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Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix: The Fluffy Buddy You Need

Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix: The Fluffy Buddy You Need

The Norwegian Forest cat Ragdoll mix is one of the most majestic creatures. They’re elegant, they’re beautiful, and they have a specific personality that will probably melt your heart.

This unusual but gorgeous cross-breed has so many interesting traits that you’d want to love and cherish her for the rest of her 9 lives.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know before you bring one home. It’s important to have all the information before you take this step, as it’s a big cat with some special requirements.

The appearance of a Norwegian Forest cat Ragdoll mix

Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix: The Fluffy Buddy You Need

1. She’s a large cat

Both the Norwegian Forest and Ragdolls are quite large cats. The Norwegian Forest cat can get almost as big as a Maine Coon, which means that they’re one of the largest domestic cats in the world.

Both breeds can weigh up to 20 pounds, but they can also grow up to 12 inches tall. This means that this will be a large cat that looks even bigger because of her long and fluffy coat.

This information is important as you’ll need a lot more space for this cross-breed than some other cats that you may run across.

2. Muscular body

When you mix a Norwegian Forest cat with a Ragdoll you get a giant cat that’s also extremely strong and muscular. Both of these breeds have defined muscles and a very lean body if they’re taken care of correctly.

Your new cat will have a sturdy body that’s also very athletic. Her large frame and wide chest will help her hunt down rodents, but also give her the strength to jump around and climb pretty much anything.

A Ragdoll cat doesn’t have the agility of a Norwegian Forest cat, but this mix can create a balance between the mellow Ragdoll and the adventurous Wegie. This way, you’ll have a feline that can do a lot of damage, but she’ll be too lazy to do anything about it.

3. A gorgeous face shape

The Norwegian Forest cat has a triangular face that resembles the shape of a Maine Coon, however, they have quite round eyes which gives their face an adorable look. This cat is quite regal in appearance because of its long nose and flat forehead.

The Ragdoll has a wedge-shaped face, but they have a flat skull with very chubby-looking cheeks.

When you find a Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix, you’ll see that every single one of those kittens looks different. Your little chosen kitten can have an aristocratic look on her face, but she can also look like the most adorable cuddle buddy.

So, it’s genuinely a gamble, as these features tend to mix and match with every cross-breed kitten that is born. Either way, her face will be absolutely gorgeous.

4. Long fur

The main thing that both of these cats have in common is their long coat. The Norwegian Forest cat has a long coat and an undercoat because of the low temperatures in Norway and the huge amount of snow that they have to endure.

However, differently from other long-coated cats, Ragdolls actually don’t have an undercoat, they just have a long, silky smooth coat that’s quite wonderful to look at.

Your little cross-breed kitty can have a variety of different colors, patterns, and markings on her coat. However, you’ll most likely see a variation of very light colors because Ragdolls are usually very light in color.

5. Fluffy tail and ear tuffs

What’s also extremely special about a Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix is the fact that this cross-breed really takes the best of both worlds. Both of these cats have a long and fluffy tail and very fluffy ears.

The tail makes them seem even longer than they actually are, but the ear tuffs make them seem cuter.

So, once you bring your little kitten home, she’ll most probably need time to develop these features, but they’ll be visible from a very young age. You’ll have the perfect fluffy gremlin to roam around your house.

Personality traits of the Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix

Now that we’ve disclosed what a Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix actually looks like, we can talk about the personality traits that make them so unique and wonderful.

If you choose this cross-breed to be your companion you’ll be in awe of how tame, and cuddly they are, so your little kitten will be the best friend to your entire family.

1. Calm and gentle

Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix: The Fluffy Buddy You Need

Bigger domestic cats are almost always very calm and mellow. They’re used to a slow life, even though they’re this big. A Norwegian Forest cat can be quite lively, but in combination with a Ragdoll cat, she’ll be the calmest feline that you’ve ever seen.

So, once you go out of your way to adopt this cat, you’ll see that she’ll never be on the counter throwing things around. She’ll never attack someone, nor will she meow her little heart out for attention.

These cats are considered to be the best cats for people who’ve never owned a cat before, as they’re absolutely the best companions. Sometimes, you may even think that she’s lazy for just roaming around and sleeping the entire day, but that’s what cats do. Especially this cross-breed.

2. Friendly to children and other pets

Another reason why the Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix is known as one of the most family-friendly felines is because they’re great with children and other animals.

Both of these breeds individually are quite big, which is why other animals respect them. No domestic animal would consciously attack another animal that’s bigger and stronger than them.

They’re also very calm, as stated before. This means that they won’t lose their temper easily. Once you bring your kitten home, you’ll see, as she grows older, that she can withstand rougher playtime with children. Sometimes even play fighting with other animals won’t set her off into an aggressive episode.

If it happens that she’s at her wit’s end, she will fight back. However, this won’t happen unless someone genuinely hurts her.

So, if you own a dog and your cat has had enough, she’ll definitely scratch his nose, or bite her way to freedom. But she won’t continue hurting him after she’s free. The same goes for your children.

That’s why you need to make sure that your cat feels safe at all times, but with this cross-breed, you don’t have to be as careful as with other breeds.

3. Intelligent and easily trainable

Another thing that is quite common with the Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix is that they’re extremely intelligent. They’re very sociable creatures that love to be around other cats and kids, to play and interact with them.

Because of their high intelligence, they’re also easier to train than other felines. You’ll be able to teach her little tricks here and there to maintain the bond that you have but also to have a little party trick up your sleeve.

For example, you probably saw that people use clickers to teach tricks to their pets. After a while, the pet will understand that the click combined with the execution of a trick will get them the treat they crave.

The same thing goes for the Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix. She’ll want to get that treat, so she’ll do the fun tricks that you teach her. After some time, she won’t even be needing the treat, because she’ll associate the click with approval.

You can teach her to sit, play dead, roll over, fetch something, and so on. It’s quite fun!

4. She will fall asleep when you hold her

Do you know where the name for the Ragdoll cats came from? Well, this breed was given this specific name because of their tendency to go completely limp once they’re lifted – just like a rag doll.

This means that you need to handle them with even more tenderness than other cats because they trust you entirely.

On the other hand, a Norwegian Forest cat isn’t really a lap cat. She doesn’t like to be held or carried around for too long.

So, when you come across this cross-breed, you’ll get the rag-doll behavior of one breed and combine it with the mellow attitude of the other. This will quite possibly give you the perfect cuddle buddy, that will always fall asleep when you’re holding her.

This doesn’t have to be true for every specimen, because a Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix can have different types of behavior depending on her upbringing, her genetic profile, and so on.

5. She can be quite vocal

Norwegian Forest Cat Ragdoll Mix: The Fluffy Buddy You Need

You probably know until now that a Norwegian Forest cat isn’t the most vocal feline in the world. However, the Ragdoll cat is a completely different story!

She’ll meow until you give her the attention that she needs, and she won’t stop even afterward.

Again, depending on the genetics and the upbringing of your cat, she can become either-or, or she could become a fine balance between these two breeds.

Either way, a Norwegian Forest Ragdoll mix is one of those cats that you’ll want to listen to the entire day. She’s just that adorable!