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Maine Coon Tabby Cross: The Best Of Both Worlds

Maine Coon Tabby Cross: The Best Of Both Worlds

The other day when I was at work, one of the customers in a pet shop asked me if the cross between Maine coon and Tabby really exists. He was super surprised to learn that it’s a real deal!

Of course, it’s not purebred, but rather mixed breed. However, I think that only gives her the possibility to get the best of both worlds, and that’s exactly what this beauty did. If you ask me, this would be my perfect cat and you’ll soon discover why.

Back to the story about my customer… He saw some pictures on Reddit and watched a bunch of videos on TikTok and your tube, but he still couldn’t believe his eyes. I don’t know why he chose to trust me instead, but I’m honored.

He said it’s pretty amazing how the Maine coon tabby cross actually resembles Maine coon a lot; it’s just a bit more compact. I had to laugh at this. Who uses the word „compact“ to describe this gentle giant?

Anyways, if you’re wondering the same, this breed exists and you can find more information about it here. I hope that your reaction isn’t something like, „Wait, what?!“

The cross between Maine Coon and Tabby exists?!

Maine Coon Tabby Cross The Best Of Both Worlds

If I wasn’t clear enough by now: yes, it does! It’s not a myth or wishful thinking, the cross between Maine coon and Tabby is real. The international Maine coon clubs recognized this breed as a wonderful genetic mix we should all admire.

From Maine, through Europe, then back to Canada – the Maine coon has traveled a long way. Nowadays, they are one of the preferred breeds up there in the north, and Canadians are absolutely nuts about them.

It’s believed that the Maine coon is a cross between raccoons and cats, even though it’s biologically not possible, and it has been scientifically proven. There’s also a legend that this crossbreed was actually successor of Marie Antoinette’s cats, but who knows if it’s true.

Also, some people believe that once Maine coon came to the US, they were mixed with short-haired domestic cats, and that’s how this Maine coon Tabby cross actually started existing.

What we know for sure is that they are actually a pretty new breed. They’re being bred solely for the purpose of keeping amazing Maine coons since they don’t lose their main features. So, the next question is…

What does Maine Coon Tabby look like?

I’ve already mentioned that the Maine coon tabby cross keeps many original Maine coon characteristics. However, it has a gene called chondrodysplasia that is actually affecting its size, meaning that it’s a bit smaller than the purebred.

Male cats of this mix can grow up to 16 inches tall, and female cats are a bit shorter, growing only up to about 14 inches. It takes around five years in order for them to fully develop and grow. Their weight is also slightly different, with male cats having up to 25lbs and females up to 15lbs.

Maine coon tabby crossbreed has beautiful markings all the way from their eyes to their ears, known to most as their mascara markings. They also have a unique M sign on their foreheads.

It’s believed that, back in the day, tabby cats comforted baby Jesus. Because of that, after Mary petted her head, the M mark was left on its forehead as a reward for her loyalty. Therefore, all tabby cats now have that sign.

Almost all of them have lynx-like ears and all Maine coon tabbies have darker stomaches and stripes down their spine and legs. They also have rings around their tails, which made people believe that raccoons are somehow involved.

Is this mix rare?

The cross between Maine coon and Tabby is not rare and you’ll be able to find plenty of them, even online. Their large size and friendly personality attract people. Even though they are a relatively new mix, you can find them almost anywhere.

Go online if you want to find a breeder in your area so you can get yourself this big, beautiful giant as a pet. I’m sure you won’t regret it. You’ll fall in love with it the moment you see the Maine coon Tabby cross.

How can I tell if my feline is Maine Coon and Tabby cross?

The easiest thing is to ask the person who sold it to you or the breeder. But how can you know on your own? Is it difficult to spot some specific marks only Maine coon Tabby cross has? Not at all, and this is how.

Your new feline will be bigger than most of our domestic cats and it will be particularly fluffy. She’s going to adore spending time with you and she’ll definitely seek warm places all around the house.

Another very specific thing about Maine coon and Tabby cross is that they will have purrfectly big paws. Since it used to be an outdoor cat, these were very much needed to move around the snowy terrain.

