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Norwegian Forest Cat Food: The Best Diet For Your Wegie

Norwegian Forest Cat Food: The Best Diet For Your Wegie

When you’re looking for a cuddly, soft, and huge feline breed, a Wegie is always a good choice. But you may be worried about what to feed this purrer. A breed such as a Norwegian Forest cat certainly requires some special food to keep her in good shape. So, what should be a part of her diet?

Norwegian Forest cats are large, but that doesn’t mean they’re rough with people or that they don’t know how to express love. Instead, they’re surprisingly affectionate and playful. On top of that, their thick coat makes them so soft that you won’t want to let them leave your lap.

But even though you’re a fan of this kitty’s purrsonality, you may be wary of her eating habits. Before she was domesticated, her ancestors lived in Norwegian forests, so you know that she used to hunt for some seriously good quality food.

Will you be able to provide her with all the nutrients she needs? And how do you feed her a proper diet that’ll keep her in impeccable shape?

Let’s find out everything you’re curious about when it comes to Norwegian Forest cat food.

Things to know when buying your Norwegian Forest cat food

Norwegian Forest Cat Food: The Best Diet For Your Wegie

At first glance, you’ll notice how thick she is. That is thanks to her double coat.

A Wegie’s winter coat consists of an undercoat that serves as insulation and ensures your kitty stays warm during colder months. Her upper coat is water-repellent and protects her from getting wet.

During summer, a Wegie sheds her coat. At this time, her long, luscious fur becomes semi-long since she lets go of her undercoat to avoid overheating.

All this being said, it’s obvious that this breed is prone to shedding and needs a healthy diet to keep her fur in tip-top condition. She needs nutrients such as omega-3 and omega-6 to maintain her skin’s barrier role and keep her coat shiny and healthy.

Another important thing is keeping your cat’s urinary system healthy. Like many other feline breeds, a Norwegian Forest cat is also prone to urinary tract issues. So, she needs all the necessary minerals to keep UTIs at bay.

Also, this breed is quite hefty, which means that she can eat a lot. I know that almost all cats love to indulge in food and sometimes, you can’t resist their pleading looks. But you need to keep your cat’s weight under control.

Norwegian Forest cats can suffer from bad joints due to their size, so you need to ensure her diet won’t make her overweight and will take care of her bones and joints.

How to feed your Norwegian Forest cat the right way

Knowing that you’re in charge of your cat’s diet may make you feel anxious. You don’t want to feed her unhealthy food. You also don’t want her to experience any of the health issues due to the wrong diet.

That’s why it’s crucial to know what you’re doing. Your feline’s health depends on you, and this is how you can keep her happy and well-fed.

1. Meet her nutritional needs

Like any other cat breed, your Wegie needs to eat protein-based food. Experimenting with vegan or vegetarian options isn’t the right choice, no matter what you think. So, ensure your cat eats high-quality food made from animal meat.

A Norwegian Forest cat will be happy and satisfied as long as her diet consists of meat. Don’t buy her food made out of meat byproducts, since it doesn’t have all the necessary nutrients. You want to look for something that has meat listed as the first main ingredient.

Also, don’t forget that she needs to eat food that contains taurine. This is an important amino acid that will keep her heart and vision healthy.

2. Avoid free-feeding

Some cat parents may opt for free-feeding their feline. But when you’re an owner of a Norwegian Forest cat, you shouldn’t even consider this option.

This breed is prone to overeating, which can make her obese. This additional weight will put unnecessary pressure on her joints and can cause her a range of health issues.

So, it’s best to limit her meal portions and feed her twice a day. Also, it’s important to give her proper meal sizes. Assuming that you need to give her bigger portions simply because she eats two meals a day can also make her obese.

It’s best to follow the feeding guidelines that are usually stated on the food package. Take the daily recommended amount of food and divide it into two meals for a healthy and well-proportioned diet.

3. Choose healthy treats

Let’s be honest, all cats love treats. But that doesn’t mean that you should let them indulge in plenty of treats or are allowed to opt for unhealthy options.

One treat a day is enough – you don’t want to overdo it. Also, when choosing treats, make sure to pick high-protein options, such as those made from turkey or chicken. These are the best choices for your Wegie.

4. Don’t forget about the water

Norwegian Forest Cat Food: The Best Diet For Your Wegie

As important as it is to give your kitty well-balanced meals, it’s also important to keep her hydrated. Cats are terrible at drinking water, especially out of their water bowl. No matter how thirsty they are, water isn’t going to tickle their fancy.

So, if you want to keep your cat hydrated, try getting her a water fountain. This should spark her interest in water and satisfy her thirst levels.

Our top 3 Norwegian Forest cat food choices

Now that you know the ground rules regarding your cat’s diet, you probably want to find out which cat food to get. The market is filled with so many different choices that it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Does your cat need something specifically made for her breed? Does she need dry or wet food? What’s the best option to satisfy your Wegie’s dietary needs?

Finding an appropriate food for your furball may seem like a daunting task. In the end, you’re responsible for your cat’s health, and you want to provide her with what’s best for her.

So, we’ve compiled a list of good food choices for your Norwegian Forest cat.

1. Royal Canin Norwegian Forest Cat Adult

This cat food is made specifically for Wegies. It has all the nutrients to keep your cat’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. It will also provide your kitto with the necessary fiber to help her eliminate hairballs.

This cat food also has all the minerals necessary for a healthy urinary tract. And let’s not forget that this formula is meant to maintain your cat’s healthy weight, which in turn helps to protect her joints from any unnecessary stress.

2. Purina ONE +Plus Hairball Formula

Purina ONE Natural Cat Food for Hairball Control, +PLUS Hairball Formula
$34.48 ($2.16 / lb)
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02/23/2024 06:37 pm GMT

If your Norwegian Forest cat has issues with hairballs, especially during shedding season, this specific cat food is a great option.

Firstly, its main ingredient is chicken, which should satisfy your cat’s need for protein. It also contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to keep your feline healthy and happy.

The greatest thing about this cat food is that it’s fiber-rich, which will help your kitty digest all those ingested hairballs. It will also support her muscles and keep her heart strong and healthy.

3. Purina Pro Plan Vital Systems 4-in-1 Chicken and Egg Adult Dry Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan Vital Systems Chicken and Egg Formula 4-in-1 Adult Dry Cat Food
$23.98 ($7.99 / lb)
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/23/2024 06:42 pm GMT

Even though this cat food isn’t specifically made for Norwegian Forest cats, it’s a good option for your furry monster. Its first ingredient is chicken, which should meet your cat’s need for protein. This dry cat food is also rich in fiber, which will help her with passing hairballs.

This food provides your Wegie with all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for her health. It’s important to mention that it has no meat byproducts, so you can rest assured knowing that your cat is eating what’s good for her.

Even picky eaters seem to love this one, so you shouldn’t have issues with your cat either. I’m sure she’s going to munch on her meals happily, enjoying the flavor and all the benefits this food brings.

Of course, if you at any point notice that your cat doesn’t seem to like any of the food options mentioned above, make sure to swap them out for something else. Your Wegie won’t tolerate eating something she doesn’t like, and she’s going to make sure you know that.

But once you find the cat food that’s beneficial for her and that she loves, you’ll be able to enjoy your days with her knowing that she has all she needs to lead a happy and healthy life.