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300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

One thing’s certain – names for Persian cats should be as special as these cuddly felines are. Your favorite specimen of the breed deserves to have a name that’s worthy of her, so you can’t just give her the first moniker that comes to mind and call it a day.

Persian cats are probably one of the cuddliest and fluffiest breeds in the whole feline world. They’re the definition of the perfect indoor pet that’ll give you all the love and affection you’re looking for.

They’re gentle and sweet kitties that are always ready to take a nap in your lap. Can you imagine owning a cat that doesn’t get bored of cuddles? What a dream!

So, when you’re looking for a name for your adorable Persian, you have to make a bit more effort and provide your feline with the best name ever. And we’re here to help you with that.

Royal names for Persian cats

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

Persian cats have always been popular among members of the royal family. So, it’s only obvious that they’re worthy of a regal name that they can carry around with the greatest pride.

If you want to give your pet a noble name that’s going to show the world how magnificent she actually is, then keep on reading. We’ve got plenty of options!

1. King

2. Queen

3. Caesar

4. Cleopatra

5. Duke

6. Earl

7. Prince

8. Princess

9. Duchess

10. Marie Antoinette

11. Victoria

12. William

13. Henry

14. Elizabeth

15. Diana

16. Arthur

17. Charles

18. Richard

19. Alexander

20. Lionheart

21. Majesty

22. Empress 

23. Lady

24. Duke Purrington

25. Aristocat 

26. Emperor

27. Lord

28. Tiara

29. Empress Fluff

30. Beatrix

31. Josephine

32. Anne

33. Charlotte

34. Harry

35. Louis

36. James

37. Belle

38. King Leonidas

39. Jasmine

40. Prince Charming

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

41. Princess Aurora

42. Princess Leia

43. Queen of Hearts

44. Edgar

45. Genevieve

46. Eugenia

47. Beatrice

48. Mirabelle

49. Delphine

50. Hermes

51. Lancelot

52. Olympus

53. Elsa

54. Rapunzel

55. Mia

56. Maribel

57. Courtenay

58. Byron

59. Russell

Gentle cat names for your placid Persian

Your Persian is probably the sweetest and most tamed kitty you know. This breed should carry the title of the most gentle pet, and that’s why they deserve a name that proves that.

Their personality is adorable, and you want everyone to know it. This mellow, gentle kitty deserves to carry a moniker that’ll represent everything she is.

60. Twinky

61. Angel

62. Gem

63. Precious

64. Sugar

65. Milo

66. Ollie

67. Daisy

68. Gracie

69. Sunny

70. Poppy

71. Teddy Ruxpin

72. Coco

73. Kiki

74. Dottie

75. Lulu

76. Ollie

77. Nala

78. Willow

79. Airy

80. Breezy

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

81. Chilly

82. Decaf

83. Laze

84. Mild

85. Napper

86. Siesta

87. Snoozer

88. Slack

89. Cleo

90. Skye

91. Loki

92. Frosty

93. Pickles

94. Bean

95. Millie

96. Penny

97. Ralphie

98. Bubba

99. Holly

100. Maple

101. Ivy

102. Iris

103. Pixie

104. Ginny

105. Babe

106. Ziggy

107. Lizzo

108. Darcy

109. Pippy

110. Bella

111. Rue

112. Baloo

113. Bubbles

114. Cupcake

115. Snuggles

116. Socks

117. Kiara

118. Sparkle

119. Rainbow

120. Bambi

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

121. Lulu

122. Leia

123. Crystal

124. Missie

125. Dorry

126. Roya

127. Nur

128. Nabil

129. Opie

130. Puddy Tat

Cat names suitable for your fluffy Persian

Persian cats have the fluffiest fur ever. Their double-layer coat provides them with luscious fluff that’s the softest thing you’ll ever touch. It’s no wonder you want to cuddle them all day long!

So, it’s only logical that you want to name your feline after one of her most prominent features – her fur. Let’s see some of the options for a great fluffball name.

