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Norwegian Forest Cat Mix: 7 Signs Your Cat Is A Wegie Mix

Norwegian Forest Cat Mix: 7 Signs Your Cat Is A Wegie Mix

Is your cat a Norwegian Forest cat mix?

You’re eyeing your kitty, and she really looks more majestic than the average cat. She looks like something out of a movie!

You’ve seen pictures of Norwegian Forest cats, and you genuinely think they’re the most beautiful breed you ever laid eyes on. And now you realize there are a few similarities between your furry friend and this fairy tale wonder.

It didn’t matter to you at the beginning, actually. You love your meower the same, no matter if she’s a simple tabby or an actual purebred cat.

However, knowing her heritage can actually be very helpful. When it comes to grooming your cat or taking care of their health, the difference in breed can actually hold significance.

That’s exactly why we’ve compiled a list of indicators that your cat is a Norwegian Forest cat mix. While a purebred cat will, of course, have all of these traits, a mixed cat will have a couple of them.

Nonetheless, if you’re still confused about your cat’s breed after reading this article, you can always take her to the vet and see what they have to say about it.

7 ways to tell if your cat is a Norwegian Forest cat mix

Norwegian Forest Cat Mix: 7 Signs Your Cat Is A Wegie Mix

1. Size

The Norwegian Forest cat is huge. Compared to the average kitto, it really is quite big.

The average male can weigh from 10 to 20 pounds. A female is more delicate and elegant, but she can also grow into a large, 8 to 18-pound cat. This will probably be the first indicator that your house cat could be a Norwegian Forest cat mix.

A full-grown cat of this breed can average 9 to 12 inches in height. While this may not seem impressive, it must be noted that their size transfers into other parts as well.

A Wegie’s paws will seem huge in comparison to those of other cats. Their ears can also be much taller than your typical moggy.

These traits will be the first you’ll notice because once your cat starts outgrowing her feline friends, you won’t help but ask questions.

So, does the size of your cat give you the feeling that she could be mixed with a cat that looks like it just jumped out of a fantasy novel?

2. Coat

Even though size is an indicator that your cat may be a Norwegian Forest cat mix, the most reliable giveaway is the coat.

If your cat is a Wegie mix, then the coat will be fluffy and big. Because they’re used to cold, harsh temperatures, they’ve got a coat type that actually changes with the seasons. They can even look chubby and gain weight because of their thick fur in the winter.

Their long, double-layered coats are very shiny and water-resistant. It makes these cats much less scared of water, which in turn makes them easier to groom and take care of.

A simple neighborhood tabby cat wouldn’t have this type of fur – unless it’s a Ragdoll or Maine Coon mix, then their fur could also have these characteristics.

3. Shape of the head

A Norwegian Forest cat mix wouldn’t have the typical round-shaped head. However, they also wouldn’t have the same long face that a Maine Coon has.

A Wegie’s face is rather triangular. They have a straight nose and a flat forehead. You’ll have to really look in order to distinguish these features, but it’s quite possible that your cat will look this way at first glance.

If it’s a mixed cat, then you may not really have these specific features. You may be able to notice there’s something different, but it could just be that she was mixed with a breed that sports a different head shape.

4. Body shape

The shape of a cat’s body can be hard to pinpoint, especially if the breed has a long coat – all you can see is the fluff!

So, how could you even determine your cat’s body type?

Well, for starters, a Norwegian Forest cat mix will have a muscular body. Their limbs are extremely strong, which is great for climbing on things, jumping, and hunting.

Their back legs are longer than their front legs, which makes them great at launching onto high places. For a cat that’s mostly in the house (which I assume is the case with your cat), it’s not the most fun trait. She can probably reach every countertop.

If your furball is a Wegie mix, then their paws will likely be huge as well, which we already covered. But it’s all of these traits that make them great hunters during the winter. Their bodies are made for hunting in harsh, snowy conditions.

5. Tail

Norwegian Forest Cat Mix: 7 Signs Your Cat Is A Wegie Mix

The tail of a Norwegian Forest cat is quite similar to a Maine Coon’s.

The first time you lay eyes on this breed, you’ll instantly fall in love with her long, bushy tail. It just looks so comfortable to cuddle with! Not to mention how majestically she swivels it around while she’s napping.

If it’s a mixed cat we’re talking about, it may not have a huge tail like the cats in the pictures. It could be smaller, but it should definitely be bushier than average.

But, to be honest, many different cat breeds have a bushy and long tail. So if this is the only trait, you’ll want to consider other breeds that your cat may be mixed with.

6. Ears

If your cat looks atypical, it may be because she’s a Norwegian Forest cat mix. Even though she wouldn’t show all the traits of this breed, she’d still have some distinguishable features.

One of these features is long and bushy ears. Their ears are rounded, but they still have ear tufts (also known as lynx tips). Combine that with ear furnishings, and you’ll have the most adorable ears in the world.

Ear tufts grow from the tips of the ears, while ear furnishings grow on the inside of the ears.

Ear furnishings have the ability to shield them from the cold, prevent dirt from getting into their ears, and enhance their hearing because they direct the sound into the ears.

7. Purrsonality

You’ve been wondering if your house cat is a Norwegian Forest cat mix. It seems like something that can be determined by appearance alone, right?

Well, you’d be wrong. You can differentiate by their personality as well!

For example, a Wegie is extremely independent and won’t like too much cuddling. But she’s still highly sociable and playful when she wants to be.

This cat breed is an excellent hunter, loves the water, and is superb at climbing and jumping onto surfaces that are very high.

However, every cat is unique and different. Just like humans are!

If your cat is showing personality traits different from those just mentioned, it doesn’t mean that she’s not a Norwegian Forest cat mix. It may mean that the life she’s had up to this point has made her into the cat that she is today.

For example, a normal tabby would be much more playful and cuddly than a Wegie. If she’s a purebred cat, she can become playfully aggressive quite quickly, because her hunting instincts kick in much stronger.

What to do if your cat is a Norwegian Forest cat mix

If you see some or even all of these traits in your house cat, then you’re probably on the right path to finding out what she’s mixed with.

But does that mean you should change anything in your behavior or care because of that? I wouldn’t say so.

The main thing that you need to understand is the personality of your cat. You may want to play with her often, but if she continues to become aggressive, then you’ll need to limit that.

On the other hand, your main concern should be grooming. A Wegie mix will need to be groomed more often and much more thoroughly than the average cat.

Taking care of your furry friend should be a priority. Nonetheless, if you’ve had your cat for a long time now, then we’re sure you’ve been taking good care of her.

Figuring out she may be a Norwegian Forest cat mix only makes things much more interesting. Other than that, the love you give her should be just the same.