to play with her.

You can even find ones that are shaped like snakes, in different colors and different materials. I genuinely believe that your cat will have the time of her life once she gets to play with her electric toys.

6. Cat tunnels

At first glance, cat tunnels don’t seem like a toy at all. However, they’re the perfect place for your cat to hunt, fetch, and run around in.

Especially if you place a small amount of catnip inside it. That’s when she’ll really start to enjoy the party.

She can bounce on the tunnels, she can run inside it, and play with her toys. You can even put an electric toy inside and play with her that way.

She’ll feel like she’s exploring something new. At one point, you may even feel like she’s playing hide and seek with you.

7. A squeaky mouse

What’s the difference between a squeaky mouse toy and any other regular mouse toy, you may ask? Well, this is one of the best Persian cat toys for a reason.

A squeaky mouse hits differently because it exudes a sound, like when your cat catches actual prey. She’ll want to hear that sound over and over again, which will make her play with it even more.

You can get a squeaky mouse on a string, or one that can run away on her own, so that your cat can have the time of her life.

Also, you can always use it to call out for your cat. Just toss the squeaky mouse on the floor and the sound will attract your cat in a matter of seconds.

What toys aren’t good for your Persian cat?

7 Best Persian Cat Toys To Entertain Your Furry Gremlin

When you’re searching for the best Persian cat toys, you also want to eliminate any toys that may be dangerous for your cat.

String-like toys are very dangerous. You can hold the string in your own hand while you’re playing with your cat, however, never let her catch it.

Cats, especially Persians, have a tendency to swallow anything that’s string-like, which can result in serious issues. This also means that you’d have to put away any and every string-like thing in your house for your cat’s safety.

Another type of toy that you should avoid is the ones that have feathers on them. Especially, if those feathers are detachable. Take my word for it – your cat will swallow it! It doesn’t matter how small or big your cat is, she doesn’t know if it’s edible or not. If she thinks it’s prey, she’ll eat it.

Finally, avoid getting huge cat trees. I know that cats adore cat trees, but it’s always better to get smaller ones. A tall cat tree can be quite unstable, and your cat can fall and seriously injure herself.

This is especially true for lazy cats such as Persians. They couldn’t care less about where and how they fall asleep, they simply doze off. That’s when it becomes dangerous because falling asleep on a tall cat tree will lead to her falling off of it.