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Snow Bengal Cat: The Feline Ice Queen Of Your Dreams

Snow Bengal Cat: The Feline Ice Queen Of Your Dreams

As if a regular one wasn’t beautiful enough, wait until you hear about a Snow Bengal cat. Bengals are known as one of the most exotic felines you can get and, although they have a wild look to them, they’re super friendly and playful. Having one in your home is definitely a blessing.

But, what about their snowy white cousins? They’re absolutely the beauties of the family, and seeing one is sure to take your breath away. No matter how beautiful she is, however, a Snow Bengal cat is more than just her looks, and her beautiful personality will make you fall in love with the breed.

You’ve probably seen one somewhere and decided that you wanted it in your life. I mean, who wouldn’t want this beauty napping in their lap? However, before you decide to bring one to your home, there are quite a lot of things you should know about Bengals.

For example, some states completely banned them due to their wild nature, so make sure you’re allowed to keep this special fluff. On top of that, you should do thorough research on this breed before you decide that a Snow Bengal cat is the one for you, which is why we’re here.

A short history lesson about the Bengals

Snow Bengal Cat The Feline Ice Queen Of Your Dreams

Although Bengals are domestic cats, they’re a hybrid of a regular house feline and an Asian Leopard Cat. The first generations of Bengals were far from the ones we know today. Because they were wild and hard to tame, it took a lot of time and breeding for us to get the friendly Bengals that we know and love.

So, a few generations of Bengal breeding later, and we’ve got majestic-looking kitties that love to play around and spend time with their favorite humans. These special felines were first accepted by the International Cat Association (TICA) in 1983, and their popularity skyrocketed.

In fact, they’re becoming more and more popular nowadays, despite them being one of the most expensive breeds you can get. Snow Bengal cats, on the other hand, are a cross of regular Bengals and Siamese cats.

Because of the albino gene that Siameses have, a Snow Bengal cat has beautiful, white fur that makes her stand out from the rest. Getting to this kind of snowy coat took a lot of time and work, which is why this is one of the rarest types of Bengals today.

Snow Bengal’s unique appearance

Have you ever heard of a snow leopard? This rare type of leopard is pretty much what a Snow Bengal cat looks like. They’re absolutely stunning and, once you see one, it might be hard for you to take your eyes off her. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a lap-sized leopard, this is the closest you’ll get to it!

There are three types of coloring when it comes to Snow Bengals: Lynx Point Tabby, Sepia Tabby, and Mink Tabby. Although they might look similar, there are some differences between these three types of Snow Bengal.

For example, Snow Lynx Bengals are usually creamy in color with some brown edges around their mouth. As they grow up, their extremities darken first, and then their coat markings become more and more prominent. Their eyes are always a beautiful, piercing blue color.

Snow Mink Bengals, on the other hand, are a bit darker with brown patterns. When it comes to their eyes, they come in three colors: aqua blue, green, and sometimes even gold. Their cute nose is pink, but slightly more brown than it’s the case with Snow Lynxes.

Snow Sepia Bengals are the darkest of the three, with their fur being beige with chocolate-colored markings. They’re often referred to as “brown Snow Bengal,” even though they’re not actually that color. Their feet and the tip of their tail are black, while their eyes are either gold, brown, or green, but never blue.

The purrsonality of a Snow Bengal cat

Snow Bengal Cat: The Feline Ice Queen Of Your Dreams

One thing’s for sure – you’ll never be bored with a Snow Bengal cat. They’re very active and demand plenty of attention from their owners. They love having enough room to play, run around, and climb, so don’t be surprised if your whole apartment turns into your Bengal’s playground.

Snow Bengals are super athletic, so make sure you spend enough time playing with them. Your fluff won’t care what time of the day it is. If she feels like playing at two in the morning, that’s exactly what she’ll do. Get a lot of interactive toys because these kitties need plenty of stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

If you plan on getting a Snow Bengal cat but you live in an apartment, get ready to receive some noise complaints. Bengals love to talk, and they make sure their voices are heard. Because of their wild side, these kitties are known for producing a variety of loud noises, including meowing, chirping, trilling, etc…

One thing that’s unique for these felines is that they absolutely love water. Cats are known for hating baths, hoses, pools, and anything that has to do with water, but not Bengals. They’ll happily play in a small pool or drink from a water fountain.

And if that wasn’t enough, Bengals love going out for walks. Just like you would if you owned a dog, you can put your Snow Bengal cat on a leash and take her outside – she’ll love every minute of it!

Because they’re a quite special breed that’s not the easiest to deal with, Snow Bengal cats aren’t the best choice for first-time owners. You need a bit of training and experience for this one, first.

How to take care of your Snow Bengal

Luckily, Snow Bengal cats aren’t demanding when it comes to care. Their coat is pretty easy to maintain, and they’re pretty active, which means they don’t get too big. Still, it’s crucial to know how to take care of your Snow Bengal properly, so let’s go into a bit more detail.

1. Diet

As we’ve already mentioned, your Snow Bengal cat will require plenty of quality time because they’re super active. Because of that, they also need good quality food that will help these sporty felines to build muscle and stay fit.

While she’s still a kitten, make sure you give your furbaby AAFCO-approved food for development and growth. No matter what type of food you choose, make sure it’s made for your feline’s life stage. Don’t be surprised if she eats some raw meat, too. She’s got wild genes, after all.

2. Exercising

Snow Bengal Cat The Feline Ice Queen Of Your Dreams

Because they’re so energetic, Snow Bengals need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Most of the time, Bengals are kept as indoor cats, and for a good reason. They’re pretty luxurious and people would be happy to take one home once they see her.

However, because your Snow Bengal cat spends her life inside, you’ll need to provide her with plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Get her lots of toys and spend some time playing chase with her around your house. These simple things will make your fluff the happiest kitty in the world.

3. Training

No matter how wild and active they can be, Snow Bengals are really easy to train. In fact, training your snow queen can become a regular part of your playtime. If you wish to take your purrer outside, training her to walk on a leash will be like a piece of cake.

Sometimes, they’re like tiny dogs. You can teach your Snow Bengal cat to sit, roll over, fetch, and more! They also love playing games such as hide-and-seek, chase, or food puzzles. I told you, you’ll never be bored with this furry companion!

4. Grooming

Luckily, the coat of Snow Bengals is pretty dense and super short. Because of that, it’s not hard to maintain at all. You can groom her weekly if you’d like to keep your Bengal’s coat shiny and sleek, but she’ll be just fine without it.

Yes, Bengal kitties love water, but your fluff won’t really need a bath that often. Simply clip her nails, brush her teeth, and she’ll be a healthy and beautiful little purrer.

The health of your Snow Bengal cat

Although they’re relatively healthy, Snow Bengals can suffer from some inherited health issues. To avoid this, it’s best to ask your breeder about the medical history of your Bengal’s parents, so you know what to expect.

Of course, just like it’s the case with any cat, you’ll need to take your Snow Bengal to the vet for regular check-ups. If you plan on taking your Bengal for a walk in the great outdoors, make sure she receives all the necessary vaccines that will keep her safe from diseases that she might catch outside.

If you don’t plan on using your Bengal for breeding, it is recommended to spay your fluff. That way you’ll avoid any changes in her behavior that come once she becomes ready to mate. If you don’t, she might become destructive, loud, and quite aggressive.

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Snow Bengal Cat: The Feline Ice Queen Of Your Dreams