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This Rescue Kitty With Four Ears And One Eye Finally Gets To Live The Life He Deserves

This Rescue Kitty With Four Ears And One Eye Finally Gets To Live The Life He Deserves

Unique kitties will love you in their own special way. Unfortunately, many people turn their heads away from kittens who are different. It feels like they have no idea how much love and gratitude these furry buddies can offer you. Here’s a story about Frankie, a feline with four ears and one eye who is unique in every sense of the word.

Frankie the kitten was found under the foundation of a suburban house with his sibling. Born to a feral mother, the poor fluff had only one sibling. His human believes there may have been more but they didn’t survive.

Georgi Anderson, Frankie’s dad, took the adorable purrer and his sibling in for a couple of weeks. He decided he’ll try to get them comfortable around people and help them gain some much-needed weight.

After they gain some strength, he would then bring them to the shelter for medical care since they could help them find their forever homes. Luckily for these two boisterous boys, Georgi stuck to his plan, no matter how hard it was for him to say goodbye to these two fluffs, especially his special boy, Frankie.

You know, Frankie isn’t your typical kitten. He has an extra set of ears that immediately catch everyone’s attention. He also has a pronounced overbite, giving his face a distinct angular look.

Credit: @frank_n_kitten

When Frankie arrived at the animal shelter, he had two eyes. Unfortunately, one of them had ruptured and had to be removed. In addition to these physical traits, Frankie also faced some difficulties with his hind legs.

Because his knees don’t sit properly, they cause him to walk with a slap-legged gait, his knees sliding in and out of place. As Georgi claims, due to Frankie’s overbite, his lower canines were piercing through the roof of his mouth.

The poor fluff needs surgery to stabilize his knees, but it’s quite expensive, so his human parent is still saving up for it. Our little hero has undergone dental work to trim his lower canines, leaving them just a few millimeters above the gum line.

As Georgi says, removing Frankie’s eye was crucial for his survival, since the infection could’ve turned septic, which could have had fatal consequences. It breaks my heart to think about how much pain and suffering this poor furbaby went through in such a short period of time.

At the time when Frankie arrived at the shelter, Georgi was working there. Being a foster carer as well, he was asked to foster him for a week during his recovery from the eye removal.

It wasn’t just his unique appearance that made him Georgi in love with this special fluff, but it was his gentle nature, too. He couldn’t resist his curiosity as he explored his surroundings, looking for some comfort from his new foster dad.

Georgi visited Frankie before his procedure and was immediately struck by how sweet this little furbaby was. And after Frankie spent a few hours at Georgi’s home, this man knew his furry companion was something special, although he couldn’t really put it into words.

Credit: @frank_n_kitten

Unfortunately, Frankie’s physical condition does have some impact on his daily life. His small front ears mildly affect his directional hearing, almost acting like little earmuffs for his main pair of ears.

Luckily, he has adjusted well to having only one eye, although his night vision isn’t as good as that of Georgi’s other cats. On top of that, Frankie’s mouth poses the most significant physical challenge. This poor fluff struggles to eat wet food because he can’t grasp it properly.

Now, our little furry hero is on a dry food-only diet and has learned to use his tongue to pick up kibble and bring it into his mouth! A typical day for Frankie involves finding cozy spots to curl up and sleep, making little surprises for his foster parent every morning while he makes breakfast.

This lovely purrer enjoys attempting to climb up his dad’s leg and then daring off like a playful lunatic. He spends his time playing with his furry brother, Lucius Malfoy, and annoying his other siblings, Minako and Toothless. This family is definitely a sight to behold!

Although Frankie has quite a mischievous personality, he gets away with it because of his incredibly sweet nature. How could anyone resist his charm? He may not be the brightest cat, which seems to be a common trait among other cats with four ears, but it’s what makes him so lovable.

His foster dad believes he’d have a hard time surviving outside since he may mistake a passing car for a playmate. But, this fluff is so full of love and affection and, somehow, can sense when his dad had a hard day. As Georgi says, his purrer has got a dog-like personality that he absolutely loves.

Frankie is living proof that true beauty lies within. He shares a beautiful bond with his humans, despite all his difficulties.