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Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed? Why Is She So Purrsuasive?

Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed? Why Is She So Purrsuasive?

Why is my cat digging on my bed? That was the first thought I had when I saw Zoja frantically moving her paws on the top of those bedsheets. What’s happening?

It’s kind of normal for me to see her digging in her litter box because I always thought she was trying to hide her feces. Scratching the floor was okay-ish behavior, even though I didn’t really like it. But this? It took me off guard.

I think I wouldn’t be so worried if she didn’t wake me up last night doing exactly the same thing. It was so weird to see her at the bottom of my bed since that was not her usual place. Was she looking for something? I truly couldn’t understand what was going on.

Kneading (gentle scratching of the bedsheet and blankets to get your attention) is something familiar and she did that before. But this, it was completely different…

Why is my cat digging on my bed?

Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed Why Is She So Purrsuasive

Cats are, as we already know, really curious creatures. They spend most of their days exploring their surroundings and your feline is not an exception. She’s definitely digging on your bed to figure out what’s happening.

The material of bedsheets attracted her and she wanted to check it out. There’s nothing wrong with it, right? We’ve mentioned kneading and this is exactly that. But what happens when she gets more destructive? Was that the reason you asked this question?

As we continue talking about this, we’ll go through the most common reasons why your furbaby is digging on your bed. Buckle up!

1. She needs your attention

This is honestly the most common reason why she’s digging on your bed. If you’re about to go to sleep, she’s going to aggressively scratch on those bedsheets to keep you awake. Perhaps, she didn’t spend enough time playing and she wants you to get her toys out of the box.

When your cat is seeking attention, she’ll delicately start kneading on your skin or lightly scratch the bed. All felines want to be pet, cuddled, and played with. If you don’t dedicate enough time during the day, they’re definitely going to keep you awake.

2. She’s hiding something

Why are cats usually digging? Think about it for a second. To hide something, right? This can also be the answer to your question why is my cat digging on my bed?

Maybe she „stole“ a stalk of celery or a kernel from your popcorn bowl and now she’s trying to hide the evidence. Check your blanket or bedsheet thoroughly; you may find whatever your feline was munching on.

This is a habit that stayed from their ancestors. Back in the day, cats had to hide their food in nature so that other animals couldn’t find it. They did that by digging holes and covering them afterward. Also, burying their poop with dirt was actually a way to prevent predators from following them.

3. She’s marking her territory

Cats have scent glands around their paws and your feline may be digging on your bed because she wants to make it clear who’s the boss in the house. She’ll especially do this if you’ve adopted a new pet or a foreigner entered your room.

Scent-marking is something important to cats because that’s how they communicate with other cats and make it clear there’s no trespassing. Every time she’s digging into something, she’s actually leaving her scent and marking that place.

You’ve probably noticed how they rub on something when they’re passing by, like a bag or sofa. Maybe that new foster cat and your furbaby won’t meow at each other, but the new guy will definitely know that he has to bow down to the queen.

4. She’s stressed

Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed Why Is She So Purrsuasive

I know that you maybe didn’t want to hear this one, but the answer to the question “Why is my cat digging on my bed?“ may be stress. Perhaps you’ve changed the environment, adopted a new pet, or a new human being started sharing a home with the two of you. Whatever the reason, your cat is stressed.

And when they are stressed, cats drastically change their behavior. They adopt destructive habits, so digging aggressively on your bed may indicate that your feline is under a lot of stress. Try to figure out what happened and what’s the reason behind it.

If you can, eliminate stressors from her surroundings and help her relax. Your feline will be grateful and you’ll be able to enjoy the time that you spend together.

5. It’s her daily exercise

Let’s be real, who doesn’t need daily exercise? Okay, maybe you’re not going to the gym often, but I’m sure you walk at least for half an hour daily. That’s your jam, but what’s hers? Do you set aside enough play time with her or you’re letting her play on her own?

Are you stimulating her hunting instincts, or she’s doing it on her own? When your cat starts digging on your bed, analyze your influence on her behavior. Did you entertain her enough? Did she have her daily exercise?

If she didn’t have her physical activity for the day, she’ll try to find some solution and in this case, it’s going to be digging on your bed. She’ll engage most of her muscles and it will help her to stay fit and avoid obesity.

