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Meet Mama Cat And Her 4 Kittens (P.S. Two Of Them Are Actually Polydactyl)

Meet Mama Cat And Her 4 Kittens (P.S. Two Of Them Are Actually Polydactyl)

Cats are curious creatures, right?

When we’re talking about cats’ toes – and we’re talking about them all the time – we’re typically referring to the five toes on their front paws and four on their back paws.

Polydactyl cats, however, have an extra toe or two that makes them appear even more adorable. Polydactyl cats are rare and that’s why we’re over the moon to talk about them every chance we get.

Now, the term “polydactyl” comes from a Greek word that translates to “many fingers.” Most polydactyl cats end up with one or two toes that aren’t supposed to be there.

Many of them end up with plenty of extra appendages, though – sometimes up to nine toes per paw. Not to mention that many of them end up attracting much more attention than they’re willing. Needless to say, people aren’t able to resist the extra toe beans, either.

Moreover, most polydactyl cats have elongated toes that produce distinctive paw prints. Polydactyl kittens look like they’re wearing mittens because they’re awarded with toes that are much, much bigger than they’re supposed to be.

On the off chance that you get your hands on a polydactyl kitten – don’t worry, be happy. Don’t worry because polydactyl cats don’t suffer from health problems related to the mutation that causes them to be born with extra extremities.

Be happy because polydactyl kittens are believed to bring good luck to whoever adopts them, feeds them, and takes care of them. But before we say anything more, we want you to meet the cutest polydactyl kittens ever and prepare for a whirlwind of emotions. You may need a tissue afterward…

When a furry family of five arrived at Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, nobody noticed that two of the kittens were different from the other ones. Everybody was concerned by the fact that the kittens were beaten down and weak, the mother was barely holding on, and the entire situation was less than ideal.

Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals, luckily, dealt with numerous situations similar to that one. They’re a non-profit rescue from Portland, Oregon, trying to save as many “last chance” animals as possible.

They’re fighting to save them from overcrowded shelters, restore them to health, and provide them with forever homes. They’re making sure that every member of our community feels wanted, welcomed, and needed.

When Magnolia, the mother cat, met the staff, she was scared but eager for a warm bed and a quiet space to rest. Magnolia’s kittens were no older than four weeks at the time and were even more scared of the staff than Magnolia.

Acacia, Maple, Aspen, and Hazel were the cutest torties the staff had ever seen, but they weren’t fond of the attention they were getting. Angela, a foster volunteer of the rescue, decided to take them home and try to get them to become more comfortable that way.

At the end of the day, the rescue was packed with cats and kittens roaming around, meowing, and causing chaos. Angela’s home, on the other hand, was a haven compared to the rescue.

Angela was right to bring Magnolia and her kittens home because it didn’t take long before they started getting more affectionate, appreciative, and trusting of Angela’s attempts to take care of them. Magnolia was the first to open up, and the kittens followed her lead.

Magnolia started exploring Angela’s home, snuggling with her, and purring her little heart out. Magnolia was clearly over the moon to have a home and someone to cuddle with – she rubbed her face against Angela’s, curled on top of her, and started making sounds Angela hadn’t heard before.

Purring, chattering, and chirruping became Magnolia’s everyday routine. Acacia, Maple, Aspen, and Hazel followed Magnolia’s lead and started putting down the walls they’d built before. They blossomed with confidence – they started following Angela around, hopping on her lap, and wrestling with her legs.

They started playing with each other, exploring Angela’s home, and snuggling with each other. They weren’t afraid of Angela anymore, that’s for sure. They were as happy and healthy, and two of them had an extra toe on each of the front paws.

Angela was focused on taking care of Magnolia and making sure her kittens were growing bigger and stronger and she didn’t even notice two of them were polydactyl.

She wasn’t concerned with that, whatsoever. She knew that the extra toes meant extra cuteness for the two kittens. She was pretty sure that the future forever family won’t be bothered by them, either. And, she was right.

Magnolia took care of her kittens and taught them how to purr, groom themselves, and feed themselves without her help. Angela noticed that Magnolia was getting tired of her mommy duties, and she knew that she was ready for a forever home – without her kittens.

Magnolia craved human attention and affection 24/7 – she adored her kittens but she was ready to move on. Magnolia’s kittens were adopted first (yes, even the ones with extra extremities) and she was over the moon to witness how happy they were to finally have a forever family.

Magnolia was adopted after them. Angela took to Instagram to announce that the entire family was taken care of, happy and healthy. Angela’s Instagram page, @fosteringlove.pdx, was beaming with sweet comments wishing Magnolia and her kittens a happy and healthy life.

We can’t wait to hear more about Magnolia’s polydactyl kittens, too!

Meet Mama Cat And Her 4 Kittens (P.S. Two Of Them Are Actually Polydactyl)