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No One Wanted To Hold This Diseased Cat But One Woman Couldn’t Care Less

No One Wanted To Hold This Diseased Cat But One Woman Couldn’t Care Less

All cats are equal and deserve to be loved. End of discussion! Unfortunately, some of them don’t get a chance to lead a happy life due to their condition. Even though they’re still full of love they would love to share with people, some of us decide to avoid them since they’re not as “perfect” as they’re supposed to be.

But cats are fighters and Valentino is a real proof of that. He defeated all odds and got the happy ending every kitty deserves.

His touching story begins at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter in Los Angeles County, where he was discovered by a wonderful woman, Elaine Seamans. When she first found Valentino, he was in a really bad condition, and it broke her heart into pieces.

This tiny feline hero was suffering from sarcoptic mange, a skin infection caused by mites. It affects cats and dogs, but it can also spread to humans, causing a mild rash. Poor Valention was covered in dirt, his eyes were completely shut, and his condition left him all alone at the shelter simply because he wasn’t a perfect cat.

This kitty was also blind but he found his way of communicating and did his best to show people that he was longing for human love. As Elaine was passing by, he felt her presence and started meowing softly.

The moment she saw him all alone, lost, and scared, was the time her heart tore in two. She knew she had to help him, no matter what.

Credit: Pawpulous

As she was observing Valentino, she realized that he was craving the touch of someone who truly cared. He longed to be held so she bravely decided to pick him up, despite his disease. She didn’t put on any gloves and instead made skin-to-fur contact with this poor kitty. It was an act full of love and trust.

As she held him close, she could feel just how fragile and weak he was, and she was scared he might pass away right there in her arms. But, she wouldn’t let that happen. She was determined to give Valentino a new chance at life, so she contacted her friend Toby, who worked at Leave No Paws Behind.

They teamed up to help Valentino fight through his condition and took him to a vet right away. That’s when they found out that Valentino wasn’t only battling sarcoptic mange, but he also had a bacterial infection and a bleeding ulcer.

This poor fluff was going through a lot, and it was a heartbreaking thing to see. All they wanted to do was give him some relief and protect him. Although his health was rapidly deteriorating, they knew Valentino had a fighting spirit that wouldn’t give up easily. So, they decided to be there for him in his battles.

Valentino received a ton of love and affection from his saviors and thankfully, he responded positively to the treatment. A week later, he was finally able to open his eyes and this moment truly felt surreal.

A pair of breathtaking, emerald green eyes was staring at Elaine and her friend. It was a look full of love that took their breath away.

Credit: Pawpulous

Despite his skin condition, Valentino’s health was getting better and better. Just like that, this brave kitty embarked on the road to recovery. As the days passed, Valentino underwent a complete transformation.

It’s like the story of the Ugly Duckling, really. After Valentino recovered from his illness, he turned out to be a magnificent senior tiger cat, simply brimming with beauty and resilience.

After three months of dedicated care, love, and many different treatments, something incredible happened. The people who took care of Valentino couldn’t give him away. They grew close to this fluff who didn’t want to give up on his life so they decided that they wouldn’t leave him.

I believe that all of Valentino’s feline dreams came true when his foster family gave him a forever home, right there with them. The love and affection they shared created an unbreakable bond between them.

Today, when you look at Valentino, you can’t comprehend what he looked like three months ago. To all the people who had a chance to hear his story, he became an embodiment of hope and second chances.

This lovely purrer is no longer confined by illnesses and struggles. He found a new purpose in life – raising funds for the rescue and care of other senior animals that are in the same condition as he was once.

His journey was a rough one, but he made sure to fight through it. From a devastating condition, he turned into a real inspiration for people all over the world. His story truly is a real example of how much love can do for you.

Credit: Pawpulous

We all have this ability to help those in need and to change their lives for the better simply by being there for them. It’s such a simple act of kindness that can make a huge difference.

So, next time you see a fluff who’s struggling, don’t turn your head the other way, assuming that someone else will help them. Instead, be the change you want to see in the world. Remember, your love and care can give someone a new chance at life, so use that opportunity whenever you can.

Show them that, despite their age and the state they’re in, they still deserve a chance to live. Give them the love, care, safety, and protection they desperately need, and you’ll see just how much joy our furry friends can bring into our lives.