She’ll have lynx ears with tufts that are visible, which is pretty different from other felines in your surrounding, isn’t it? Her fur is usually longer, but it can also be medium length. Don’t forget that they have a double-layered coat, too!

Their undercoat is very fluffy and the top of it is usually described as silky and soft. The cross between Maine coon and Tabby will be easily recognized by its personality.

They are sometimes overly friendly and they got themselves the nickname “the dog between cats.” This cat will curiously follow you and explore what’s happening in her surroundings.

The Tabby pattern will definitely be visible and it affects the final color of her fur. Your feline will definitely have Maine coon characteristics as well, but because it’s a mix of two (or more) breeds, she’ll be smaller in size compared to a purebred Maine coon.

You’ll also be able to say if your feline belongs to this breed based on her fur. They have four typical patterns that will grab your attention as soon as you see the Maine coon Tabby cross. Those are classic, mackerel, marble, and spotted.

Also, Maine coon as a breed has over eighty different colors and patterns, so this really makes it difficult to choose, but…

Why do you need one?

Maine Coon Tabby Cross The Best Of Both Worlds

I think I could go for hours talking about this terrific breed, but I know that you may get bored, so I’ll try to keep it concise. There are many reasons you should get yourself a Maine coon Tabby cross and I’m just mentioning some of them.

Honestly, I don’t understand how you still didn’t buy or adopted one after reading the article up to here. But don’t worry. I know that I won’t need many more words to persuade you to go and get yourself one of these babies.

Are you ready to be completely in love with gentle giants? Buckle up, because we’re about to start describing the most purrfect cat of all cats. Even dog lovers will want one!

1. They have a pawesome personality

Throughout the article, I’ve mentioned multiple times how these cats are also known as gentle giants and dogs in the cats’ world. They are super friendly and kind. Of course, this beautiful cross between Maine coon and Tabby absolutely adores spending time with her owner.

Their curiosity will make them follow you all around the house and they’re extremely loyal and social animals. They are overly friendly and will enjoy playing with something simple as a feather toy, or if you opt for fetching, they won’t mind it.

2. They are family-friendly

As I’ve mentioned previously, the Maine coon Tabby cross is an extremely friendly breed and they’ll fit perfectly into your little family. They genuinely enjoy someone’s company, so don’t be afraid that you may bore them with constant petting.

3. They live long

Okay, okay, it depends on what you consider a long life span, but these beautiful felines come from parents who live for 15-16 years (Maine coon) and 11-14 years (Tabby). So you can expect that this furbaby will “torture” you for quite some time.

It takes up to 5 years for them to fully mature, but they do develop quickly from a kitten – both physically and mentally. Remember that each cat is different, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that all things mentioned will apply to your furbaby.

4. They’re intelligent

Maine Coon Tabby Cross The Best Of Both Worlds

They’re so intelligent that you can actually train them – and they learn fast! Most of their owners say that it’s almost like training a dog and a thing that proves that is that they can be taken on a leash. Considering the fact that they can grow a lot, I think it would be a great idea to teach her this first.

5. They don’t require special care

Even though their furry coat is pretty long, these babies don’t require special care. You can treat them almost the same as your regular cat. You should brush her fur from time to time since they’re prone to forming furballs which may be dangerous.

Also, they don’t need any special diet plans, but food that is high in protein like fish, turkey, or chicken.

6. They are playful

A bunch of cat breeds can be called playful, but Maine coon Tabby takes it to another level. Do you know how people use their inner child as an excuse to behave childishly? Well, it’s kind of the same for these lovely babies. We’ll blame it on their inner kittens.

Sometimes it seems like they’re just that – little, vulnerable kittens in a body of a grown-up cat. For this reason, you’ll need to provide them with a lot of toys and play with them often. They’ll also hunt birds for fun, so don’t be surprised if you see a pigeon, sparrow, or something else on your porch.

7. They have a beautiful appearance

The cross between Maine coon and Tabby is absolutely dazzling. They have a thick undercoat that helps them survive even those extremely cold winters, and their light, fluffy coat on the top is usually longer. The fluff around their neck and soft tails will grab your attention.

