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Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs? Who’s Going To Take The Win?

Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs? Who’s Going To Take The Win?

When I think about it, the next major conflict may rise up between pet owners; cat and dog owners to be precise. They constantly argue about who has a better pet, but when it comes to the question, “Are cats cleaner than dogs” we all know the response by heart (whether we like to admit it or not).

Both are incredible companions, they love to play and they surely enjoy affection. Endless cuddles will be on the menu as well, and they’ll melt the stress away. However, if cleanliness is extremely important to you and you’re thinking about whether to get a cat or a dog, here’s what you need to know.

Of course, it’s super easy to give bonus points to cats, in this case, but the question has to be answered thoroughly. Hope you’re ready to dive into the topic with me.

Reasons why cats are cleaner than dogs

There’s no doubt about it, felines are cleaner than canines. They take care of themselves, they smell less in general and you can train them easily to pee or poo in a litter box. I mean, we all know that.

If you’re anything like me, a detailed answer is needed to convince you of what I’m saying. Don’t worry, I got it all covered below. There are several reasons why cats are cleaner than dogs, so let’s go through them.

1. Cats clean themselves

Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs Who's Going To Take The Win

This is out of the question; cats’ cleaning habits are outstanding. They are known as the cleanest animals in the fauna kingdom, so I guess that says something. Cats’ self-grooming skills are on point!

Our little felines spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Depending on the breed, cats can spend 30-50% of their awake time cleaning their fur. This is not because they understand the whole concept of being clean, but there are other reasons.

First of all, we have to mention their tongues that have sharp surfaces. The little spines that can be found there are called papillae. They are the reason cats can properly clean themselves. When your fluff is licking herself, her tongue acts like a brush.

Therefore, it removes all the dirt, dead skin cells, and even some parasites from her fur leaving it squeaky clean. Another thing is that her tongue actually helps with faster healing of wounds on the skin surface all over your feline’s body.

One more advantage for cats in the cleaning category is that they’re extremely flexible and they can basically reach any part of their bodies. If they can’t lick a particular spot, they’ll use their paws to reach there. So, does this give a final answer to the question, “Are cats cleaner than dogs?”

Well, to some extent, this answers the question. Canines will solely clean their private parts and paws since those are the only spots that they can reach. Their tongues are completely different from cats’, so it feels warm and cozy when a dog licks you.

They don’t have those spikes on the surface, so it means that their tongues are smooth. Therefore, they’re of no use in self-grooming. Dogs definitely won’t bother with constant cleaning of their fur; “there’s some mud, so what?”.

2. Cats smell less

Okay, we’re not talking about their poop or pee here, of course, that smell is not pleasant. Because dogs aren’t cleaning themselves as often, their fur may smell weird if you’re not giving your canines regular baths. They actually need quite an amount of assistance to get rid of dirt, dead skin cells, and hair.

The smelly cat, on the other hand, exists only in Phoebe’s song (hello Friends lovers!). Cats have a neutral smell because they used to live in the wild. Since they were hunting and avoiding predators at the same time, they had to stay invisible.

Also, since they are self-grooming freaks, felines reduce the number of dead skin cells in their fur which are greatly responsible for the bad odor. What do you say, are cats cleaner than dogs? If you’re still not convinced, keep reading.

3. Cats don’t pee to mark their territory

Dogs have that bad habit of raising their legs and peeing on things to mark their territory. Cats also mark their territory, but in a different way. They will use the scented oils from their skin and paws. This means that they’ll rub their fur on a particular surface, or scratch something to mark it as theirs.

Since your felines’ noses are way more powerful than yours, you don’t have to worry about the bad smell, because you won’t even notice it. There’s one interesting fact. Because cats are losing their oil this way, they have to restore it somehow.

Do you know how they do it? It’s one of the reasons why people don’t even bother to answer the question are cats cleaner than dogs? They’re grooming themselves! When they are licking their fur, they are moving their natural oils from their skin to the top of their hair.

Also, felines will also help other cats and kittens to “wash” themselves, especially if they’re close to a specific cat. So, if your furbaby starts licking you (or maybe your dog), consider that as a sign that she likes you a lot. Oh, and enjoy your bonding moment.

4. You can easily potty train your cat

Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs Who's Going To Take The Win

We all know that both of these animals can be trained, some breed more or less than others. But when it comes to potty training, canines are pretty much impossible to discipline. Cats, on the other hand, are rarely going to use something else as their toilet that is not a litter box.

You can train your dog to poop or pee outside, there’s no doubt about it, but your feline will need her bathroom to be perfectly clean. She’s not going to use her litter box if it smells bad or if it’s not clean enough, I assure you.

A lot of cat breeds are seriously picky and they won’t let anyone else use their box. And they would like to do their business in private, pawlease… Of course, if the feces is staying long in the litter box, it will stink badly, but your feline won’t even use it in that case.

Cats will also cover up their poop as soon as they’re done. This is also something that stayed as a habit. They are actually trying to remove any sign that they have been at a particular place. Some people believe that this may be their hygiene reflex, while others that these ladies are a bit embarrassed.

If you want to know the real answer to this question, you’ll have to communicate with your furbaby. While you’re doing that, can you please ask her to confirm our answers to the question are cats cleaner than dogs? I’d love to know her opinion!

Which pet needs more help with grooming?

Truth be told, canines will need more help. You’ve learned today (if not before) that felines are extremely flexible and that they are grooming freaks. They won’t leave a dry spot on their body after they’re done with washing.

Both of them will definitely appreciate your assistance in maintaining their fur healthy. So, brushing your cat from time to time (depending on the breed) and your dog often will make a great change. You won’t have to collect their hair from all over the place.

All you’ll need is a good vacuum cleaner and an air purifier if you want completely clean air. Occasional baths won’t hurt your feline (that is if you manage to put her in a tub) and your doggo will enjoy every second of it (do it more often, they love it!).

The only thing that you have to pay attention to is excessive grooming. Both of these beautiful furry buddies can lick themselves too much. This can lead to some infections and you may notice some bald spots on their bodies.

If you suspect that something may be wrong with your fur buddy, take it to the vet for a checkup. He or she may be under a lot of stress or have some other underlying health problem.

Is the cat’s mouth cleaner?

Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs Who's Going To Take The Win

No, a cat’s mouth is not cleaner. Each of them has different bacteria inside their mouths that can be dangerous for people such as Pasteurella.

Also, since the cat is licking herself everywhere, she may ingest tiny bits of feces while they’re cleaning their butts. Toxoplasma gondii can be found there, and it’s actually the parasite that can be transferred from animals to people. It causes an infection called Toxoplasmosis.

Neither of these pets can brush their teeth, so they can easily transfer parasites and bacterial infections to you, either by biting or licking you. One interesting fact is that you can actually try to clean their teeth. Dogs will definitely enjoy the process, while cats won’t be eager to participate.

If you’re lucky enough to get a pup or kitten, you can start doing this from when they’re little and create a healthy habit. There are different kinds of toothpaste exclusively made for pets, so try to find them.

So, are cats cleaner than dogs?

Basically, we confirmed that cats are cleaner than dogs in every aspect. Of course, dogs will enjoy while you groom them and give them a bath, while cats won’t prefer touching the water (some breeds will volunteer though to jump in the tub like Bengals for example).

Because of the way their tongue looks, cats are able to take good care of themselves. Since they used to be predators and prey at the same time, they leave no scent behind. Unlike dogs, who can have a bad odor if you don’t help them clean up.

So, I guess that my final answer is a big fat yes. Cats are cleaner than dogs!

Are Cats Cleaner Than Dogs? Who's Going To Take The Win?