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Pregnant Stray Cat Peeks Through The Screen Door Looking For Food

Pregnant Stray Cat Peeks Through The Screen Door Looking For Food

I am sure that most of you have seen a wandering kitty in your yard or somewhere in the city you live in.

These little vagabonds – when they are not fortunate enough to have a family of their own – are forced to roam around this world in search of a good hooman to pet them, give them some food, and potentially even offer them their very own furrever home.

Some of these kitties do in fact get adopted by good people, and some unfortunately do not.

I can assure you of that from personal experience. All three of my furbabies were previously strays. There is something truly special when you know you have opened the doors of your home (and your heart!) to a little fluffball who was unfortunate enough to experience life on the street.

These bundles of joy do come unexpectedly into our lives having a lot of trust issues. But once they get over them (which they inevitably all do) they make it their life’s mission to give us, their human parents, all the love in the world in return.

A similar turn of events happened to Finn and her fiancé. One lovely late autumn day Finn noticed something moving in her backyard.

After looking a little closer, she saw that it was in fact a little cat. Since Finn and her fiancé lived in a very rural area, they had no idea whose cat it was and where she came from. The only thing they were certain about was that the cat appeared lost and in search of food.

They simply could not bear the thought of having a hungry wandering kitty as their visitor in their yard, so they decided to leave her some food to feast upon.

This small gesture of kindness continued in the following days as they made it a part of their daily routine to leave some food on their porch for the kitty to find.

The cat was very skittish, but she accepted their food nevertheless. They named her Charlie, and even though she was very reserved when it came to their company, they still grew to love her. She kept her distance for days, but soon her walls started to tumble down, and she became more and more friendly.

After a couple of days, Finn and her fiancé noticed Charlie’s belly was swollen a bit. It turned out that Charlie was a momma-to-be. How wonderful!

Credit: The Dodo

Both of them agreed that now they cannot stop helping and feeding Charlie, but rather make it their mission to ensure that Charlie stays healthy, happy, well-fed, and safe. Not only were they now responsible for an adult kitty, but also for the kittens that she was supposed to bring into this world.

As time passed and her tummy grew bigger and bigger, Charlie grew closer and closer to her new human friends. She saw a glimmer of hope in them, a saving grace that will help her find her place in this world and help her kittens once they are born.

Charlie almost completely ditched her fear of Finn and her fiancé. When the time to be fed came, she would come to their front porch and paw at their screen window looking for them. And that was the cutest sight ever!

However, as the winter approached and the weather started to be colder and colder, Finn and her fiancé thought that it would be a good idea to lure Charlie into their home. However, that was a big step for Charlie and one she still could not make.

So, Finn came up with a great idea. She placed a heat lamp outside for Charlie to keep her warm. And she adored it!

But, Charlie disappeared one day from their porch, only to return a couple of days later looking for food. It was obvious that she went somewhere to give birth to her kittens. So they fed her and decided to carefully watch where she would go, in hopes they will learn where her babies were.

But to their surprise, Charlie hadn’t gone that far. In fact, her little family was right there under their porch. This was proof that Charlie loved and respected her human friends as she deemed their porch as the safest place for her babies to be born in.

Charlie stayed under for several weeks, leaving the nest only when she was hungry. But once the spring sun finally shone its rays on their porch, Charlie and her babies were ready to leave their little nook.

Charlie came with three kittens. Two were tabbies, just like their momma, and one was black and white – and all three were incredibly adorable!

Credit: The Dodo

Finn and her fiancé were so thrilled Charlie finally decided to show them her babies. Charlie proved to be a very good mother. She took such good care of her kittens, very rarely leaving their side.

Both of them fell in love with her kittens, decided to keep the black and white one and find a happy home for the two tabby ones.

And of course, they decided to keep Charlie, too. They just couldn’t imagine their life without her “lurking” on their porch. Who could possibly blame them for that, right?

Pregnant Stray Cat Peeks Through The Screen Door Looking For Food