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Archie’s Owner Was Moving And Planned On Leaving This Kitty Outside And Alone

Archie’s Owner Was Moving And Planned On Leaving This Kitty Outside And Alone

I know, I know, you didn’t plan on crying your eyes out when you decided to scroll through your social media just now, but I simply have to share this story with you. And hey, if you stick around long enough, your tears may turn to grins of delight for the fluffy hero of today’s story, our lovely Archie.

I don’t want to appear dramatic, but Archie may be the sweetest little cat you’ll ever meet. I said what I said, and I’ll prove to you that this fluff’s heart is so full of love that you’ll wish you could make him a part of your life, too.

Now, Archie’s foster mamma Emilie shared a not-so-happy story of how they first met. One day, her friend texted her in sheer panic, asking her if she’d be able to help this poor kitty.

What she heard next absolutely broke her heart, and she simply couldn’t say no: Archie’s owner was moving and planning to simply leave him outside. The poor fluff would suddenly be left all alone, outside in the cold, even though moments ago he had a loving home he thought would be his forever.

It breaks my heart to think about the life this fluff would have had if it wasn’t for these kind souls that wanted to save him. Archie was the last one left in his litter, and his owners couldn’t find anyone willing to buy him.

Credit: @emiliexfosters

Now, although it makes my blood boil to think about their heartless decision, let’s focus on the positives here, shall we? Thanks to other kind souls that decided to find him a new, furrever home, Archie is now safe, happy, and on his way to recovery. That’s what matters the most, right?

But, wait – what is Archie recovering from? Well, on top of a broken heart, Archie also had a pretty bad upper respiratory infection and a double eye infection. In fact, Emilie’s friend brought the poor fluff to his foster mamma just in time before it was too late for them to save him.

She wasted no time and rushed her new foster kitty to the vet right away. Luckily, she was met with good news – little Archie would be just fine. They got him the medications he needed to help him grow big and strong.

The poor little guy was underweight, too. Could you believe that he weighed in at just 1 pound, and no older than 6 to 8 weeks? He was so tiny, it makes my heart melt into a puddle! Fortunately, his mamma quickly realized Archie hadn’t been able to eat much because he was feeling very unwell.

Credit: @emiliexfosters

She decided to take matters into her own hands and save this poor furbaby no matter how much time, effort, and dedication it took. Archie deserved a good life filled with unconditional love, and she’d do everything in her power to help him get exactly that.

So, the battle to restore his strength and well-being began. It was a time of ups and downs, but our beautiful orange furbaby fought bravely, all with the support of the people who cared about him.

The vet visits became a routine part of his life, as they monitored his progress. Day by day, Archie’s condition improved. His appetite gradually returned, and he even began gaining some weight! Growing up in a loving environment, this brave boy blossomed into a playful and affectionate feline friend.

Slowly, but surely, Archie got back on his feet, and he was stronger than ever. He was your ordinary kitten: playing around, exploring every nook and cranny of his foster home, and following his mamma wherever she went. This kitty had a past that not a lot of kitties do, but it never weighed him down.

After weeks of fighting and pushing bravely, his foster mamma couldn’t be more excited to share the news with the world: Archie and his female brown tabby friend, Betty, were both available for pre-adoption!

Credit: @emiliexfosters

It was a clear sign that Archie was now better than ever, ready to start his journey with a family that would show him nothing but love and admiration. After all, he didn’t deserve anything less, and his mamma made it her goal to show him what life was all about.

Pre-adoption means they aren’t quite ready to go to their forever homes just yet, but they’re actively looking for potential families they’ll become a part of. This was some great news for people who followed Archie’s recovery because they knew he’d finally get a chance for a happy life filled with purrs of joy.

Archie and Betty enjoy each other’s company, but they know there may come a time when they’ll have to say goodbye to each other. Both of them can be adopted separately, but whoever decides to give them a home together will receive priority.

They’re now actively seeking new furrever parents, and we truly hope both of them find homes where they’ll receive nothing but pure and unconditional love. They deserve nothing less!