How can I stop my cat from digging on the bed?

After we’ve finally come to the answer to the question “why is my cat digging on my bed”, it would be the right time to learn how to stop this behavior, right?

Sometimes having a pet may be a lot of work and we have to try really hard to read between the lines. It may be easier if they would speak, so we could understand their needs better, but we’re managing somehow, right?

In the next part of this article, we’ll go through some tips on how to stop your feline from digging on your bed. Once she stops doing this, everything will be pawesome!

1. Get her away from bed

The first and the easiest thing you can do is to get her away from the bed. When you notice she’s entering your bedroom and you know she’ll jump on the bed, simply take her out. That way, you’ll make it clear that it’s forbidden to be there.

So, next time when your feline hops on the bed, instead of asking yourself what’s going on, use your hands and take her away. You can also put her on the floor in the same room; it’s just important that she knows that she shouldn’t be on the bed.

2. Make it uncomfortable for her

Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed Why Is She So Purrsuasive

This is relevant when it comes to other parts of your home she may be digging as well, like flowers, soil in the garden, or carpets. Make it uncomfortable for her by adding small stones, spraying her with cold water whenever she approaches flowers, or simply scolding her.

You can also put indoor plants where she can’t reach them, and make sure that there’s no cat food lying around because she’ll find a way to get it. This may not be efficient right away, but it will definitely work in the long run.

3. Buy her a scratching post

The easiest (but not the cheapest) way for your cat to stop scratching on surfaces that she shouldn’t is to get her a scratching post. Not only that it will keep her entertained for a longer period of time, but it will maintain her nail length as well.

If you don’t know which one to get, SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post is a great option that’s going to last you a long time. It’s sturdy and stable so your cat won’t be able to knock it down while scratching it. She can even climb on top of it and observe her human servants from above.

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The best thing about this piece of cat furniture is that she’s going to be scratching on her new post rather than on your bed, or digging holes in your garden.

One more thing that you can do is to spray the post with a bit of catnip. This will keep her interested way longer and she’s definitely not going to be bored.

4. Don’t keep her only indoors

This is another thing that will definitely help is if your cat is bored and that’s why she’s digging on your bed. Don’t keep her only indoors, she needs some time outside. Okay, she doesn’t have to go too far from home, or hang out with other cats, but don’t lock her up.

If she’s spending enough time outside, she’ll definitely hunt and dig outside and she’ll do her daily exercise which will result in your feline being fit. When she’s digging on your bed, she may be protesting in a way because she’s not allowed to go out.

Leave the door open from time to time and monitor her if you’re still not sure whether you can let her outside on her own or not.

5. Train her

Maybe this won’t work as well as for dogs, but cats can be trained too. You have to teach your pet so she realizes what she can and can’t do. Dedicate enough time to help her understand that digging on your bed is actually wrong.

It may be a tough job, but you signed up for tough when you made her a part of your little family and you have to make sure she behaves like a lady. Maybe you’ll need to repeat a couple of things over and over again, but I’m sure she’ll eventually understand why is it necessary to stay away from your bed.

6. Give her attention

Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed Why Is She So Purrsuasive

One of the easiest things to do is to give her attention. I mentioned earlier that one of the reasons why your cat is digging on your bed was that she lacks attention. Even if you’re a workaholic and too busy, you can find some time during the day to cuddle with her.

Get those toys you’ve bought her even before she became your flatmate and play with her. Try feather toy, or throw her ball and initiate the fetching game (some felines are crazy about this one). Whatever you choose, make sure to join her.

It’s not enough to simply get her toys she can use on her own, or install a scratching post; she has to feel your love. Cuddle with her (as much as she allows) and don’t be lazy to play with her from time to time. Take care of her properly and I guarantee you that you’ll have one happy feline.

Bottom line

After we talked about all the reasons your feline may be digging on your bed and learned all the ways that you can stop this behavior as soon as you notice it, I have one last piece of advice for you. Before you react, try to understand why your cat is behaving the way she is.

This may not be easy and you may need professional assistance, but don’t hesitate to ask for it. If you want to be happy, your furbaby has to be happy. Only then you’ll be able to fully enjoy your time with her.

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Why Is My Cat Digging On My Bed? Why Is She So Purrsuasive?