131. Locky

132. Fluffy

133. Furby

134. Lord Furrball

135. King Tummyrub

136. Prince Snugglebug

137. Sir Snugglepaws

138. Prince Fluffypants

139 Sir Purrcivus Snuggleton

140. Marshmallow

141. Bear

142. Cotton Candy

143. Fluffmaster

144. Feathers

145. Fluffmonster

146. Fuzzy

147. Puffy

148. Ruffles

149. Silky

150. Curly

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

151. Harriet

152. Fleecy

153. Scruffy

154. Puffy

155. Velvet

156. Cashmere

157. Winston Furchill

158. Faux Hauk

159. Mr. Frizzle

160. Mayor Fluffington

161. Mariah Hairy

162. Poof Daddy

163. Furcules

164. Doughnut

165. Blanky

166. Pom Pom

167. Captain Fluff

168. Paddington

169. Butterball

170. Rapunzel

171. Fuzzy-Wuzzy

172. Jellybean

173. Powderpuff

174. Tubby

175. Churro

176. Furby

177. Muffin

178. Moose

179. Silkie

180. Cloud

181. Flannel

182. Pancake

183. Puffy

184. Powder Puff

185. Fluffernutter

186. Mr. Fluffy Pants

187. Figaro

188. Goldilocks

189. Ponytail

190. Mohawk

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

191. Pocahontas

192. Faux Paw

193. Furnando

194. Buttons

195. Panda

196. Penguin

197. Mufasa

198. Hairy

199. Tarzan

Names for Persian cats that are perfect for any color kitty

Persian cats come in different colors: white, black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, and lilac. But it doesn’t matter which one you get, as they’re all equally adorable and affectionate.

However, choosing the right one for your kitty can be a challenge. If you’re looking for a name that will match your cat’s fur color, then we have plenty to choose from. We’re sure you’ll be able to find something you like.

200. Salmon

201. Goldfish

202. Tofu

203. Buttercup

204. Spice

205. Goldie

206. Margo

207. Dewey

208. Sterling

209. Oatmeal

210. Fudge

211. Sahara

212. Sandy

213. Amethyst

214. Tiger Lily

215. Popcorn

216. Snowball

217. Zorro

218. Sparkle

219. Chester

220. Garfield

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

221. Flame

222. Pumpkin

223. Mocha

224. Mittens

225. Oreo

226. Ginger

227. Honey

228. Coconut

229. Peanut

230. Onyx

231. Ebony

232. Ash

233. Steel

234. Grayson

235. Smokey

236. Silver

237. Noodle

238. Alabaster

239. Moon

240. Pearl

241. Ivory

242. Bronze

243. Cheerio

244. Ghost

245. Misty

246. Snowy

247. Ember

248. Saffron

249. Cocoa

250. Cinnamon

251. Pepper

252. Nutmeg

253. Casper

254. Glacier

255. Angelica

256. Obsidian

257. Ash

258. Twilight

259. Panther

260. Misty

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

261. Blanca

262. Pitch

263. Inky

264. Graphite

265. Charcoal

266. Sunset

267. Fanta

268. Red Leicester

Persian cat names for real foodies

Like any other breed, Persian cats are big food lovers. They enjoy munching on treats and could probably spend whole days eating. Even though they just had a meal, you’ll probably find them scratching the cabinet where you keep the cat food, trying to get their paws onto something delicious.

If this description matches your cat completely, then giving her a name inspired by food makes total sense. We’re sure your little gourmet diner will appreciate it.

269. Peppermint

270. Candy

271. Snickers

272. Taco

273. Bagel

274. Gelato

275. Nugget

276. Cherry

277. Ruby

278. Rose

279. Rusty

280. Clay

281. Lion

282. Sprinkles

283. Tater Tot

284. Twizzler

285. Penne

286. Caesar

287. Dumpling

288. Waffle

289. Nougat

290. Vanilla

300+ Names For Persian Cats Worthy Of Your Cuddly Feline

291. Clementine

292. Creamsicle

293. Peaches

294. Lollipop

295. Edamame

296. Sous Chef

297. Spam

298. Brownie

299. Hershey

300. Cheeto

301. Pringle

302. Sesame

303. Sage

How to choose the right name for your cat?

What now?! You have all these options, but the issue is that you like the most of them. How can you pick a name and be sure that you won’t regret it in a month’s time? How do you know that it’s going to suit your kitty?

Choosing the moniker for your feline may seem like an easy task, but the moment you start the process, it can quickly become quite daunting. That’s why we’ve gathered some tips to help you make a decision. If you follow these rules, you’re not going to regret your choice.

1. Don’t rush

Don’t think that you have to name your kitty the day you bring her home. That way, you may end up making a mistake and giving her a name you won’t like in a week’s time.

So, it’s better to take some time and observe your kitty’s traits. What’s something you like the most about her? This could be your starting point for choosing the perfect name.

2. Don’t overcomplicate it

Names that consist of three or more words may sound funny and different, but are they practical? Do you think that your kitty will be able to learn her name?

It’s best not to complicate things and to choose something that’s easy to remember. You can pick a unique name and still keep it simple.

3. Make a selection

We’ve provided you with a list of more than 300 names for Persian cats. What you should do now is make a shortlist of those you like the most.

You can pick a name or two out of each category or choose multiple names from the same category. Eventually, once you narrow it down to the top contenders, it’s easier to choose the name that stands out the most – the one that resonates with your furbaby the best.

Don’t bother about what others have to say about it. Your cat, your rules!