What are the common health issues this cross-breed faces?

Every breed has a specific medical issue that you should pay attention to. When we’re talking about this Maine coon Tabby cross, the most serious problems include heart and kidney problems. Regular visits to the vet won’t be a bad thing to do, but you don’t have to take your feline there too often.

To cut it short, it’s time to go through those possible diseases.

1. Heart problems

Maine Coon Tabby Cross The Best Of Both Worlds

These beautiful creatures may have some heart problems. Usually, we’re talking about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which means that the main heart muscle is thickening, and it can cause other structural problems.

This is an illness that’s tightly connected to the pumping of blood through blood vessels all over the body. The myocardium (the central muscle of a cat’s heart) becomes deformed from what it normally looks like, and therefore, it messes with the normal blood flow.

Fortunately, not many cats have this condition. You have to be aware that it’s hereditary, meaning that if your feline’s parent had it, she may have it too. Another good news is that the Maine coon’s that are identified with this disease are removed from further breeding.

2. Hip joints problems

Another hereditary disease is actually one of the most common problems of many breeds of cats and dogs. We’re talking about hip dysplasia, which is very painful to our pets. Their limps are hurting them when they’re walking because of the generation of the hip joint.

As soon as your Maine coon Tabby cross turns two years old, you can take her to the specialist so he can check her hips and do an X-Ray. Since this problem will be discovered pretty much in time, you’ll be able to prepare and start this experience in the best way possible.

3. Kidneys

Polycystic kidneys are not something that Maine coon Tabby will get from her parents, but this disease will be present at birth. The specialist will be able to see some kind of pockets on the inside of the kidneys, filled with fluid.

As they grow, they take up more space and after some time, they divide into smaller cysts that continue the process. Why is this happening? It’s still a question that needs an answer, but some scientists believe that it has to do something with genetics.

4. Muscles

Spinal muscular atrophy is something that can show up as a health issue here. This is a type of motor neuron disease and the main symptoms are muscle weakness, numbness, and eventually paralysis. It’s actually a genetic disorder that makes the spinal cord decay.

If they have this disease, they’ll walk funny and they will have problems jumping. Except that, nothing major will be visible and your kitty will be able to live a somewhat normal life.

5. Oral problems

Maine Coon Tabby Cross The Best Of Both Worlds

When it comes to oral problems, Maine coon Tabby cross may develop some of them. The most common ones are stomatitis and periodontal disease. When we’re talking about stomatitis, the first and most visible symptom is ulcers on the surface of her lips or mouth.

This disease is actually an inflammation of her mouth and requires adequate care. Virus or bacterial infections usually cause stomatitis. The second one, periodontal disease, is something that shows up from Maine coon’s side.

Some people call it the disease of civilization since it’s not happening while these wonderful creatures are in the wilderness. This bacteria can enter between gums and teeth and start destroying tissue and bones. If you notice any signs of oral problems in your feline, react immediately.

6. Obesity

Of course, obesity will probably always be on the list. Even though very active, these beautiful creatures are prone to this disease. Tabby part of this cross is more responsible for this health issue, so pay attention to your feline’s dietary needs and weight gain.

7. Polydactyl Maine coon cat

When the Maine coon is a polydactyl cat, that means that she has extra toes on her paws. She was born that way and it can be present in both males and females. The X chromosome is taking that around with it, and this condition is more common in wild animals than in domestic ones.

Small problems may occur if your feline has these extra toys on her rear paws while she’s playing or grooming. Other health concerns are non-existent, well, except that they can hurt one extra toe.

Final thoughts

In the end, I want to emphasize that these gentle giants should be taken into consideration if you decide to either adopt or buy a cat. Maine coon Tabby cross is definitely a mix that I’d like to have, because of their beautiful appearance and dog-like behavior.

Also, their playful nature would fit perfectly into my little family and oversized pets are always more than welcome. So, if you want a super fluffy feline that doesn’t require much grooming, but uses your energy wisely, the Maine coon Tabby is a perfect cross-breed for you!

Maine Coon Tabby Cross: The Best Of Both Worlds